Video Submission Rules & Regulations

How it Works 

If you would like to compete in Western Fair’s competition, you must submit your video online.

Here’s how:

Fill out the form in the area below. 
You must be between the age 6 - 21 to compete in this competition.
Include the link to your YouTube video in the space in the form. 
After you’ve filled out the form, your submission will be sent to our competition coordinator for approval. 
Once approved, your video will appear in the list of videos.
You must own this video and cannot infringe on anyone’s copyrights. 
We will NOT accept any videos with profanity or obscene gestures.  Disqualification is at the discretion of the Rise 2 Fame coordinator.

Now it’s time to get your friends and family to VOTE!

Share your video via Facebook, Twitter, or email and encourage your friends and family to vote! 
You could become the “People’s Choice” winner.
The People’s Choice winner will automatically be asked to move forward to the annual Fair.  The People’s Choice winner will also receive a Western Fair prize pack. (4 admissions & 4 ride all day passes)

What’s Next?

The online submission will be open for entries from May 1st, 2016 to Aug. 15th 2016.
Judges will go through all submissions and pick up to 5 Youth acts and 3 Junior acts.
The selected Youth & Junior acts will perform at our annual Fair.
The selected acts will be announced on 19th. 
Online voting for people’s choice stops on Aug 15th. 

Note: Judges decisions are final and are not swayed by online voting.



Rules & Regulations 

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