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Email or call 519-438-7203 ext 327

Rules & Regulations 

Please Note: This information applies to all Competitions & Sections offered for the 2021 Western Fair. See individual Competition and Section Rules for additions and/or exceptions to this information.

  1. All rules that apply to Western Fair events and any which specifically apply to the dates that the Western Fair runs will be enforced from the date the entry office opens Tuesday August 3rd, 2021 to Tuesday September 21, 2021
  2. Entry Forms and applicable fees must be in the hands of the Western Fair District by 4:00 p.m. on the day specified for each Class as the Closing Date for Entries, unless otherwise noted.
  3. Entries must be made online, and payments will also be made online or in person. If you need assistance with entering your item online, please email, or bring your entry to the entry office during the times listed above.  
  4. The Western Fair District will supply an entry tag upon arrival of the exhibit at the Entry Office. The entry tag must be securely attached to each exhibit, and the bottom perforated portion of the tag must be retained as identification and a claim check for each exhibit.
  5. The Western Fair District reserves the right to accept or reject any entry, and to display only those exhibits that are of acceptable quality or that exhibit space permits.
  6. Exhibits which have been shown at any previous Exhibition of the Western Fair may not be entered. Unless otherwise stated, all articles must be strictly the production of the person making the entry, and must have been completed within the last three years (since September 2017)
  7. If any question is raised as to the exhibitor’s production, ownership or right to compete, the Competition Coordinator may require the exhibitor to make a statutory declaration that the article in question is the production and property of the exhibitor.
  8. Exhibitors may make only one entry in any one section, unless otherwise specified. The same exhibit or article may not be entered in more than one class and/or section.
  9. Exhibitors must choose the Class and Section in which they enter exhibits. However, the Western Fair may transfer any exhibit which is entered into a wrong Class or Section into the proper Class or Section. Prior to judging, the Western Fair may combine any Section or Sections where there are not sufficient entries to provide competition. *Competition-A competition that may be judged and prize money awarded requires 3 entries per section i.e. 3 sections = 9 entries. Otherwise only a ribbon will be awarded to the single entrant for a placing decided by the judge for that particular competition.
  10. In all Classes and Sections, the Judge(s)’ and/or Competition Coordinator’s decision is final, except where fraud, misrepresentation or collusion, not discovered at the time of the award, is proven. In such cases, the Board of Governors of the Western Fair District shall make the final decision.
  11. In all Classes & Sections the Judge(s) and/or Competition Coordinator may decide:
    1. Not to award a prize
    2. To ask for a tie. In that event prize winners will equally divide prize money for that section. 
    3. To move an entry to another section, prior to judging
    4. To question authenticity of an exhibit
  12. Exhibits may be delivered by courier to the Administration Building, on the dates specified by Class and Division to the address listed under # 3.Exhibits must be Administration Building, on the dates specified by Class and Division to the address listed under # 3.
  13. Exhibits may be delivered in person to the designated location on the dates specified by class.
  14. Exhibitors must arrange and prepay all expenses for delivery of their exhibits to and from the District. The Western Fair District will not provide or pay for any expenses associated with transportation, either on delivery to or return from the District.
  15. Exhibitors assume all risk for the safety of their exhibits, and should any article be damaged, lost or stolen, the Board of Governors of the Western Fair District will assist in the recovery of same, but will not assume any liability for payment of loss.
  16. The right to alter, interpret, amend, add to or cancel any of these rules or to grant relaxation from them is reserved to the Board of Governors of the Western Fair District. Should dispute arise between any exhibitors, whether a private individual, company, corporation or government, and the District or its Officers, the dispute or difference shall be referred to the Board of Governors, whose decision will be final.
  17. Should any question arise which is not provided for in the Information for Exhibitors the decision of the Board of Governors of the Western Fair District shall be final.
  18. The Western Fair District will not be responsible for the payment of prizes or any form of sponsorship offered by Businesses, Clubs, Societies or Individuals.

Exhibitor Information: 

ENTRY OFFICE is open Tuesday August September 3rd to Tuesday September 21st, 2021

Office hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday.

(Extended office hours apply on some competition delivery days. These times are noted under specific competitions.)

We can be reached at (519) 438-7203, Ext. 327

Our mailing address is - Western Fair District, 316 Rectory St, London, ON   N5W 3V9

Entry office Address: To be determined

There are specific terms used throughout the book, definitions can be found below:


ENTRY FORM: Online entry only -  fill in with required information to enter competitions. If you need assistance with entering, please bring your items to the office during drop-off days and we will assist you.

CLOSING DATE: The day on which completed entry forms are due at the entry office. If the forms are being mailed they must be postmarked on or before the closing date.

EXHIBITOR: The person entering the competition.

EXHIBIT: The item you have entered.                                     

DELIVERY DATE: The day on which your exhibit must arrive at the Entry Office for set up and judging.     

PICK UP DATE: The day on which the exhibit must be picked up by 6:00 p.m.                                      

ENTRY TAG: This is the tag that identifies the exhibit as well as your claim stub.  You will receive the entry tag when your exhibit is delivered.                                                 

CODE: Is a letter combination given to a specific competition ie “Youth Craft Competition = YC.” It is stated next to the name of the competition in brackets.                                     

CLASS / SECTION:Class is an item within a competition.  Each class is broken down into one or more sections. Example: Crochet is the class, there are 4 sections in this class.


All competitions will open for entries on Monday January 4th, 2021. Before that time, if you wish for a reminder email, please email to register for our newsletter. We will not be accepting entries before January 4th.

The location of the physical entry office is still to be determined. At this point in time, all entries must be made online. If you are unsure how to make your entry online, please see our website after January 4th for a short introduction video, or contact us at, or by calling 519-438-7203 ext. 327.

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