Thank You To Everyone Who Attended The 2017 Western Fair! 

Demolition Derby


Location: Grandstand 
Don’t miss the fun as afternoon participants race in figure 8 formation to qualify for the final feature heat where the top competitors race again to take the top spot of the day! Later, in two separate classes, big cars and small cars, drivers will smash and crash their way to the end, until only one car is left running, who will be awarded the Championship Trophy!

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Location: Grandstand
Former XGames Freestyle Rider Ben Milot and others will complete unbelievable stunts as they fly through the air from ramp-to-ramp!  See them perform various tricks such as the Superman, Heart Attack, Cliffhanger, Can-can, Kiss of Death, and the seemingly impossible Backflip, plus so many more!

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Location: Progress Building
Millennial E-Sports is proud to be working with the Western Fair to bring E-Sports to London! This September from the 8th to the 17th come and join us at the Western Fair Progress building for 5000 sq ft of free play sessions, and mini tournaments for Madden, Rocket League, Halo 5 and more! All leading up to a two day open qualification Rocket League tournament Saturday September 16 and 17th casted live by Brody “Liefx” Moore.

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High Dive

High Dive Act - The Flying Fools

Location: Midway
FLYING FOOLS is the most well known show from Milord Entertainment and has brought joy to many spectators throughout the world since 1990. It is a high performance show consisting of many dynamic dives. The acrobatic divers jump from heights of 3, 6, 9 and 25 meters with so much skill that it leaves you breathless, especially since the pool is only 8 meters in diameter and only 3 meters deep!

This performance offers serious and comical dives with one or more acrobats at a time, up to five divers at once. A fire dive, which consists of lighting a stuntman on fire, can be added to the show to elevate the tension even more. This family spectacle will, without any doubt, contribute to the success of your event.

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Rawhide Rodeo


Location: Metroland Media Agriplex Arena

Thank you to everyone who attended the event!

I Love Local


Location: King Street Gate
Local and Proud! The I Love Local Stage presented by OLG will be rocking with local talent all 10 days of the Fair. 

Paired with locally sourced Food & Drinks



Square Dancing

Location: Progress Building
Get country and learn to square dance at the Fair! Come see our demos everyday between September 8th – 17th and pick up some information on a Modern Square Dance club near you!! See you at the Fair!!.

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