Culinary Competitions 2021

Home canning is a chance for family and friends to get together and share their garden produce and treasured family recipes. If it’s not yet a tradition in your family, why not make it one?

Culinary Competition (CU) 

Entry Form Closing Date Delivery Dates Pick Up Date
Friday, September 3rd

Thursday, September 9th  @  11AM - 6PM 

All exhibits become the property of the Western Fair.  No pick-up date.

ENTRY FEE: $2.00 per section. This is a juried competition.
Prize Money for each Section: To be announced.


A Few Things to Remember

  • Please read the General Rules and Information
  • Jams and/or Jellies must be packed in no larger than a 250mL Mason jars, with a ¼ inch (0.5 cm) head space and a two-piece metal lid with a secure vacuum seal. (Sealed lids curve downwards and do not move when pressed in the centre.)
  • Pickles and Relishes must be packed in a minimum 500mL Mason type jar, with a ½ -inch (1cm) head space and a two-piece metal lid with a secure vacuum seal. (Sealed lids curve downward and do not move when pressed in the centre.)
  • All entries must be labeled with only the FRUITS or VEGETABLES used printed clearly on the label (labels are not part of the judging).
  • Due to the potential for allergic reactions, ALL products, which include NUTS, MUST BE LABELED with the nut(s) used.
  • All exhibits become the property of the Western Fair.


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Jams1. RHUBARB JAM (Cooked): Everyone loves homemade jam.
2. MIXED:  Mix a number of fruits together to create a delicious taste sensation.
3. RED PEPPER JELLY: Sweet and savoury, use a variety of red bell peppers, green bell peppers and jalapeno if you desire (please label your jar if it’s spicy)
4. APPLE BUTTER:  With so many different types of apples combined with different ingredients, the possibilities are endless.



5. PICKLED ASPARAGUS: You either love them or hate them, but they are a great source of iron.
6. DILL PICKLES: A favourite at any family function.
7. CORN RELISH: No picnic is not complete without the toppings.
8. SALSA: Hot, mild or medium, it’s your choice, but please label the jar so our judges will know.
9. PICKLED BEETS: A delicious flavour to add to any meal.


10. OATMEAL CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES:  4 displayed on a 6” covered plate/plastic plate.
11. BROWNIES:  3 displayed on a 6” covered paper/plastic plate.
12. BLUEBERRY PIE: Minimum 8” whole pie with home made crust.
13. ZUCCHINI LOAF: Displayed on 8” covered paper/plastic plate.
14. BUTTER TARTS: (no nuts) Display 3 tarts on a plastic/paper plate. Crust must be home made. (OAAS*)


Youth Baking Competition (CUY)

Youth Baker


NO ENTRY FEE. For ages 15 & under. This is a juried competition.
Prize Money for each Section: To be announced


1. PLAIN CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES (no nuts):  Cookies must be no larger than 3” or smaller than 2”. Display 3 cookies on a 6” plastic/paper plate. (OAAS*)
2. CUPCAKES ICED: Cupcakes are fun to make, decorate and eat. Display 1 of your creations on a 6” paper/plastic plate. Cupcakes are judged on decoration only. 
3. MARSHMALLOW COW: Make a marshmallow ‘Cow’ shown on a 6” disposable plate.

(OAAS*) This is an OAAS competition, if your entry places 1st at Western Fair, you will be eligible to compete at the district level in October. The winner at the district level will be invited to compete at the provincial convention in February 2022. *Subject to change due to Covid-19

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