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HNP Hockey London

Welcome to HNP Hockey in London, Ontario, where players over 55 get together three days a week to play hockey at Western Fair District Sports Complex.

What started out as a small group of “pick-up” hockey players 30 years ago is now a League of over 360 players and 40 plus goalies.  Volunteer referees complete our league.

There are three levels of competition with eight teams in each, but all three levels require hockey experience.  Rough or dangerous play is not tolerated.  We do not have a beginner or learn-to-play level.

This year (2016) HNP Hockey was incorporated as a non-profit organization (NPO).  The League is run by volunteers and elected officers from within the Membership.  HNP Hockey offers safe and enjoyable games to Seniors who want to have fun and exercise in an excellent facility.

If you are 55, playing “Oldtimer level” hockey and looking to continue your “career” in the game you love, visit for more information about the League.


TPH Adult Programs/Training

Skills covered will be skating, shooting, passing, positional play, game situations and much more. Visit for more info.




What is HockeyLife? We get asked this question a lot and the answer is simple. What does HockeyLife mean to you? It’s the way you feel on game day. It’s the simple way you can escape from your immediate surroundings and jump into a world where you’re completely in your element.

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London Speed Skating Club

We welcome anyone interested in Speed Skating to come out and give it a try. Whether you have Olympic dreams or just want to try a new awesome sport.

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London Blizzard Sledge Hockey Club

(LBSHC) was formed in 1997 as a form of recreational therapy for children with disabilities. Our mission is to continue to expand the sport and make sledge hockey accessible to as many physically challenged individuals as possible. The LBSHC has grown to encompass both male and female players from the ages of 7 to adult, playing on junior and intermediate level teams. We are always looking for more players.

Visit for more information.

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