Prince Lee Acres To Sell For First Time In London

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Thursday, August 10, 2023

“Prince Lee Acres-bred horses make headline across North America… For the first time ever ‘P L’ yearlings will be sold this Fall at the London Classic Yearling Sale - including P L Jill’s first foal P L Stevie. They will sell under the Dean and Ashley Wilson consignment, so be sure not to miss them!” - Ryan Clements

“The ‘P L’ name has been around for a while now - we’re now on the letter ‘S’ from the alphabet…” says Ryan Clements who was available to talk about the ‘P L’ yearlings being offered up for this October’s London Classic Yearling Sale.

Ryan is the son of longtime Ontario horseman Dan Clements and the grandson of Prince Lee Acres’s founder and owner Norm Clements. 

“This is a complete business model shift for us, “ says Clements. “We’ll be breeding our mares to produce yearlings that will be sold going forward and we think the London Classic Yearling Sale is the spot to do that.”

“We’re teaming up with Dean and Ashley Wilson - who’ve become a big player in the business of breeding and selling,” he continued. “Everyone that walked thru the Agriplex last year took notice of their operation. They had a great sale and their results were absolutely fantastic!”

With the sale - now just over two months away - the Clements family has the welcome mat out for those wishing to get an early look at their ‘P L’ yearlings. “We’ll invite folks to view our sale offerings at two locations this summer… Folks are more than welcome to come out to Prince Lee Acres to inspect our yearlings and then those same yearlings will make their way to Dean and Ashley’s farm in September to get ready for London.”

Trotters proved to be very popular in the 2022 edition of the LYCS and Clements notes that the Prince Lee Acres trotters should fit the bill for buyers this Fall. “Our trotters have done great over the years. We’ve had P L Jill, Oho Diamond and a few others that have done well at the races… We think having three or four good trotting mares can give folks a great shot and our ‘P L’ trotting mares have been trending upwards and getting stronger every year.”

“We have no expectations, but we’ll advertise that the Prince Lee Acres yearlings will now be for sale - we just want people to be aware of that going forward. The quality of the horses will speak for themselves and as mentioned we’re inviting people to come have a look.”

Prince Lee Acres is made up of founder/owner Norm Clements - with his son Dan Clements and grandson Ryan Clements along for the ride.

The Prince Lee Acres yearlings available this Fall in London include:

P L SPENCER (Resolve - P L Indyanaca - Majestic Son) is a half-brother to P L Opportunity ($250K, t1:52.2s). His dam is a sibling to P L Jerico ($369K, t1:52.4f), P L Oscar ($191K, t1:55.3h) and P L Fantastic ($175K, 1:53.3s). His granddam is Corinas Mission ($543K, t1:58s).

P L STEVIE (Muscle Mass - P L Jill - Kadabra) is the first foal from P L Jill ($693K, t1:51.4s). Her dam is a full-sister to Its Payday Friday ($337K, t1:53.2f) and a half-sister to Oho Diamond ($213K. t1:50.2m) and P L Olivia ($113K, t1:54.4s). 

P L SELBY (Bettors Delight - P L Karis - Sportswriter) is a half-sister to P L Portia ($47K, 1:52.4m). Her dam is a half-sister to Mach It A Par ($1.1M, 1:50.3s), P L Hurricane ($676K, 1:50.4s) and P L Ozzy ($211K, 1:48.3m).

P L SRIRACHAA (Trixton - P L Melissa - Kadabra) is the second foal from a full sister to P L Jill ($693K, t1:51.4s) and Its Payday Friday ($337K, t1:53.2 and a half-sister to Oho Diamond ($213K. t1:50.2m) and P L Olivia ($113K, t1:54.4s). 

P L SUZIE (Mcwicked - P L Katnisseverdeen - Mach Three) is the third foal from a half-sister to A Boy Named Suuzz ($536K, p1:50.3) and The Prophet Mary ($172K, p1:55.1h) and a full-sister to The Platinum Guy ($284K, p1:52s). Granddam is Proxahantis ($284K, p1:52s).


To view a most awesome interview with Prince Lee Acres founder/owner Norm Clements - where he discusses the Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity (named in honour of his late granddaughter) and more - click the following link

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