Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Western Fair this year? 

The Western Fair is September 7-16th this year. 

Where can I get tickets?

In advance, you can buy tickets online at our website Tickets are also available in person at the Administration Building located at 316 Rectory Street, from 8:30AM-4:30PM, Monday-Friday, at The Market every Saturday from 8AM-3PM, and at the Sports Centre (865 Florence Street) Monday-Thursday from 7AM-9PM, Fridays from 7AM-3PM, and Sundays from 5PM-10PM. 

Once the Fair is running, you can only purchase concert tickets at the locations listed above, all admission tickets must be purchased at the gate.

Are the Fair prices increasing? It’s so expensive! 

We have lots of promotions going on this year which make attending the Fair more cost-effective. By purchasing tickets in advance, you can receive a general admission ticket for just $10! You can use these tickets with any promotion offered at the gates. We recommend purchasing in advance, and attending the Fair Monday-Thursday to enjoy the 2-for-1 admission. This works out to just $5 per person! You will also be given a Bounce Back when you attend the Fair, which gives you access to the Fair on another day, for just $5. If you enjoy the rides, we recommend purchasing a SuperPass for $40 in advance (including taxes and fees). We are also running a Super Sunday Promo on the final Sunday of Fair, which is a $10 admission ticket, and a $30 Ride All Day Bracelet.
For a full breakdown on all of our promotions, and pricing, please visit this page: 

Why is the Fair getting smaller? 

The fair is a long-standing tradition, but is ever-changing. We are proud of its near century-and-a-half history and in that time it has gone through many changes. Buildings and venues have come and gone, shopping exhibitors have fluctuated, agriculture competitions have evolved into expanded agri-food and animal education,  the length of the Fair, free entertainment, attractions, midway and music have all expanded.   

Can I buy my Fair tickets at Shoppers again this year? 

Unfortunately, Shoppers Drug Mart will not be selling Fair tickets this year. Tickets will be available for purchase online, at the Western Fair District Administration Office at (316 Rectory Street) Monday-Friday from 8:30AM-4:30PM, at the Sports Centre (865 Florence Street) Monday-Thursday from 7AM-9PM, Fridays from 7AM-3PM, and Sundays from 5PM-10PM, The Market every Saturday from 8AM-3PM, and the Grandstand Building Monday-Friday from 5PM-8PM. 

What rides can I expect this year? 

We will have lots of rides for everyone to enjoy. For a full list of all of the rides we will have at the Fair, please visit this page: 

What’s the height and weight requirement for the Kiddie rides? 

The minimum height to ride alone is 42” and the maximum is 56” for most rides. Some rides allow children 36” to ride with an adult. For a breakdown on which rides this applies to, please visit this page: 

I notice a lot of similar rides year after year – does anyone inspect them? 

Western Fair District holds patron safety in the utmost importance and all rides undergo thorough inspection. Inspections are carried out by our midway provider’s own safety inspectors, inspectors from the provincial Technical Standards and Safety Authority and an independent engineering firm that specializes in ride inspections. These safety practices take place prior to opening day and continue each day of the Fair’s 10-day run to ensure the highest safety standards and industry best practices are maintained.

Is there a Derby this year? 

This year we are excited to announce the Double Derby! The Demolition Derby will be held both Sundays of Fair and is free with admission. 

How can I win free Fair tickets? 

There are many opportunities through our social media contests! Keep an eye out on our Facebook page so you don’t miss out.  

I want to bring my child to a concert, do I have to buy a ticket for them? 

Children over 24 months are permitted to purchase a concert ticket at full price. 

I love fair food! What can I expect to be at this year’s Fair? 

The I Love Local tent features local food and drink options, our Midway food vendors will have all your favourites from corn dogs to candy floss, and new this year live cooking demonstrations in the West Annex. We will be releasing more in-depth details soon, complete with a full list of the food vendors.  

Can I use my CAP card to get in free to any of the concerts? 

While the CAP card allows free general admission to the fair, each concert goer still must pay full price for concert tickets. 

Will there be Bingo?

Unfortunately there will not be a Bingo tent at the Fair this year. The traveling Bingo operator which was a mainstay on the midway for years, at Western Fair and many other fairs across Canada, has retired and is no longer operating. No other traveling Bingo operator has filled the void, though we have looked! We continue to keep our eyes and ears open in the fair industry for a new provider.

I have a little one and would love to bring a wagon. Am I allowed to bring it onto Fairgrounds? 

Yes - strollers and small wagons are permitted on site. 

Can I park at the Racetrack this year? 

Unfortunately, the racetrack will not be open for parking as that is where our midway provider sets up all of their equipment. We will be posting a map in the coming weeks of the fairgrounds, and we will highlight the areas that are available for parking. 

My favourite part of the fair is always the concerts! Who is playing this year? 

Here’s the 2018 concert lineup:  
Monday: April Wine 
Tuesday: Walk off the Earth 
Wednesday: Aaron Prichett 
Thursday: Burton Cummings & Band

To purchase tickets, please visit this page:

I’ve heard the Canada Building is open this year but the Progress Building will be closed…is that true?

Yes, the Canada Building will be open this year, showcasing all the talented artists, photographers, bakers and crafters in our community competing in our annual fair competitions.  The West Annex will be open again with indoor food vendors, community groups and a new Culinary Demonstration Stage. The Progress Building will be closed as Western Fair District prepares this venue for potential master site changes associated with the anticipated gaming expansion.  However, our exhibitors are still on site in a new tented pavilion near the Rectory gate, aptly named the “Look Around” tent.  Check out all our tent exhibitors as well as those located outside around the Midway and inside the lobby of the Agriplex.     

Can I smoke/vape at the fair? 

The Western Fair is a smoke-free event. Smoking and/or Vaping is not permitted while onsite. Smoking areas are provided outside of the entrance gates for guests that choose to use them, with re-entry permitted by obtaining a stamp on your way out of the event.

What time do buildings open and close? 

The Canada Building, *Agriplex, West Annex, and the Look Around tent open at 10AM on weekends and close at 10PM. On weekdays buildings open at 3PM and close at 10PM. 
*Please note The Agriplex closes at 9PM on the final Sunday.*

Are there ATMs on site?


Can I re-enter the fairgrounds if I leave?

Yes you can. Please ask for a hand stamp before you leave and you can re-enter on the same day.

Can I bring my dog to the fair? 

Only guide dogs / service animals are permitted within Western Fair District events and facilities where the public is allowed to go.  Service animals in training are also allowed on the grounds as long as the animal is under control at all times and clearly identified. Service animals are animals that have been trained to perform tasks that assist people with disabilities such as guiding people who are blind, alerting people who are deaf, pulling wheelchairs, alerting and protecting a person who is having a seizure, or performing other special tasks. Please note, a person with a disability can be asked to remove his service animal if the animal is out of control and the animal’s owner does not take effective action to control it. Western Fair District reserves the right to ask the owner/trainer to leave with the service animal if we feel the animal is in distress or poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others.

Can I use my SuperPass or 2-for-1 for the concerts?

No, these promotions are not valid for the concerts, all concert tickets must be purchased separately. 

Do you have wheelchairs or scooters that I can rent?

We do not have wheelchairs or scooters at the Fair, but you are welcome to bring your own with you. 

Can I use a Western Fair District gift card to get into the Fair? 

You can use a Western Fair District gift card to purchase admission tickets, but cannot use them at the Fair to purchase ride coupons as our midway provider is a separate business and does not accept Western Fair District gift cards as payment. 



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