Gators & Lizards & Snakes.. oh my!

Mon 19 Sep 2011 | Comments (1)

Hubby and I took our daughter, her friend and our grandson and went for an unforgettable Fair trip today! I had no idea we might find ourselves with an alligator in our lap, and having a snake for a cuddle....

Little Ray's show allows for rescued reptiles to get up close and personal with humans, and seizes the opportunity to educate about the origin of these creatures and also about the number of threatened species in Canada. Yes here at home! We have our own list of those creatures that, without protection, will disappear forever. These reptiles cannot be returned to the wild for various reasons, and need to be cared for in captivity.



If you are more comfortable without the live aspect of the show, you can view the creatures from behind glass, and peruse the static displays which consist of skulls and information. Some of these are huge! If you have questions, all of the crew is willing to spend a much time as you like answering ...and they are full of information! Kevin knows a lot about a lot, and says that "Turtle Matt" knows more about turtles than anyone he has ever met.

The reactions from the children were my absolute favourite part of the show! The curiosity and pure glee when able to get up close and personal is apparent on their faces, even as the older people in the crowd fought fear and looked horrified as the children had a wee squeeze with a python on their lap!

Truly one of the gems of the fair, this small stage also holds court for Sheldon the Magician.


 As hilarious as he is talented, he brings an infectious grin and involves the crowd as he performs right in front of your eyes what cannot possibly be. The children on stage are appropriately sucked in as he wows them with his antics, and their eyes grow huge when things appear and disappear right in front of them. Always ready for a good giggle, one of his favourites is to borrow paper money from the audience and fold it up super tiny, only to unfold it and have it be another bill. Of course the value is FAR less! We all have a chuckle at the expense of the person, and then Sheldon is obliged to try to reverse the process. A great guy, Sheldon shows that fun really can be rated G.

The quality of entertainment included this year in the general admission is really outstanding. You can be busy day after day, without any additional expense at all.

The animals are really what steal my heart at any fair. Off to watch chicks hatch, see some newborn piglets, and find Boss Hog's petting zoo. I can't wait to pet a yak!


blondie Wed 12 Sep 2012

"my 4 yr old daughter thinks that the snakes would be the best part of the whole show"

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