Monday, March 13 - SUPER HI5 Carry-Over - RACE 5 In-Depth

Posted Date: 
Monday, March 13, 2023

SUPER HI5 Notes:

- $9,740 Carry-Over / $35,000 Guaranteed Pool

- Average 20-CENT Payout in 2023 - $1,091.00

- Non-Jackpot 

- Field of 8 (7 on gate - 1 trailer)

- Post Time 7:15 ET


1. Sharp mile in latest; but he’s missed 3 weeks; Harris looks to have chosen 7 over him; not much to like about his final quarter speed; minor share play.

2. His only shot to grab a piece will be to find a spot up close; another one with not much speed on the end; smallest share play.

3. Sneaky good form coming in off a quicker mile, but another that has missed 3 weeks; MacDonald gets listed today and the early speed is there; beware.

4. Off the claim - a hot and cold type; appears to do his best work when up close, but there’s way too much early speed to be pressing and sticking around late; minor share play.

5. Just missed last time after missing 3 weeks; nose back on gate here and very sharp; we’re liking his chances to be a solid player - he can win today.

6. Hasn’t hit the board since Boxing Day and if there was a toss - it’d likely be this one; that being said - we’ll still be using the ALL-button for the 5th and final spot.

7. A 1:57.2 winner here 3 weeks ago and Harris goes back on - the only downside is the outside post, but he can overcome it; may get used early - will be needing his ‘A’ game.

8. Follows out speed and will be trying to follow along up close; can find his way into the mix here if he doesn’t have to do much work throughout; minor share play.

Good luck with it!

Sugar Doyle


57 / 57 / 1348 / 1348 / ALL - ticket cost $19.20

57 / 1348 / 57 / 1348 / ALL  - ticket cost $19.20