Horticulture Competition

From Hostas to Pinecone Critters, there’s something for everyone! 

Horticulture division - (hc)   |   Design division - (HD)   |   SPECIAL EXHIBITION - (hs)   |   YOUTH HORTICULTURE - (HY)
Entry Form Closing Date Delivery Dates Pick Up Date
Friday, August 30th 2019 Thursday, September 5th 2019 (11AM - 7PM)

Monday, September 16th 2019 (11AM -7PM)

Prize Money for each Section:

1st- $40   |   2nd- $30   |   3rd- $20


A Few Things to Remember

  • Displays are judged for artistic effect as well as cultural perfection.
  • For Collection, the exhibit is judged for cultural perfection.
  • Plants used must have been possessed by the exhibitor for at least 3 months.
  • Please read General Rules and Information on pages 2-5.
  • Horticultural entries MUST be dropped off/unloaded at the North Canada Building doors.  Pick-up is at the same location.  See map page 3
  • Exhibitors can enter one exhibit in each section. 
  • Entry tags will be available for pick up on the delivery day.
  • Exhibits must be in complete readiness for judging at the end of the time allowed for delivery.
  • It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to replace deteriorated material.  The superintendent of competitions will remove any unattractive exhibits.

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Horticulture Division - (HC)

Section & Descriptions

1. MAKE AN ENTRANCE:  A specimen plant. One cultivar. Named, age and a brief background history or story. Maximum pot size 35 cm (14”) inside measurement.

2. FAMILY CIRCLE OF FUN: A living wreath of edibles, plant material named. Maximum 76cm (30”) table space.

3. LOCAL FARM FRESH: A salsa garden container of plant material herbs and /or vegetables, and/or fruits planted in a single container in or out of pots maximum of 5, named and include a recipe.

4. FAIR REUNION: A collection of 3 potted plants (one kind) example 3 varieties of coleus or 3 varieties of caladiums. Displayed on a 7 cm (28”) black plastic circle. Named. Table space 91cm (36”). See page 93, O.J.E.S. Judging Standards.

5. MEET ME AT THE FAIR: Novice Class First time exhibitor: An urn or planter of perennials and /or annuals. Named. Staged on a low platform.

6. ITS SHOWTIME: A planted topiary form covered with plant material, depicting a living creature. Named plant material.





Design Division - (HD)

Section & Descriptions

7. PEANUTS, POPCORN & CRACKERJACK: A miniature design of dried plant material.  Maximum dimension of 12.5 cm (5”) in any direction. See page 101, O.J.E.S Judging Standards.

8. CITY FARMER: Gardening Renewal. A still life design. Staged in a niche 91 cm height by 60 cm wide (36”h x 24”w). See page 106, O.J.E.S Judging Standards.  Lattice background available.

9. FARE HARVEST:  A hydrangea wreath of dried and /or fresh plant material. Ready to hang include a plant list.

10. FROM THE GOOD EARTH: A collage an abstract design, created by gluing plant material and usually other objects on a flat surface. The collage is done in low relief 5 cm (2“). Depth is implied and achieved by overlapping glued materials. Painted mediums may be incorporated. There should be no spaces between the panel and the materials. Equipped to hang. Maximum size 30 cm (12”) x 36cm(14”)

11. NOSTALGIA: Let’s gather together. A design in a gathering basket using dried plant material. 60 cm (24” table space).

12. FALL FAIR FUN:  A parallel design in which three or more groupings are placed in a parallel manner with open spaces between the groupings. Parallel direction may be vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Design is in one container or containers combined so as to appear as one unit. See page, 102 O.J.E.S. Judging Standards.   Dried or preserved plant material only. 60cm (24cm) tablespace.


Special Exhibit - (HS)

13. UP THE GARDEN PATH:  A dish garden. A miniature landscape in an open shallow container where a scene from nature is realistically reproduced. Plant material may be newly acquired and accessories are permitted.  Plant material must be named with common and botanically names if possible. Table space 60cm (24”).

14. HERB MARKET: A display of container growing culinary herbs with a minimum of 5 different specimens. The specimens to be artistically staged in separate containers not to exceed 15cm (6”).  Table space 60cm (24”). Exhibitor may use staging materials including frames, blocks, underlays etc.  Plants named.

*The Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards (O.J.E.S.) $ 6.00.  Contact Eve Norman-Vestergaard 519-681-4036


Pine ConeYouth Horticulture - (HY)

You are never too young to enjoy the beauty of the trees, shrubs and flowers that surround us.  We at Western Fair know the youth of today can use their imaginations to create wonderful displays from nature.

Prize Money for each Section:

1st- $20   |   2nd- $15   |   3rd- $10


1. ANIMAL PICTURE:  Glue together on a 22cm x 28cm (8 ½ x 11”) sheet of paper or cardboard plant material sure as seeds, twigs, leaves, etc to form an animal. 

2. PLANT POT:  Decorate a pot using natural plant material you can find around your garden.  Items could include, twigs, grass, stones, etc.

AGES 6-10

3. JACK AND THE BEAN STOCK: Plant some bean seeds in a tin can and see how it grows.

4. PINECONE CRITTERS: Using pinecones and accessories create a critter.  Animals could be a bat, spider, owl, lizard, etc. 

AGES 11-15

5. PINECONE DESIGN:  Create a picture using the pinecone pieces. You can leave it natural or paint the pieces.  

6. DECORATED BIRD HOUSE: Using items from the outdoors give a bird a fancy home.