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Thank you for everyone who attended the 2018 Wine & Food Show. Stay tuned for details on 2019.

A toast to the good taste of over 16,000 Londoners! Now in it’s 13th year, the show is well established and consistently meets exhibitor expectations. Whether the objective is to introduce a new product, build brand awareness or maintain market share, the London Wine & Food Show is the place to do it.  

2018 Show Dates: January 18-20

Here you will find documents containing useful information about our show: Show Layout, Map of the District, Move-In Instructions, Rules & Regulations, Exhibitor Forms and Show Supplier information. Please check back for updated documents as we get closer to the show.


Reminder! Don’t forget to submit the completed documents that are included in your confirmation email.



Exhibitor Package

The exhibitor package includes all information and forms required for the upcoming show. NOTE: Please save documents to your desktop before filling out your information. 

Exhibitor Package PDF Download 

The following is included:

  • Move In/ Out Instructions
  • Beverage and Food Sampling Regulations
  • Ticket Redemption Information
  • Product List & Requirements Form
  • Proof of Insurance Information
  • Insurance Coverage Form (through Vendor Insurance Ltd.)
  • Credit Card Payment Form
  • Additional Exhibitor Badge Request Form
  • Exhibitor Badge Registration Form
  • No Charge Draw Request Form
  • Directions to the Western Fair District
  • Local Hotel Partners



Show Layout

Your space on our show floor is illustrated in the Show Layout. Numbers have been assigned to exhibitors to designate booth space. Booth numbers can be found on the invoice sent in the exhibitor package email.

Floor Plan PDF Download



Booth Decor & Services

Your booth includes the following complimentary items:

  • One 20 amp. outlet
  • Drapery
  • Allotment of exhibitor badges.

Booth carpet is recommended, not mandatory. Additional hydro requirements to be ordered through show supplier. If you require any additional items, Stronco is pleased to have been appointed the “official booth decorator” for this show. They offer a range of services to assist you in exhibiting at the show. 

Stronco Services Exhibitor Kit PDF Download 



Rules and Regulations

The Rules & Regulations form part of the signed contract, therefore, exhibitors are requested to read this document carefully and familiarize themselves with the regulations of the show.  A few moments may save a lot of time and confusion in the future!

Rules and Regulations PDF Download



Middlesex London Health Unit

This MLHU includes PDF includes; MLHU Special Event Requirements, MLHU Handwashing requirements at Special Events, MLHU FINAL Information Package, MLHU Emergencies

Middlesex London Health Unit PDF Download



Please contact us with any questions you may have about the London Wine & Food Show.

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