Your Faves Are Back! 

Demolition Derby


Sponsored by Andy’s Auto Wreckers

Location: Grandstand 

A long standing Sunday tradition! The demolition derby, a fan favourite was brought back into the entertainment mix in 2017 to rave reviews. Get your seat early! Participants race in figure 8 formation to qualify for the final feature heat where the top competitors race again to take the top spot of the day! Later, in two separate classes, big cars and small cars, drivers will smash and crash their way to the end, until only one car is left running, who will be awarded the Championship Trophy!

Interested in being a driver: Click Here!



Location: King Street Gate
Performed in water, above water and on stage around a custom pool, catch this feel-good celebration of life with dogs as SuperDogs, stunt-divers, trampoline experts and trapeze artists come together for jaw-dropping agility and hilarious antics! For more than 40 years The President’s Choice SuperDogs has been entertaining audiences across Canada and around the world with some of the most original family shows every created.



Rawhide Rodeo


SEPT 6-8
Location: The Barn

The real deal! Professional Rodeo competitors, cowboys and cowgirls, testing their skill and speed, going flat out to best their rivals. Featuring live bull riding, and World Champions! 

I Love Local

I LOVE LOCAL - Proudly sponsored by OLG & Gateway Casinos London

Location: Rectory Street Gate

Local and Proud! The I Love Local marquee serves up Local Food, Local Drinks and Local Entertainers all 10 days of the Fair. A great place to sit, grab a bite and take in some grassroots talent during the day. At night it’s the place to be after a grandstand concert or touring the buildings and grounds to carry on the good times.



Ride the Vibe Motorcycle


Location: Rectory Street
Based out of Golden, BC, performer Sam King has gained prestigious results in national and international motorcycle competition. He has traveled throughout the world competing, hosting ride schools, demonstrations and entertainment shows. He is currently the Canadian Motorcycle-Trials champion and this two-wheel showcase is not to be missed during your day at the Fair!

Doo Doo


Location: Kiddieland Stage

DooDoo the Clown has been performing for over 33 years and he has been a Western Fair fan favourite for decades, wowing crowds wherever he goes. Find him at the Kiddieland Stage or listen for him coming through the midway, as he shouts “UNBELIEVABLE” his most famous catchphrase.  Get ready for lots of laughs with DooDoo at this year’s Fair!



Aaron Matthews


Location: Kiddieland 
Aaron is an upbeat magician that brings family oriented, audience participation Magic Shows to the masses. A featured act at fairs and festivals across the country, he brings the excitement of magic together with music and audience participation for a can’t miss experience for your family and friends. 

Christina the Crazy Hooper


Location: Kiddieland Stage

Christina is an extraordinary, energetic hula-hoop entertainer from Vancouver Island whose talent and skill became apparent when she was just 5 years old.  Hula-hooping over 70 hoops at once, she wows audiences at fairs across the world! Always endeavouring to hula-hoop more than last time, you may be lucky enough to witness to her next successful record breaking attempt!



Comedy Juggler


Location: Kiddieland Stage

Get ready for a wild ride as Craig sprints from one thrilling feat to the next. Bowling balls fly, machetes whirl and just wait until you see what he does with a couple of ping pong balls!  For almost 30 years, Craig Douglas has been thrilling audiences across Canada and around the world. When Craig takes the stage, he sets a frantic pace with exciting feats of daring punctuated by his family-friendly comic patter.

Cowboy Fred


Location: The Barn

A fair favourite is a visit to see Cowboy Fred. Bring your hometown half pints and junior farmers to C-More animals at the Country Corral in The Barn (aka the Agriplex). Learn a few things about the farm, animals and food. Have some Country Corral fun hog calling, wake-up some roosters with your renditions of their morning call, rope a few straw bale steers and kibitz with Cowboy Fred about all this and more. Take the free wagon ride through the tunnel from the Midway to The Barn to see his show!




WEST COAST LUMBERJACKS sponsored by Huron Tractor

Location: North Park

West Coast Lumberjack Shows has been providing family entertainment to fairs, festivals and special events across the world for more than 30 years; entertaining and amazing audiences with traditional skills and work practices of the coastal British Columbia lumberjack. See amazing feats of strength and agility - from a lumberjack standing almost 10 feet in the air swinging his razor sharp axe in the springboard chop, to the nimble footwork during the log rolling! Event guests are also educated and reminded of the importance the forest industry had in shaping the early history of North America. Don’t look away because there’s always something exciting happening that you won’t want to miss!

Wood Carving


Location: King Street Gate
Wall 2 Wall is a new creation by Milord Entertainment. A trampoline-wall is fun and dynamic but having a double wall and double trampoline makes it DOUBLE the fun for the acrobats and mostly for the audience! Another must see attraction during your day at the Fair.



Smash Wrestling


Location: Progress Building

Smash Wrestling prides itself as being Toronto’s premier alternative in independent wrestling. High octane, adrenaline filled, up close and personal pro wrestling - for the fans. Located indoors with several shows a day, it’s a great attraction that begins with the sound of the bell! 



Fridays & Saturdays
Location: Grandstand
Freestyle riders complete unbelievable stunts as they fly through the air from ramp-to-ramp! See them perform various tricks such as the Superman, Heart Attack, Cliffhanger, Can-can, Kiss of Death, and the seemingly impossible Backflip, plus so many more!



Location: Progress
Enter the amazing and often misunderstood world of venomous creatures. Little Ray’s Nature Centre’s team of educators will introduce you to some of the most incredible species in the world where you will learn not only the amazing facts that make them unique, but also overlook the myths that have surrounded these animals for years to see the truth behind how truly awesome they really are.

Wood Carving


SEPT. 9-12 & SEPT. 15
Location: The Barn
Enjoy the sport of sheep dog trialing with handler Mary Thompson, of Hawks Landing Border Collie Training Centre. Mary trains her own dogs and keeps a small flock of Scottish Blackface sheep as part of her demonstrations. Herding dogs have been used by humans since ancient times to maintain and manage livestock. The work of farmers was often demanding and lonely and a dog was a co-worker, and often a companion as well. Dog and trainer will amaze you, make sure you check out it at the Fair! 


Sonshine + Broccoli


Location: Kiddieland Stage

For 15 years, best friends and Juno Award nominees Sonshine and Broccoli have been entertaining children and parents alike with their infectious enthusiasm and energetic pop-rock songs. This award-winning, children’s musical entertainment duo, have rocked out shows across the country and have had audiences singing and dancing along to their 3 hit, studio albums. 



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