He's In My Spot!

Posted Date: 
Monday, May 23, 2022

This is the second of five ‘WOW Signature Race Highlights’ written by longtime Raceway fan Shawn Crawford of Woodstock, Ontario - in all likelihood he’s been one of our biggest fans of The Raceway’s signature event for decades… Enjoy! 


He’s In My Spot!

By Shawn Crawford

Since 1990 I have always stood in the same spot in the London grandstand. It’s normally an unwritten rule - that when you go to place your bets - your seat will still be there when you return… In 2005 the countdown was exciting as usual. The post parade had just wrapped up and my brother and I had gone to place our bets. We came back out to the grandstand and I suddenly notice a very familiar face - in my spot!

I looked at my brother and in a serious tone, I mention - almost like Sheldon during a Big Bang Theory moment - ”He’s in my spot!”

My brother then replies ”Are you gonna tell him to move?”

My answer came without hesitation ”Are you crazy?! He’s probably going to win this race!”

Approximately two minutes later Hall Of Fame trainer Bob McIntosh had given me my spot back as he made his way to the winner’s circle to meet up with his newly crowned Molson Pace champion, Ponder, who has just won in 153 on a wet track.

For the record, I managed to stand just a few feet away, from my regular spot, that year. Now it may not have been the same feel, but it was definitely a surprise bonus getting to stand beside the winning trainer… Of all people who would take ‘my spot’, I’m honoured it was Bob. In today’s world I would have asked for a selfie, but would’ve waited until after the race.

Pictured below is Ponder