10 Crazy Runner Superstitions

Posted Date: 
Friday, May 13, 2016


We’re a quirky bunch of people, from the weird rituals we have before running to the funny things we do while running there’s no shortage of weirdness! Here are a few running superstitions from other runners that they do prior to a race or training run. 

  1. Putting Body Glide on your feet (to avoid blisters).
  2. Eating the same food before races. Lucky Charms… Really?
  3. Having a tube of ChapStick (or else, you might as well kiss that PR buh-bye).
  4. Tying your running shoes, then untying them, and tying them again, just to make sure you did it right.
  5. Listening to “Eye of the Tiger” in the corral. (Get that song out of your head now!)
  6. Wearing two different coloured/patterned socks (i.e., one red and one green).
  7. Pinning your bib on the night before and laying your clothes on the floor in the shape of a person (yes, socks, armband, and hat, too).
  8. Cleaning your race shoes prior to the race (or else, you will trip and break your ankle).
  9. Putting your clothes on in the same order every time (underwear, shorts, left sock, right sock, then shirt).
  10. Wearing the same lucky underwear for every race.

Have you done any of these things before a run or race? Have any to add? Maybe you can relate to the ridiculous routines of runners described here! 

Adapted from RunHaven.com