Horticulture Day

Welcome to Day #5 of the Virtual Fair – Horticulture Day 

Thank you to our Horticulture Day sponsor – Beck Hearing

Horticulture in AR

Today, be sure to check out our Augmented Reality app and learn some helpful tips from our Master Gardeners Denise & Nancy in a fun and unique way!

Learn more about the app and how to download it


Master Gardener Tips

check out some helpful tips from our Master Gardeners Denise & Nancy. They’ll be educating you about: 

  • Fall colours, and plant recommendations to make a statement with your fall garden 
  • Preparing your garden for winter, including harvesting crops, removing dead leaf matter, lawn care, what to do after a killing frost, plants that might need insecticide, and more! 
  • Fall vegetables  
  • The difference between summer and fall squash 
  • Fall fruits 

Master Gardener Tips [PDF]


Horticulture Trivia!

Gardeners, be sure to also check out our Horticulture Trivia, available on September 15th from 9 a.m. until 12 midnight! The winner of the trivia will receive $25.00 in market bucks to the Market at Western fair District. 

Enter Trivia Here


Worm Composting Program: The Wormery


Our latest green initiative at Western Fair District is an on-site worm farm. Noticing a need for our compostable green waste, we turned it into natural rich fertilizer through vermicomposting practises.

We would also like to send out a BIG thank you to those who have supported #TheWormery so far. Your contributions of green waste are helping us reduce emissions in the community and making our neighbourhood a little better place…one worm at a time!

Thank you:

  • Growing Chefs! Ontario
  • Locomotive Espresso
  • LiveFit Foods
  • Seelster Farms
  • Backroads inc
  • Old East Village BIA
  • Old East Village Community Association

To learn how to participate or to order some of our natural rich fertilizer, contact thegrove@westernfairdistrict.com



Middlesex Master Gardeners

Thanks to the Master Gardeners of London for their support and knowledge with this information. Find more out about the Middlesex Master Gardeners


Garden for Wildlife - 7 Part Series

WWF Canada


Horticulture Day

Sponsored by Beck Hearing




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