So Here We Go - Week 1 - No Horse Racing In Ontario...

Posted Date: 
Sunday, March 22, 2020

So here we go - week 1 - no horse racing in Ontario… I, like many of you in the beginning, never thought we’d see this virus affect us all to this point. Leaving The Raceway, last Wednesday night, mentioning over the public address system that we are scheduled to race this coming Friday - my mind was being optimistic, but my gut was saying another thing… 

Thursday came and Woodbine Mohawk Park was going to race that night, but they were shutting things down afterwards. That told me we’d likely be doing the same in London, but I waited to hear the official word - rather than make any calls or send messages to inquire.

That same Thursday night - the press release went out - ‘Western Fair Suspends Racing’…

Since then I’ve be out for walks, phoning/messaging family and friends, watching some horse racing (that is still going on throughout the world) and wondering about the direction going forward - for all of us.

I thought ‘maybe I’ll reach out to those, that have participated with us in London this meet - be it racing, betting, working or even just watching our product - to talk about how they’re doing, reflect on some of their highlights this race meet or anything at all for that matter’… I’d be up for chatting and then blogging about the conversation (with their permission of course) and maybe it would help the time pass by just a little bit easier for all of us.

I began thinking of this on Friday, but I took the weekend to think it over and decide if I could and would - be able to take this on. I think I can. I’m not much of an open book myself, but I don’t mind sharing my thoughts with those who take an interest in caring. And I guess - that’s where I’m at right now - I care.  

Again - so here we go - week 1 - no horse racing in Ontario… If you’d like to participate in this series of blogs - I’d be interested in hearing from owners, trainers, drivers, caretakers, horseplayers, race officials, co-workers and horse race fans - all involved in this sport that we love… If you’ve been with us this race meet or watching The Raceway and want in - feel free to message me on Facebook or Twitter or email me at and we’ll try to make something happen.

Take care everybody and do your best to follow up on what the professionals are saying to do.

Shannon ‘Sugar’ Doyle

Announcer - The Raceway