Lil' Thrill Park

Here youngsters can enjoy the thrills and chills of Fair fun, designed specifically for their size. 

Kids and parents alike will adore this family-friendly lil’ thrill park, featuring a new ride the Chopper Charlie. Find out the best option for you, whether its coupons or the SuperPass, with our size and coupon chart!



Ride Pricing

All ride coupons and passes can be purchased at the Western Fair.

Number of Coupons / Pass Price

1 Coupon


11 Coupons


22 Coupons


55 Coupons


Ride All Day Pass

Unlimited rides on any ride all day.


Front of the Line Pass

Skip to the front of the line of any ride!




2016 Ride List


Merry Go Round




NEW! Chopper Charlie



Wacky Worm Coaster



Lollipop Swing


Ride Name Coupons Required Height
To Ride Alone

Required Height If

Accompanied by an Adult

Bee 4 42” Under 42”
Central Park 4 36”  
China Dragon 5 48” 36” - 48”
Chopper Charlie 4 42” Under 42”
Dizzy Dragon 4 42” Under 42”
Hill Billy Village 4 42”  
Jeeps 4 34” - 54”  
Jump Cycles 4 36” - 54”  
Kite Flyer 4 42”  
Lollipop Swing 4 36”  
Merry Go Round 1 4 42” Under 42”
Merry Go Round 2 4 42” Under 42”
Mini Jets 4 36” - 48”  
Monster Trucks 4 42” - 54” 36” - 42”
Pirate Ship 4 36”  
Raiders 4 36” - 42” Under 36”
Slide 4 42” Under 42”
Speedway 4 36” Under 36”
Spidermania 4 36”  
Toon Town 4 42” Under 42”
Train 4 36”  
Undersea Adventure 4 42” 36” - 42”
Wacky Worm Coaster 5 42” 36” - 42”

Height requirements are subject to change and will be posted outside the ride gates. You must fall within the specified height requirements, or be accompanied by an adult who meets the height requirements where permitted. 


Some attractions may close due to inclement weather until conditions permit safe operation. Please enjoy our buildings, food vendors or shopping until such weather passes. Western Fair District cannot issue refunds for admission, ride tickets or ride-all-day passes due to inclement weather. Please check weather forecasts in advance of your visit.

Height Restrictions

A guest’s height is an important safety factor on many rides and attractions. Children can be measured at each ride. For the safety of your child we reserve the right to ask that shoes be removed to ensure that a child’s height is not being artificially enhanced or manipulated to ensure their safety. 

Parents Riding with Small Children

On some rides, children must be accompanied by an adult to ensure the child is safe. North American Midway Entertainment requires every rider that occupies a seat on all Midway Attractions to have purchased either the required number of coupons or a Ride All Day bracelet for admission to all rides. In the case whereby a rider that occupies a seat and another guest stands to the side holding the rider, then the standing guest is not required to pay. If you feel you should ride with your child then do so, even if it requires a ticket. Adults aren’t allowed to rid eon some kiddie rides due to weight and balance restrictions. Some kiddie rides are so small that weight or height limitations restrict parents from riding. 

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