Tips & Tricks

We are so happy to hear you’re interested in entering the Virtual Creative Arts Competition! We’re here to help, check out our top tips to help make entering your artwork online a breeze! 

How to Enter Online:

  1. Familiarize yourself with our competitions being offered.
  2. Sign up for our newsletter (accessible from our main page), to get a reminder email when we will begin accepting entries, currently scheduled for Monday June 14th, 2021
  3. Click on the pink tile for the competition you’d like to enter, and then follow the entry instructions

Online Entry Guidelines:

  • Fit entry to frame and centre so item is clearly visible
  • Take photos on a white or neutral background if possible, with good lighting (blank white paper works great as a background if you don’t have neutral walls)
  • Use a high quality camera (new cell phone photos should be high enough)
  • Submit only one item per photo
  • Take your photo during daylight hours to avoid shadows, pick an area with a lot of natural light, or photograph your item outside

Tips on Photographing Art:

  • Have your camera at the same angle as your artwork is and focus on dead center of the work (stand back a few feet and zoom in to edges of artwork if possible). Use a tripod to reduce or eliminate blur from camera shake. If you are too close you will create a halo of blur around the focused area. In other words some of the artwork, probably the center, will be in focus and the outer edges will be out of focus.
  • Some pieces photograph best by laying them on the ground and shooting down at them. Use a tripod to keep the camera steady.
  • Indoor lighting casts a yellow hue unless you are using natural light from a window, then it will be blue. Outdoor lighting casts a blue hue unless you have direct (afternoon) sun on the subject; then it will be a yellow hue.
  • Use the grid feature on most phones to help centre your piece and avoid skewed angles.
  • Reduce glare by turning off the flash and adjusting your angle

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