London Wine & Food Show

A Gift for their Taste Buds

The London Wine and Food Show, presented by White Oaks Mall, returns with more food, wine and entertainment than ever before.   

The show brings Londoners an enticing mix of local restaurants, wineries, craft beers, and spirits and pairs them with tasting seminars, stage presentations and entertainment. Come sip, sample and savour at London’s Wine & Food Show!

Refunds are available to those that did not gain access to the show on either Friday or Saturday. Please contact our Guest Services Desk on Monday at (519) 438-7203.

Metroland Media Agriplex - January 19 - 21, 2017

Thursday @ 5PM - 10:30PM  |  Friday @ 3PM - 10:30PM  |  Saturday @ NOON - 10:30PM

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General Admission Tickets

As of 5PM, Saturday General Admission tickets are SOLD OUT - there will be no tickets at the door for the remainder of Saturday. 

Ticket availability is based on capacity. Follow #LdnWineFoodTix for real-time updates on ticket availability during the show. 
Thursday, $16 Doors   |   Friday or Saturday*, $20 Doors

*Advanced tickets sold out for Saturday, some tickets may be available at the doors. If you wish to attend on Saturday we recommend coming earlier in the day to ensure you can get into the show or plan to attend Thursday or Friday.

Sample Tickets

Sample tickets can be purchased at the show for $1 each. 

Admission FAQ’s

Why can’t I buy tickets online anymore? 
As of 11:59PM, January 18th the online advanced ticket sale and prices ended - tickets can now b purchased at the doors.

If I bought advanced tickets, were given comp tickets or won tickets can I still get into the show on Saturday, even though it’s sold out? 
Yes, our team tracks how many tickets are outstanding and how many have been redeemed to ensure advanced ticket holders can gain entry to the show at any time. 

If I buy tickets at the door earlier in the day can I leave and come back later? 
Tickets purchased at the door are for immediate entry only. 

If I leave the show, can I return later in the day? 
If you are looking to leave the show and return later you will need to get a hand stamp and ensure that you have it when you return later. Please also be aware that the show may reach capacity while you are out, if this happens you will not be permitted back in until space is available. We recommend planning to come at a time when you can stay and not have to leave.

Must be 19+ years to attend.
No babies, toddlers or children at the show.



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