Agriculture Day

Sponsored by: CASE IH

Happy Agriculture Day at the Virtual #WesternFair2020, sponsored by Case IH! We are excited to share what we have lined up for today, which is all about bringing the farm to the city! We hope you will follow us on this ag-venture with Cowboy Fred and tell us all about it by using #WesternFair2020. For those looking for an extra challenge- take part in our BINGO sheet for a chance to win some prizes!


The Ranch Life with Cowboy Fred



Mary’s Sheep Dog Demonstration



Meet the Team- Clydesdales



Stella & her friends



Educational Links:


Free Activities


Free Farm Game! Feed the World from the Palm of Your Hand.



Seed Survivor Seed Survivor educates the next generation about the importance of agriculture and where food comes from


Compost-A-Peel Compost Activity - Learn about composting


  1. Follow along with the Western Fair’s website and social media to see all the activities taking place.
  2. Download our Augmented Reality (AR) App to find animals in the city
  3. Submit your card to by September 25th.
  • The point breakdown is listed below. The more points you collect, 
  • 1 Point: Line (horizontal, vertical, diagonal)
  • 2 Points: X 
  • 3 Points: Outer Box 
  • 5 Points: Full Card 

BINGO Card activity (PDF)


see the 10 day schedule

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