Food Vendors

Rules & Regulations

We have listed some of the rules and regulations you will be required to follow when participating in the Fair:

For pricing, product and booth operations including signage please contact Lena Lindberg at 519-438-7203 ext 222.

Download the Food Vendor Application Form Here 

Food Vendors


To ensure fairness and proper reporting of sales, spot auditing of food operations will be carried out with cash register tapes being requested. All sales are to be recorded and proper procedures followed. Your full cooperation with our auditors is expected.

Cleanliness, Appearance and Attitude of Employees/Volunteers:

All employees should be clean, shaven and well groomed. This year, it is mandatory for you and your staff to be wearing Western Fair clothing.  They will be available for purchase from the Midway Office located in the basement of the Canada Building.  Costs will be noted in your contract package when it is forwarded in the next few months.

Employee appearance will be closely monitored and you will be informed if improvement is needed during the fair.

No Smoking While On Duty - will be strictly enforced and subject to the City of London By-Laws!

All local and provincial health and safety regulations must be strictly adhered to. You will be notified of any mandatory health and safety meetings.

RV Charges

For those bringing in trailers or RV's, the tentative charges (subject to change) are as follows:

On Grounds (permission only):

  • Bunk or house trailers 0-35' ($33.00/day, plus taxes)
  • Bunk or house trailers over 35' ($44.00/day, plus taxes )
  • 70.00 per car or rig, for Fair, plus taxes ($80)
  • Stock trailers, any size ($22.00/day, plus taxes)

The operator of the vehicle(s), including your employees, must submit to the Midway Office by the first Sunday of the Fair the following information: type of vehicle (trailer-house or stock, rig or car), length of vehicle, license number and the date of arrival on the grounds. Any vehicle not reported will either be removed or charged double the rate.

Payment is required upon arrival. Form included in package.

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