Company Website Keywords Description
Anderson Craft Ales Beer Beer, Merchandise - Tshirts, aluminum growlers/grunters, hats, malt-bag growler carriers, sweaters
Cowbell Brewing Co. Beer
Labatt Breweries Beer Budweiser, Bud Light
London Brewing Beer Will be bringing a variety of craft beer
Natterjack Brewing Company Ltd Beer Craft Beer, Keg and Cans
Nickel Brook Brewing Co. Beer Various Craft Beers
Powerhouse Brewing Co. Beer Homecoming APA, Buckleys Irish Red, Generator IPA
Railway City Brewing Co. Beer
Sons Of Kent Brewing Co. Beer Beer (Draught)
Stonepicker Brewing Company Co. Beer Beer in Kegs
Muskoka Brewery Beer, Spirits, Cocktails Craft Beer, Craft Spirits
Dixon’s Distilled Spirits Beer, Spirits,Cider Dixon’s Silvercreek Vodka, Dixon’s wicked citrus Gin, Dixon’s wicked Licorice Gin, Dixon’s Flaming Caesar vodka, Huron Street Hefeweizen, Puddicombe cider, Tweleve Barrels Whiskey
Mikes Beverage Co. Ciders, Coolers Coolers-Palm Bay, Mikes Hard Lemonade, American Vintage, Rockstar. Ciders-Oranagan
Mojitos Lounge Cocktails Frozen Fruit-mango, strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Mint, Lime, Sugar, Soda
Original Tiki Bar Cocktails Pina Colada, Margarita
Grace Restaurant London Cocktails, Fine Dining Establishment Fine Canapes and Cocktail Samples
Coke Canada Non-Alcoholic Beverage Soft Drinks
Black Fly Beverage Company Spirits Gin Soda Fizz Grapefruit, Vodka Soda Fizz Lemon Lime, Vodka Sour Grape, Long Island Iced Tea
Forty Creek Distillery Ltd. Spirits Forty Creek Barrel Select Whisky #550715, Forty Creek Copper pot whisky #285254, Forty Creek Spike Whisky #397109, Forty Creek Cream Liquor #281378, Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve #94771, Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve #195651, Forty Creek Unity Reserve #634444
Nickel 9 Distillery Spirits Northern Temple Vodka, Hidden Temple Gin, Nickel 9 Bitters
Woodman Wines & Spirits Spirits White Owl Whisky, Writers Tears, Irish Whisky, Eldorado and Demerara Rum, Broker’s Gin, Centennial Rye Whisky
Junction 56 Distillery Spirits, Cocktails Vodka, Gin, Moonshine, Black Raspberry Gin, Fireshine
Hunter & Co Spirits, Fine Dining Establishment Food & beverage samples, gift cards, cookbooks
Cornerstone Winery Wine Ontario VQA Wines
Dark Horse Estate Winery Wine Wine tasting, Venue Space
Quai du Vin Estate Winery Wine white Wine, Red Wine, Fruit Wine
Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island Wine Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island, Colio Estate Winery, Muscedere Vineyards, Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery, Oxley Estate Winery, Coopers Hawk Vineyards, Pelee Island Winery,Great Lakes Goat Dairy, Wolfhead Distillery
Trail Estate Winery Wine Small-Batch, Minimalist, VQA Wines
Villa Maria Estates Wine
Wines of South Africa Wine SA Wines
Munro Honey & Meadery Wine, Honey Mead (dry, Medium, sweet) (Golden Age) Melomel (Black currant, blueberry, cranberry, raspberry) Honey(jalapeno, cinnamon, apple cinnamon, chocolate)
Vieni Estates Wine & Spirits Wine, Spirits, Cider Wine, Spirits, Sparkling
Maelstrom Winery Wine,Cider