Winter Racing in London

Posted Date: 
Monday, February 15, 2021

Handicapping ‘off a layoff’ is one thing - handicapping ‘off a lockdown’ is another… Ontario returns to horse racing this week and if you’re playing - you’re probably already ‘capping… It may be tough to find winners, over the next few weeks, but you can count on the players to be playing and the pools to be swelling.

I always say it’s tough coming back in October at Western Fair - seeing our programmed horses coming in from tracks all over - then trying to come up with selections that have success. This time around we’ll be looking at program charts where almost all the horses will not show a line since December. Will it be tougher than October? We shall see soon enough…   

Winter racing - it’s what I grew up with back home in Summerside, Prince Edward Island. Rushing to the Journal Pioneer, before noon, to pick up my bundle of newspapers - hot off the press - to get them hand-delivered prior to post time for a Saturday afternoon card at Summerside Raceway. Some days those horses would clock miles close to three minutes in the heavy mud. I can still remember a few horses that just seemed to love the worst of conditions. Motocross (appropriately named) and Lester Chappell would go into the deepest mud/puddles and pass/splash all others that would be racing in the wide path. Miss Winter Racing (again appropriately named) would trot to a mark of 2:57 and lower it weeks later by 35 seconds - newsworthy enough to make the sports page back home in March of 1984. Lealands Robbi was once dubbed ‘the best mud-horse in the Maritimes…’ Great memories!

So here we go with winter racing in London… We’ll see 11 races for Tuesday and 12 races for Wednesday with 6:15 ET starts. I can guarantee you won’t see any miles clocked in the three-minute range. I can’t guarantee much of anything else, but we’re happy to be back in action and hopefully we’ll get to finish up this race meet come the end of May. Best of luck to all on the return - whether you’re racing or playing - we’re glad you’ll be with us!

Miss Winter Racing from back in the day at Summerside Raceway

Miss Winter Racing from back in the day at Summerside Raceway