Bayak’s Lebanese Cuisine

Philly steak and cheese sandwich, shawarma, Falfel, coke products.

Location: Main food line - Treat Street

Big Barrel Rootbeer Inc.

Bark’s Rootbeer, souvenir cups.

#1-Main Food Line - Treat Street
#2 Second Food Line
#3-Facing Adult Midway


Billbrooke Concessions Ltd.

Popcorn, caramel corn, caramel & candy apple, cotton candy, snow cones, gourmet apples, slushies, water, beverages.

Location #1: Adult Midway
Location #2: Main Food Line - Treat Street

Black Jacks Deli Style Subs

Tasty subs deli style, salads, pop, water.

Location: Main Food Line - Treat Street

Candy World

Popcorn, caramel corn, candy/caramel apples, candy floss, snow cones, suckers, slushies, beverages.

Location: Main Food Line South - Treat Street

Ed’s Fries 1

Fries, pogos, hot dogs, sausage on a bun, hamburger, poutine, freezies, slushies, pop, water.

Location: Second Food Line

Ed’s Fries 2

Funnel cakes, deep fried chocolate bars, slushies, pop & water, Deep fried cookie dough and s’mores funnel cake.

Location: Link

Farco Enterprises Ltd.

Candy floss, caramel corn, popcorn, snow cones, candy & caramel apples, frozen bananas, suckers & beverages and slushies.

Location: Kiddieland

Festival Foods 1

Corn dogs & drinks.

Location #1: Main Food Line - Treat Street

Festival Foods 2

French fries, poutine, specialty corn dogs and drinks.

Location #2: Link South of Canada

Fryer Tuck’s

Fries, poutine,  pogos, onion rings, canned pop, bottled water.

Location: Second Food Line

Gator Bbq

Ribs, salads, beans, bbq chicken, pulled pork, smoked sausage, baby potatoes, pop.

Location: Main Food Line - Treat Street

Gilligan’s Juice Bar

Fresh lemonade, slush, cherry, cranberry, tropical iced tea & various tropical smoothies.

Location: 2nd Food Line

Gonzalez BBQ

BBQ Unit: ribs, pulled pork, burritos, chicken, cornbread, rice, beans, coleslaw, beverages, bottle sauce.

Location: Second Food Line

Little Apple Annies

Suckers, candy apples, caramel apples, cotton candy, caramel corn, popcorn, snow cones, peanut brittle, juice and water.

Location: South of Canada Building

Little D 1

Frozen yogurt cups, waffle cones, milkshakes, smoothies, bottled water, pop & juice.

Location: Main Food Line - Treat Street

Little D 2

Panzarotti, perogies, chicken wings, sweet potato fries, reg fries, slushies, beverages.

Location: Main Food Line - Treat Street

Maple Leaf/Niagara Falls Fudge

Fudge, peanut brittle, salt water taffy, spiral sucker, No sugar added fudge.

Location: West Annex Food Court

Mobile Icee Canada

ICEE carbonated frozen beverage.

Location: Rectory St. Line beside Market Tent

Mr. Sub

Subs, wraps, potato chips, canned pop, bottled pop, milk, juice, iced tea.

Location: West Annex Food Court

North American Midway Entertainment, LLC. Dba The Canadian Midway Company

Funnel cake, deep fried Oreos, fried dough, slushies, coffee, lemonade, candy apples, corn dog, nachos, ice cream, chicken wings/tenders/fries, turkey leg.

Location: Kiddieland and Adult Midway

O’Neill Enterprises 1

Chicken Shawarma, chicken shawarma sundae, Fattoush salad, hummus dip /pita chips, Coke beverages.

Location #1: West Annex

O’Neill Enterprises 2

Gourmet burgers, hamburger, poutine, chili fries, fries, fountain drinks.

Location #2: Adult Midway

O’Neill Enterprises 3

Chicken poutine, tender meals, nuggets, chicken wraps, salads, chicken on a stick, chicken & waffles, fries, beverages, slushies.

Location #3: Link

Oriental Delight

Chicken balls, steam vegetable, steam beef with black pepper, rice, noodles, pop, water.

Location: West Annex Food Court

OSTOP Incorporated

Themed slushies.

Location: South of Canada Bldg

Pizza Pizza Limited

Pizza, garlic bread and Coke beverages 

Location #1: West Annex Food Court

Pizza Pizza Limited

Pizza, fries, chicken fingers and Coke beverages

Location #2: Main Food Line - Treat Street

Salt Springs Concession

Pickle on a stick, deep-fried pickle chips, Big Pickle dog, Big pickle Tornado, deep fried butter tarts/Oreos, jalapeno poppers/cheese poppers, blue raspberry & mango ade’s, Canadian bacon pickle balls, chicken corn dogs and Coke products. 

Location: Facing Adult Midway

Sammy’s Souvlaki Ltd.

Souvlaki, falafels, gyros, gyro burger, Greek salad, smoked sausage, pogos, fries, poutine & drinks.

Location #1: Main Food Line - Treat Street

Sammy’s Souvlaki Ltd.

Grilled chicken in a pita, chicken sandwich/burger, chicken caesar, caesar salad, fajitas, fries & drinks.

Location #2: Main Food Line - Treat Street

Slush Puppies

Slushies, slush puppy suckers, slush puppies candy floss in tubs, souvenir cups.

Location: Second Food Line

Tiny’s Mini Donuts

Mini donuts, smoothies, iced coffee, water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juices, pop, Granada/slushies.

Location #1: Main Food Line South - Treat Street

Tiny’s Mini Donuts

Ice cream, slushies.

Location #2: Second Food Line

Ye Olde Fudge Pot

Fudge, beer nuts, peanut brittle, candy & gourmet caramel apples, lollypops, pre-packaged caramel corn, coffee, hot chocolate, frozen Olde English chocolate drink, slushies.

Location: West Annex  Food Court

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