Stage Entertainment

Day One Schedule

*Schedule is subject to change*

Time Event Description
4:30PM Dr. Vineet Nair Promoting his book “Healthier You” -  being healthy is simpler than we make it out to be.
5:30PM Forest City Crossfit Workout of the Day
6:30PM Dr. Carlen Costa Debunking men’s health myths with Dr. Carlen Costa.
7:30PM Movember Foundation Men’s Health, Awards & Challenge Wrap-Up.

Day Two Schedule

*Schedule is subject to change*

Time Event Description
4:00PM Collin’s Formal Wear Art of the Perfect Fit
5:00PM Dr. Vineet Nair M.D Promoting his book “Healthier You,” being healthy is simpler than we make it out to be. 
6:00PM Forest City Crossfit Workout of the Day
7:00PM Dr. Carlen Costa Debunking men’s health myths with Dr. Carlen Costa.
8:00PM Jesse Ronson/Our Clinic Demos, Interview, Q&A Session, Autographs


Movember Foundation

Movember is all about supporting men’s health and encouraging meaningful conversations that will lead to the eradication of men’s health stigma silence. With $2 from each paid ticket from the Gentlemen’s Experience being donated to the Movember Foundation, this presentation will see the best moustache of the show and the top fundraising team awarded, while learning more about the Movember Foundation and their initiatives.


Dr. Carlen Costa

Dr. Carlen Costa can teach you things you never knew about men’s health. A Sexologist, Relationship Psychotherapist & the Everyday Goddess, Dr. Costa is here to debunk men’s health myths. Want to decipher lady code or gentleman code, no problem, just ask in her Q&A session. Get enlightened. Get the facts. Build your healthy relationship.  


Dr. Vineet Nair

Are you ready to be a healthier you? Let Dr. Vineet Nair walk you through how living a healthy life is easier than you think. Drawing from his book “A Healthier You”, the London based family physician from the Core Family Health Centre breaks down the big picture into more palatable goals enabling you to live the best version of your healthy life.


Collins Clothier

You’re handsome and we know it. Let the experts at Collins Clothier educate you about how to select a properly fitted suit that will compliment all of your best assets. This presentation isn’t all about the perfect suit, let the professionals give you tips on how to look good every day. Want to learn more, just ask the experts in their on-site booth where you can get advice and sized up by the pros.


Forest City Crossfit

Get your sweat on while you enjoy the work out of the day with Forest City Crossfit. This session is all about learning new techniques to spice up your routine and find ways to be your healthiest you. Whether you participate or observe, learn how you can use your own body weight to get the most out of your workouts with the work out of the day.


Jesse Ronson

There is more to being a professional athlete than fans see on fight night. Jesse “the Bodysnatcher” Ronson, the current holder of two TKO championship belts, will take you behind the scenes of life as an MMA fighter. Concussion protocols, injury prevention and recovery, nutrition, Jesse is here to talk about it all. A proud ambassador of the Our Clinic, the champ will demonstrate some of his MMA moves on a willing audience member and answer your questions in a Q&A. Want to meet Jesse up close, he will also be available to sign autographs.