Preliminary Dates

2020 Preliminary Dates

Since COVID-19 we have had to cancel all live preliminaries but we would love you to be part of our Video contest.  Here is the link to enter

Audition Online

Starting on Tuesday Sept. 1st, we will start to show all the semi-finalists videos on the Western Fair website. Others will be added as each preliminary ends and send in their semi-finalists.  All videos will stay up until Thursday Sept. 10th at 6pm.  At this time all videos will be removed. 

The judges will be picking 10 finalists, 5 youth and 5 juniors. 

We will then start showcasing 2 videos a day during our Virtual Fair (1 Youth & 1 Junior, in no particular order) for the first 5 days of the Virtual Fair which runs Sept. 11th to 20th.  Once these videos have been aired during the Virtual Fair we will load them back up on the main website.  This will be done in the late evening at approx., 9pm each night for the 5 days. 

From late on Sept. 15th all 10 finalists videos will be on the website.  On Friday, Sept. 18th which will be our music day at the Virtual Fair, we will announce and show the winners videos.  Again this will happen in the evening.   Once this announcement is made and the winning videos are shown, only the winning videos will be shown on the website.  We will also call the winners as their video is being shown.  We don’t want to ruin the surprise and call early.

The winners will receive the following:

  • Youth 1st place:  $ 500.00
  • Youth 2nd place:  $ 300.00
  • Junior 1st place:  $ 150.00
  • Junior 2nd place:  $ 100.00

Also, remember one of the winners will have a chance to perform at the OAAS convention at the Thursday night showcase in Toronto in Feb. 2021. 

During the first week of Sept., we will send the link for the Virtual Fair to all the semi-finalists, it is no charge to watch, so you will be able to share with your friends and family.

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