Tickets can be purchased each day of the show, at the door, while quantities last. 

2019 FAQ’s

When is the London Wine & Food Show?

The London Wine & Food Show is January 17th - 19th

Why are the Couple’s Packages more expensive than a single ticket? What do they include?

The couple’s packages are more expensive because they include 2 admissions and 30 sample coupons. If you were to purchase 2 general admission tickets, and 30 sample coupons (which retail at $30) you would be spending more than if you purchase the couples package.

Can I bring my child?

All attendees must be 19+ no babies, toddlers, or children will be permitted.

How many sample coupons will I need to purchase?

Sample prices are set by the exhibitors and can range from 1-8 coupons each. 

Will there be tickets available at the door?

Yes! As long as we have not sold out, or hit capacity, tickets will be available for purchase at the door.

If I bought advanced tickets, were given comp tickets or won tickets can I still get into the show on Saturday, even though it’s sold out? 

Yes, our team tracks how many tickets are outstanding and how many have been redeemed to ensure advanced ticket holders can gain entry to the show at any time. 

If I buy tickets at the door earlier in the day can I leave and come back later? 

Tickets purchased at the door are for immediate entry only. 

If I leave the show, can I return later in the day? 

If you are looking to leave the show and return later you will need to get a hand stamp and ensure that you have it when you return later. Please also be aware that the show may reach capacity while you are out, if this happens you will not be permitted back in until space is available. We recommend planning to come at a time when you can stay and not have to leave.


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