Bend It Like A J Storm Honor

Posted Date: 
Wednesday, May 25, 2022

This is the fourth of five ‘WOW Signature Race Highlights’ written by longtime Raceway fan Shawn Crawford of Woodstock, Ontario - in all likelihood he’s been one of our biggest fans of The Raceway’s signature event for decades… Enjoy! 


Bend It Like A J Storm Honor

By Shawn Crawford

1991 would be my second trip to the Labatt Pace, but this would be the end of an era for Labatts’ sponsorship of London’s signature race as Molson would take over the reins in 1992. 

When Kevin Wallis has the rail with a horse he trains and it’s a big race - what do you think he’s going to do? From post position one A J Storm Honor would definitely use the rail to his advantage in this edition of the Labatt Pace.

Kevin and A J went into that first turn at top end speed and it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever witnessed in a horse race. The reaction from the on-track crowd made this moment even bigger. I had never ever seen a horse lean into a turn the way A J Storm Honor did on this night.

The Raceway still had the hub-rail, back then, so from my angle it appeared as though more than half of A J’s body was actually leaning over the hub-rail while navigating the turn. One miss-step and it could have been a potential catastrophe, but instead this pro took the first turn like an absolute champ and never missed a beat.

He absolutely had the crowd buzzing with excitement - it did not go unnoticed at all - as the buzz continued throughout the race, but after such a big start, A J Storm Honor would eventually fade, in deep stretch, while Cross County (Doug Brown) would claim the victory in 1:55.2 over Camfield (Bill Gale).

Initially I had assumed it was the first turn move of A J Storm Honor that had me overwhelmed, but it was for sure the crowd’s reaction that raised the excitement bar for myself and likely all that were in attendance that night.


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