Top Tips for Choosing the Right Contractor

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Monday, April 1, 2019

When it comes to taking on a home renovation project, there are a lot of factors involved from choosing the right contractor to installing the right product. Below are our top three tips for making the right choice when choosing an exteriors contractor for your home.

Materials: When considering a home renovation, an important question to ask is what sort of materials will this contractor be using? In the exterior market there are so many different materials to choose from that selecting the right option can feel overwhelming. To narrow down this choice there are a couple things to consider: how does this product fair in our Canadian climate? And how long has this product been on the market for? With many exterior products having failed against the changing weather patterns we have in Canada, it’s important when choosing materials to consider whether or not this product is designed to handle the changing weather patterns in Canada. In addition, even if this product has been designed for the Canadian climate, consider the legacy behind this product and how long it has lasted on Canadian homes. Exterior systems can look much different in their first year then their twentieth, and so it’s important to consider how the product you are putting on your home has aged on existing homes and if there are any known risks associated with how these systems age.

Warranty: While newer exterior systems have become more reliable, it is best to investigate what your company of choice is offering when it comes to workmanship warranties. Workmanship warranties typically cover labor and installation costs in the event that something goes wrong with your roofing project. Even if a company offers a workmanship warranty however, make sure you understand what that warranty means. Does the warranty cover disposal costs in the event the contractor has to remove some of their work, and does that warranty cover incidentals such as damage to the home as a result of poor workmanship? One of the most important questions you have to ask when assessing quotes is how long has the company who is providing me my workmanship warranty been in business for? With many home exterior companies appearing and disappearing, choosing a contractor with a strong legacy behind them is essential to knowing whether or not your warranty will be valid in the coming years.

References: When receiving a quote from your contractor it’s important to consider whether or not your contractor is putting you in touch with other customers they’ve done business with. Being able to talk to previous customers directly is an easy way to see firsthand how this contractor treats their customers and how their product is functioning. If a contractor doesn’t have anything to hide, or actively keeps in touch with their customer base, they should be offering a sheet of references during the quoting process.

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