Virtual Agri-Food Week

Event Date(s): 
Tuesday, May 12, 2020 - 9:00am
Wednesday, May 13, 2020 - 9:00am

The Grove at Western Fair District presents a Virtual Agri-Food Week Event

Become a WFD Farm Fan with our new virtual programming for teachers, students, parents & kids! Registration opens May 4th, 2020. 

Yes, we’re going virtual (for now) and our programming has too!  We know you are going to miss the scent of manure, the cluck of the chickens, cow calling, bright white chef’s hats and overalls…but you are going to love our NEW Virtual Farm F.A.N. activities from video Walks and Talks with real Farmers to Food Facts and Snacks with Growing Chefs!  

Here’s How to Take Part: 

If you are a FARM FAN or want to be one, Register from May 4th-8th to book your spot in our virtual barn May 12 & 13, 2020.    

If you are a FARM FAN or want to be one, Register Here to book your spot in our virtual barn May 12 & 13, 2020.    

FARM F.A.N. Virtual Programming and Activities:

  • Educational Videos from Each Commodity Group (Egg Farmers of Ontario, Beef Farmers of Ontario, Dairy Farmers of Ontario & Ontario Bean Growers) 
  • Chef-led Cooking Videos with delicious and simple recipes that kids can follow along at home to make with Growing Chefs! Ontario

Live FARM FAN Q&A Webinar: 

Plus by participating you are automatically registered to enjoy a Live FARM FAN Q&A Webinar on May 13th from 10:30AM-11:30AM for all your students and FARM FAN participants, hosted by 4 local producers/industry reps, to answer your questions.  


Plus share your FARM FAN photos and participation through our social media sources for a chance to win a Jar of GROVE Honey produced locally, onsite by WFD’s very on bee-hives!  


Want to Learn More about ALL the organizations involved in FARM FAN Days and Agri-Food Week?  


The Western Fair Association is a large modern day Agricultural Society that has existed for over 150 years.  Teachers, Schools and Families in the region know us for the agricultural programming we provide annually at the Fair.  For decades we have offered free agriculture school tours during our signature event, thousands upon thousands of kids have and continue to enjoy that program…but we wanted to do more.   

What is THE GROVE? 

The GROVE at WFD is an agri-business hub where participants share resources, space, and connections to create the right conditions for innovation, and growth. One of The GROVE’s main pillars is agriculture education which we achieve with the help of many partners.  The GROVE has a great partnership with Growing Chefs Ontario, as well as long-standing connections with many valued local farmers, and local and provincial commodity groups that together provide a unique, interactive, educational programs featuring food literacy, food chains, and good food!  The GROVE team is adapting to virtual content this year in light of the global pandemic and will present two virtual learning events for 2020 AGRI-FOOD week.  

What is GROWING CHEFS Ontario?   

Growing Chefs! Ontario is a registered charity based in London, Ontario that unites chefs, growers, educators and community members in children’s food education projects. 

In the last decade of program delivery, Growing Chefs has seen the impacts of food and food education first-hand. Cooking develops and encourages many important skills in areas of math, science, history, geography, literacy, art and more. Understanding how and where food grows, how food interacts with our senses, the history of different foods and techniques, the names we give to food, and how food relates to our own lifestyles and cultures are all important to child development.

Growing Chefs! Ontario offers a variety of food education projects to get kids and communities excited about healthy, wholesome food!

Visit their Website for resources you can use at home. 


About 5 years ago, Western Fair met some amazing people at Growing Chefs Ontario who were doing food education in a new way, and we liked what we saw.  Western Fair District became a major corporate sponsor of theirs and partnered with them to help them grow their School Food Education Program.  Then three years ago we thought we could take our partnership one step further and tell the local food story with real farmers, real animals, real food and real chefs, all in one big pavilion and Agri-Food Week was born!   

What is a Farm F.A.N?  

If you eat, you are a FARM F.A.N.   We have some special activities, videos and demonstrations to help you learn the food story.  Whether big or small, indoor or outdoor, urban or rural, backyard or big acreage farm producers make food, and FANS understand the importance of Food, Agriculture and Nutrition to each and every one of us.   

What are Commodity Partners?  

Eggs are our inspiration. Ontario eggs are healthy, easy to prepare, affordable and produced by local farmers. Egg Farmers of Ontario is pleased to offer you recipes, cooking techniques and tips to simplify meal preparation.
Through consumer research we learned many of you are interested in getting to know what motivates professional egg farmers in Ontario. As a result, it is our pleasure to share with you what inspires Ontario egg farmers by presenting some of the 400 farm families featured in our "Who Made Your Eggs Today?" campaign.
We invite you to visit each farmer, try their family recipe and find your own favourite to share with your family.

For generations, Ontario’s 19,000 beef farmers have been producing delicious, nutrient-rich beef for you to enjoy year-round. Beef farmers are proud to be your neighbours, part of your community and valuable contributors to the economy. The Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) act as the unified voice to represent all beef farmers within the province. BFO is involved in a wide range of initiatives that impact the industry, including sustainability, market development, animal health and care, environment, and food safety.


We are thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you! We are Kathy Breen & Steph Towers, and we are the dairy education team for the Elgin/Middlesex Region. We are also full-time dairy farmers in Middlesex County, and love bringing our passion for agriculture and dairy cows right to your classroom! 

The Ontario Bean Growers (OBG) is a not for profit organization representing the approximately 1000 farmers in Ontario who grow dry beans on an average of 120,000 acres annually.
Farmers who choose to grow dry beans thrive on the challenge of growing this fickle crop.  To quote one grower, “it’s a feat just to get them to come out of the ground.”  Diligent crop management skills and a drive towards innovation are key attributes of an Ontario bean grower. The work of the Ontario Bean Growers has four main areas of focus: Research, Market Promotions & Communications, Grower & Agronomist Relations, and Government Relations and Advocacy.