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Learn how to take better care of yourself with our health speakers! 

Dr. Carlen Costa

Carlen Costa

Dr. Carlen Costa can teach you things you never knew about men’s health. A Sexologist, Relationship Psychotherapist & the Everyday Goddess, Dr. Costa is here to debunk men’s health myths. Want to decipher lady code or gentleman code, no problem, just ask in her Q&A session. Get enlightened. Get the facts. Build your healthy relationship. Carlen will be on stage Friday @ 6:30PM & Saturday @ 7PM.

Dr. Vineet Nair

Dr. Vineet Nair

Are you ready to be a healthier you? Let Dr. Vineet Nair walk you through how living a healthy life is easier than you think. Drawing from his book “A Healthier You”, the London based family physician from the Core Family Health Centre breaks down the big picture into more palatable goals enabling you to live the best version of your healthy life. Dr. Vineet Nair will be on stage Friday @ 4:30PM & Saturday @ 5PM. 

Philanthropy & Fun

This is an open invitation for community groups, sports teams, businesses, and individuals to come together in a collective movement to raise funds and awareness for men’s health with our Gentlemen’s Experience Team Challenge!

In addition to supporting Movember in November, it’s an opportunity for the community to come together at the Gentlemen’s Experience to celebrate the growth of some marvellous ‘staches or get mo-ving (for the ladies and facial hair challenged) while attempting to break the record of having 1,131 moustaches in one location. Please note, this is a 19+ event.

Honourable mentions will be awarded to the most noteworthy facial hair in the house, with best overall ‘stache winning a unique experience prize! Register your moustache at the show, impress our judges, and it could be you and a sidekick taking a one hour guided sightseeing tour from the air with Diamond Flight Centre in London.

Where do you sign up for the Team Challenge?

Step 1:

Register as an individual: 

Register Here

Step 2:

Join your team under the Gentlemen’s Experience 2018 Team Challenge page:

The Gentlemen’s Experience Team Challenge

Step 3:

Grow your ‘stache or get mo-ving while raising funds and awareness.

Please note, registration for the Team Challenge does not gain admittance into the show.


What should you expect at The Gentlemen’s Experience?

You can expect an interactive weekend of modern and nostalgic experiences dedicated to gentlemen and the partners in their lives. Yes, that’s also talking to you ladies! With a full complement of activities, guests can test out games like hood archery, transport themselves with virtual reality, or feel the exhilaration of horse racing while learning to bet on live racing. Still want more? Close your eyes, channel your aspirations and imagining driving the Italian coastline in the best of Maserati of London and Alfa Romeo of London.

Eager to learn something new? We have that covered too. With guest speakers covering men’s health, wealth management and more, our vendors will also teach you about anything from the finer points of the cigar to the craftsmanship of baseball bats. Indulge in the nostalgic experience of a proper suit fitting, hot towel shave, or a traditional shoe shine. There truly is something for everyone whether it is playing, shopping, or supporting men’s health.

The Western Fair District will host its inaugural Gentlemen’s Experience in the Agriplex Pavilion on Friday November 23rd and Saturday November 24th. Proudly powered by Maserati of London and Alfa Romeo of London, $2 from each paid Gentlemen’s Experience ticket will be donated to the Movember Foundation in support of men’s health initiatives

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