Horticulture Competition 2021

From Hostas to Pinecone Critters, there’s something for everyone! 

Horticulture division - (hc)   |   Design division - (HD)   |   SPECIAL EXHIBITION - (hs)   |  FRESH FLOWER DIVISION |  YOUTH HORTICULTURE - (HY) | Home Grown Competition (HG)
Entry Form Closing Date Delivery Dates Pick Up Date
Friday, September 3rd Thursday, September 9th @ 11AM - 6PM

Monday, September 20th @10AM -6 PM

Prize Money for each Section:
To be announced


A Few Things to Remember

  • NEW LOCATION! Find us in the Agriplex this year
  • Displays are judged for artistic effect as well as cultural perfection.
  • For Collection, the exhibit is judged for cultural perfection.
  • Plants used must have been possessed by the exhibitor for at least 3 months.
  • Please read General Rules and Information.
  • Horticultural entries MUST be dropped off/unloaded at the Agriplex main entrance doors.  Pick-up is at the same location.  See map page 3 – NOTE NEW LOCATION AT THE AGRIPLEX
  • Exhibitors can enter one exhibit in each section. 
  • Entry tags will be available for pick up on the delivery day.
  • Exhibits must be in complete readiness for judging at the end of the time allowed for delivery.
  • It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to replace deteriorated material.  The superintendent of competitions will remove any unattractive exhibits.


Horticulture Division - (HC) - Theme: Our Country


1. REFLECTION - MOTHER/DAUGHTER: A single plant exhibit with the parent plant from which it was propagated, each in a separate pot but compatible container. Name and propagation information is required. Both plants will be judged, exhibited in area not to exceed 60cm (24”).
2. FRESH AIR: Grow an ivy topiary trained or pruned to a form or shape of a living creature. Named.
3. GROW IT, EAT IT, DRINK IT TOO: A mixed cocktail garden container of plant material herbs and/or vegetables, and/or fruits planted in a single container in or out of pot. Maximum of 5, named. Include an infusion recipe.
4. FRIENDSHIPS: A collection of 3 potted heirloom plants (one kind) example 3 varieties of viola or 3 varieties of tomatoes .Displayed on a 7 cm (28”) black  plastic circle. Named See page 134 O.J.E.S. 2019 Judging Standards.
5. BRING NATURE HOME:  Novice Class First Time Exhibitor: An urn or planter of perennials and/or annuals. Named. Staged on a low platform.


Design Division - (HD) - Theme: Our Country

Section & Descriptions


6. ‘U PICK IT’: A miniature design of dried plant material. Maximum dimension of 12.5 cm (5”) in any direction. Niches provided 15 cm x 15 cm (6” x 6”). Exhibitors may provide own background. See page   145 O.J.E.S. 2019 Judging Standards.
7. FAMILY FARM - WHAT’S COOKING? A still life design. Staged in a niche 91 cm height by 60 cm wide (36”h x24”w). See page 153 .O.J.E.S. 2019 Judging Standards. Lattice background available.
9. OLD. FARMER’S ALMANAC: A timely wreath of dried and/or fresh plant material. Ready to hang. Include a plant list.
9. SAP ON TAP - A COLLAGE: An abstract design, created by gluing plant material and usually other objects on a flat surface. The collage is typically done in low relief 5 cm (2”). Depth is implied and achieved by overlapping planes, changes in value and/or juxtaposition of colour, pattern and/or texture. Painted    mediums may be incorporated. There should be no visible spaces between the panel and the materials. Equipped to hang. Maximum size 30 cm (12”) x 36 cm (14”). List plant material.
10. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: A design in an antique container for a buffet table using dried plant material. 60 cm (24”) table space.
11. A GROWING ASSOCIATION: A SYNERGISTIC DESIGN. A design in which at least three (3) containers or units are used in a composition. At least three of the units must include plant material. Each unit may be a complete or a partial design and the combined units create a unified whole. The design may be further unified through the use of connectives. See page 153 O.J.E.S. 2019 Judging Standards. Dried or preserved plant material only. 60cm (24cm ) table space.



Special Exhibit - (HS) - Theme: Our Country

12. Butterfly Buffet: A trough garden. It is a miniature landscape designed to reproduce a natural ecosystem. The container frames and gives the garden its characteristic long narrow shape. Plant material may be newly acquired and accessories are permitted. Plant material must be named with common and botanically names if possible. Table space 60 cm (24 cm).
13. High And Dry: A display  of container growing succulents with a minimum of 5 different specimens. The specimens to be artistically staged in separate containers not to exceed 15 cm (6”). Table space 60 cm (24”). Exhibitor may use staging materials including frames, blocks, underlays etc. Plants named.

*The Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards (O.J.E.S.) 2019. $10.00. Contact Eva Norman-Vestergaard at 519-681-4036 for more information*


Fresh Flower Competitions (HF):

Entry Form Closing Date Delivery Dates Pick up Date
Friday September 3rd, 2021 Tuesday September 14th, 2021 7 AM - 9 AM Friday September 17th, 2021 7 AM - 9 AM

These competitions will take place between Tuesday September 14th and Thursday September 16th. Entries must be delivered between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Tuesday September 14th in order to be judged.

1. DAHLIA: A specimen bloom over 5inches (13cm) named. Container supplied. Homegrown by the entrant.

2. SUNFLOWER: A decorative specimen bloom – home grown by the entrant. One. Any variety excluding types grown for birdseed. Named. Container supplied. Decorative specific bloom (one bloom, no side bud, any variety).

3. SUMMER GARDEN: A cut flower collection – home grown by the entrant. Minimum 5 different cultivars, maximum 9 different cultivars. Named. Shown in separate containers. One to three stems per container. Staged on tables 32”(81cm) table space

*The Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards (O.J.E.S.) 2019. $10.00. Contact Eva Norman-Vestergaard at 519-681-4036 for more information *Subject to change due to Covid-19


Vegetables (HG): Home Grown Entries: All ages

Entry Form Closing Date Delivery Date Pickup Date
Friday September 3rd, 2021 Thursday September 9th, 2020 11 AM - 6 PM Monday September 20th 10 AM - 6 PM



Prize money for each section: To be announced

  1. BIGGEST ZUCCHINI: Picked, and measured from end to tip, not including stem.
  2. BIGGEST TOMATO: Measured based on tomato circumference.
  3. HEAVIEST POTATO: Measured in grams. Scale will be provided.
  4. UGLIEST VEGETABLE: Not every vegetable grows perfect. Send us those not-so-pretty ones. 


Youth Horticulture - (HY) - Theme: Our Country



1. COUNTRY MEMORIES: A LEAF RUBBING: Gather a minimum of three cool looking leaves and with crayon or an oil pastel create your masterpiece on a 22 cm x 28 cm {8 ½” x 1”) sheet of white paper. Label them if you can!

2. HARVEST TIME: A mosaic picture made of seeds glued on a 22 cm x 28 cm (8 ½” X 11”) sheet of paper or cardboard.

AGES 6-10

3. GRASS HEAD PET: Grow your own grass head pet.

4. HOME LIFE: A round seed picture depicting your home.

AGES 11-15

5. HOMECOMING: Make a homemade wreath out of vines or other plant material, to be decorated naturally.

6. CANADIAN TURN OF THE CENTURY:  Stone house. Using different sizes shapes of coloured or painted rocks create a stone house.


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