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Local company EXAR Studios has been busy preparing the Engage A.R. App that is designed to bring the Fair to the fairgoers. The App will be available for download on Tuesday, September 8th, just in time for the virtual fair. Several A.R. experiences have been created to recreate elements of favourite fair traditions including animals, midway rides and games, a horticultural experience and live entertainment, just to name a few. EXAR has even created avatars of longtime Fair participants Cowboy Fred and Doo Doo The Clown who will help walk people through some of the fair experiences available on the App. Once downloaded, the Engage App can be used in one of approximately 30 designated locations throughout the city and some surrounding communities. The locations are primarily parks and large outdoor settings giving people plenty of room to safely enjoy the A.R. experiences.


Experience elements of the fair in a new way this year through the wonders of Augmented Reality (A.R.). Download the Engage ARt app. Share a photo or video of your experience on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #WesternFairAR for your chance to win. We will be giving away a 2021 Western Fair Prize pack including 4 Superpasses to our favourite submission. Unlimited entries per person so get creative and have fun!


Download the app




How to use the Engage AR app



The complete list of locations is available below



Will the Engage ARt App work on my device? Why can’t I find the app in the app store?

Here’s a full list of phones that can run AR: https://developers.google.com/ar/discover/supported-devices

‍The phones on this list should all be able to run our app. Phones that are unable to run AR will probably not be able to find our app in the store. If they are sent a link to download it, they may be able to force Engage ARt to download, but the app will not function correctly.

In general, these phones will not be able to run AR:

  • iPhone 6 + below (6s should work)
  • Samsung S6 and below (requires Android 7 and above)
  • Some Google Pixel phones may not be able to run the in-app videos or the AR depending on how powerful they are

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