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Community Access Program (CAP)

The Western Fair District Community Access Program (C.A.P.) was designed to provide the named holder of the CAP card free or discounted admission for holder (being a person with a disability), and free admission for one support person.

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Some attractions may close due to inclement weather until conditions permit safe operation. Please enjoy our buildings, food vendors or shopping until such weather passes. Western Fair District cannot issue refunds for admissions, ride tickets or ride-all-day passes due to inclement weather.  Please check weather forecasts in advance of your visit.

Height Restrictions

A guest's height is an important safety factor on many rides and attractions. Children can be measured at each ride. For the safety of your child we reserve the right to ask that shoes be removed to ensure that a child’s height is not being artificially enhanced or manipulated to ensure their safety.

Parents Riding with Small Children

Rides at family entertainment events, carnivals and fairs usually charge a fee for each rider.  Each ride at the Western Fair is operated by an independent vendor who owns the ride and travels to many events throughout the fair season.    The ride owner, not Western Fair, decides whether to charge parents who wish to accompany their child on a ride. In cases where parents don't physically take up a seat, they're often allowed on for free, but not always. Regardless of the ride owner's policy, cost should not determine whether you ride along.  If you feel you should ride with your child then do so, even if it requires a ticket. 

  • Adults aren't allowed to ride on some kiddie rides due to weight and balance restrictions.
  • Some kiddie rides are so small that weight or height limitations restrict parents from riding.


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