Starting Horses

Featuring North America’s best free-for-all pacers as they compete for the Camluck Classic Invitational. 


$150,000 Camluck Classic

1-This Is The Plan – Ronnie Wrenn

2-Whichwaytothebeach – Jody Jamieson

3-Roll With The Flow – Bob McClure

4-Covered Bridge – Jordan Stratton

5-American History-Trevor Henry

6-Nautical Hanover-Tyler Borth

7-Idealsomemagic-Doug McNair

8-Funatthebeach-James MacDonald

$50,000 Forest City Pace

1-So Frisky – Colin Kelly

2-So Much More – James MacDonald

3-Raptors Won – Trevor Henry

4-Gias Surreal – Bob McClure

5-Parisian Blue Chip – Ronnie Wren

6-Western Wish – Tyler Borth

7-Shoot The Whiskey – Travis Cullen

8-Mystifying – Doug McNair

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