Points Standings

The more races you participate in, the better your chances to become the New Balance London Run the District Investors Group Series Champion.

All registrants will collect points at every race they enter, regardless of distance (excluding Fun Runs).  At the end of the season, awards will be presented to the highest accumulated points in both Female and Male classes, and will be recognized as the New Balance Run the District Champions.

Run the District Series Champions awards will be awarded following the M&T Classic at our post-race/series banquet November 6, 2016.

Males athletes will have 4 race events to gain points, while Female athletes will have 5 race events.

Prizes to include, but not limited to: New Balance London Gift Certificates, Western Fair District VIP Passes and more will be announced as we get closer to M&T presents The Classic.

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Here’s How Points Are Awarded:

Points will be awarded to the top 20 athletes in each age category in each race. 1st place will receive 2000 points, 2nd place will receive 1900 points and so on to 20th place receiving 100 points, with the remaining participants receiving 50 points. Awards will be given out to the Overall Male and Female Champion and top 3 in each Age Category based on the most points scored over the series. Double points will be awarded to finishers of The Classic Championship event. In the event of a tie, the higher position at The Classic Championship only will determine the outcome.

Please note: It is the athletes’ responsibility to register under the same name for each event and to check that their point standings are accurate before the next scheduled race. This will help to ensure accuracy at the final race of the series.

Age Category Awards

  • Top 3 Overall Male and Female
  • Top 3 Masters Male and Female
  • Top 3 placing in each age category and gender:
    • 9 and Under
    • 10 to 14
    • 15 to 18
    • 19 to 29
    • 30 to 39
    • 40 to 49
    • 50 to 59
    • 60 to 69
    • 70 plus

*Duplication is not allowed between overall and age categories
*Age is based on end of this year

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