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Our organisation started in 1985 as a recreational hockey league for London’s senior adults (55 and over). We now have THREE divisions TO ACCOMMODATE DIFFERENT LEVELS OF PLAY.



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The Huff & Puff 2013/14 season. Senior | Intermediate | Junior


November of 1985 saw the beginning of a senior hockey league which over the next few years was to mushroom into the present day Huff N’ Puff Fitness Association.  When a bunch of the boys got together on a Wednesday morning to play a game of recreational hockey, there was no vision of the eighty or more game schedule that exists today.  These were not just seasoned veterans of hockey rinks, most had served their country in World War II.  Some had even faced the rigors of German prisoner of war camps.  The group included Stan Butler, Al Finch, Ted Froats, Doug Good, Ron Hughes, Doug Southerst, Gray Poley, Ed Loney, Ben Benedetti, and others.
At the start of each game, in true Canadian hockey tradition, the hockey sticks were thrown to centre ice where one of the group dispatched them, one by one, to either end of the rink.  Those landing together composed one team while the other pile was the second team.  As they left the ice that day, Doug Good announced that he was sure “huffing and puffing”.  Ed Loney picked up on Doug’s comment saying, “That’s what we’ll call ourselves - The Huff and Puffers!” and so the name was born.  Ed Loney and Ted Froats arranged the purchase of sweaters bearing the name “Huff N’ Puff” and the original logo.

In 1986, an additional 25 players had joined the group and the activity was moved to Silverwoods Arena and another hour of playing time was added.  Several members got together on non-hockey days and many wives accompanied them.  This introduced the co-ed element to the association.  In the spring it was decided to stay together and play l0-pitch, also a co-ed activity.

By 1989, the hockey players numbered one hundred and fifty.  The schedule was expanded to Monday and Friday as well as Wednesday.  The tenacious nature of the original ten players set a high standard for those who were to follow.  It is their strong leadership values that  made Huff N’ Puff the association it is today.  They set their ideals high and had the ambition to carry it out.  From us who followed, we thank you.

How to Join

Contact us by email ( ) or phone 519-652-1485 Tell us about your previous and most current hockey experience, the position you play, your age and what level you used to play: Junior,Intermediate or Senior. The level is determined by ability.

You must be 55 or turn 55 during the season and you must join the Huff ‘n puff organisation. We will send you an email to acknowledge your application and all the info you need to know on how to join.


Rules of Huff n Puff

Old Timer’s Hockey Rules (no contact, rough play, slap shots, no high sticks etc.) will be enforced.
No centre line for two line passes.  

Players must wear a helmet (with full or half cage and mouth guard for insurance purposes). 

We strongly recommend that all players check the age, fit and condition of their current helmet. Does the cage fit into the J-clips? Do you use a mouth guard to help protect against concussions? Look for special offers on helmet, cage and mouth pieces coming this October.

Remember, it only took us about 100 years of hockey to figure out that our brains are at least as important as the other body parts. 
If  you feel strongly that thinking about this issue is a waste of time, you’re probably right.

- Players will sit out 3 minutes for penalties.  Three penalties in the same game and you will be asked to leave and you will miss the next game. Arguing with a referee may also result in a penalty. 

Any play which endangers the well-being or safety of another player or referee will not be tolerated.  Referees are volunteers.  They love hockey and they do the best they can.  Cooperation and compliance with their direction is expected from all players.  Serious infractions (rough play, lack of cooperation with referees etc) may result in disciplinary action from the Player Review Committee.  Remember, we are playing hockey for fun and exercise.


Team Sweaters & Socks

The new style Huff & Sweaters are available at Source for Sports Teamworks. The store is located at 418 Wharncliffe Road South next to the Wharncliffe Beer Store (519 963 0771).

You can order in person or by phone or email if you know your size. These sweaters require more time to set up and assemble. If you are thinking about getting new sweaters please read the information below. The turnaround is not 3 days as it used to be and those ordering a set outside of the dates below will have to wait until there are enough orders from others to make it worthwhile. Next order deadline date is November 15 for delivery December 15.







Sweaters are $47.50 each socks are $25/pair (tax is included in price)



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