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Why not bet as a GROUP?

Print and complete our group bet card, then submit it with your choices, and payment, to any ticket seller on your night out at the races!

Print Card


How to use it:

Play as a team to explore these 4 exotic wagers.
Pick your favourite horses to finish in the top 4 in any race!

Download the Group Bet Card

What does THAT mean?

  • Exactor: Your 2 horses must finish 1st and 2nd in exact order in the same race.
  • Exactor Box: Your 2 horses can finish either 1st or 2nd
  • Triactors: Your 3 horses must finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the exact order, in the same race.
  • Triactor Box: Your 3 horses must finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd
  • Superfecta: Select the first 4 horses in exact order of finish.

Not sure what you’re doing? Learn To Bet
View other terms to know here: Harness Racing Terms
How to READ a Program: Read More

FAN-tastic Fridays at the Raceway!

Join us EVERY Friday night for an evening of fun, games and of course GREAT racing!

Available Oct 2018 - First Post at 6:55 pm


Luck of the Draw 

Some race fans pick their winners based on facts, and some pick based on a hunch or favourite name or number! We want you to leave it up to LUCK!  Fill out a ballot for a chance to play LUCK OF THE DRAW! - Ballots available in your program every Friday night.

1st number out, we will give you$ 5 win, place and show ticket on that number. The second number will be combined with the first number, and we will give you a $ 4 exactor box combining the first two numbers The third number will be combined with the first two drawn and we will give you a $ 1 triactor box combining those three numbers. The fourth number will be combined with the first three numbers and we will give you a $ 1 superfecta box!

For your chance to win fill out the ballot at the front of your program and listen for your name to be called after Race 2!

And the NAME Game + Trivia!




Survivor Tuesdays!

YOU COULD WIN a $100 HPIBet Deposit!!

Presented by HPI Bet 

It’s BACK - Every TUESDAY at The Raceway

How to Play:

  1. Play online or on track (pick up an entry from Guest Services or play online here, a new link will be updated weekly).
  2. Choose a horse in each of the races on the Tuesday race program (plus an alternate in the event of a scratch).
  3. Submit your entries BEFORE the start of Race 1 (Post Time: 6:15 pm)
  4. Your horse must finish in the top three to advance (Survive) to the next race. The last person(s) alive will be the winner.

Available to play On-Track or Online

Rules and Regulations 

2019/2020 Season Weekly Winners:


October 8th - Richard Rosastik

October 15th - Martin Denny

October 22nd- Mark Wallace

October 29th - Robert Tunks, Dan Newstead 

November 5th - Ralph Moxley, Chris Cain, Colleen Belore, Jacob Kocsis

November 13th - Omer Dorion, Marjorie Alpauly, Bruce Murray, Allan Steeves, Betty Jamieson

November 19th - Antonio Nunes 

November 26th - Joe McDougall, Garry Bowden, Randy Nastuk, Darrell Mac Aulay, Dave Murray

December 3rd - Jim MacDonald 

Dec 10th - Kin Wai Yu, Arthur Chiasson

Dec 17th - Norm Morrissey, Lloyd Stone 

Dec 31st - Ray Rowarth, Francois Doucet

Jan 7th - Connor Burns 

Jan 14th - Alexia Tindall, Richard Rosastik

January 21st - Howard Wise 

February 5th - Andy Yu, Mark Allen Michael Harris, Bill Harris

February 11th - Jordan McCabe

February 18th - Joseph Cramer

February 25th - Randy Riff, Mark Allen, Gordon McEwen

March 3rd - Andy Carnegie, Edmund Leung, William Kearney

March 10th - Doug Hastings 

March 17th - Thomas Lane, Gerald Marshall, Jim Ruhl, Trudy Doyle, Bill Yanke




Top of the Fair Tuesday! Follow the monthly theme to get extra ballots! 

A special deal on the second Tuesday of every month! Get Gateway Casinos London & Raceway gaming vouchers, and The Top of the Fair Buffet!


DOORS OPEN @ 5:00PM  |  DINNER @ 5:30PM  |  FIRST POST @ 6:15PM

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October 8th

November 12th- Remembrance Day Theme (Wear red)

December 10th - Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday Theme (Dress for the season!)

January 14th - Country Western Theme 

February 11th - Valentines Day Theme

March 10th - St Patrick’s Day Theme

April 14th - Hawaiian theme 

May 12th- Sports Soiree!  (Dress in your favourite sport style/team!)

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