Best Tips For Mechanical Bull Riding

The difference between hitting the mat now or in 2 more seconds!

Whether you’re a tried and tested expert or jumping on that mechanical bull for the first time, these tips will help you hold on a little longer!

Where and how to hold on

Sit as high up on the bull(closer to the head) as you can. Hold on to the rope using your dominant hand, and keep your non-dominant arm out away from you, as a trapeze acrobat would, to keep your balance. Grip the sides of the bull tightly with your inner thighs. 


Watch and Learn

Watch a few people go before you, sometimes it can help to see a few people succeed (or hilariously not do well) to get a few tips on what to do and not to do.


Don’t wear dress pants

Wear something non-slippery, like jeans - our Oktoberfest experience suggests Lederhosen work best!


Focus on the mechanical bull’s head

This will indicate directional changes and maintain balance, yes that means smiling for your friends can wait.. besides the photo will be even better when you’ve held on longer than any of them!


Go to a Rodeo

Mechanical bulls were originally intended for bull riders in training, so why not learn from the experts at a Rodeo! The Western Fair District has three chances for you to watch and learn from professional bull riders at the Rawhide Rodeo this December. Learn more about Rawhide Rodeo at the Western Fair District