Sugar's Selections - Wednesday, May 16

Posted Date: 
Friday, May 11, 2018
Race 1: 
4 P C DREAM TICKET little room in latest
1 TYMAL DIAMOND she can go with these
2 EAGLE SCOUT he can grab a share here
Race 2: 
2 MACHS BOY off the claim; gets top call
3 BROWN DIRT COWBOY dropping in class
5 LUMIERE could threat if he's feeling OK
Race 3: 
3 WOODMERE VIOLATOR shows good speed
7 LYONS DELIGHT one to think about here
5 ADVENTURE LUCK a value player for 3rd
Race 4: 
4 THE LOAN RANGER meeting easier now
5 ROCKABELLA he shows enough; beware
6 BEACH TERROR knows his way around
Race 5: 
5 MR DESTRUCTION big threat if on lead
1 ROCKSTARS MEGASTAR great form now
8 SHELDONTHEPSYCHIC worth a look here
Race 6: 
8 SMOCKITY FROCS this could be the spot
4 FAITH N DREAMS fringe player; beware
1 BIG DIVA just needing her 'A' game here
Race 7: 
3 POWER ENGINEERED watch out for Jody!
1 TWICE DEPARTED an early speed threat
5 PAGANI SPEED a top 3 possibility in here
Race 8: 
4 JAKE PARRISH can be the speed this time
1 HUSSYS BLU BOY the rail advantage helps
6 ONLY HALF BAD may complete this top 3
Race 9: 
2 STONEBRIDGE SCOUT fitting well; beware
1 ETERNAL RULER could be a factor in here
3 CIONA BROMACH one to think about too
Race 10: 
7 T R LEXUS CAM is so good now; top call
1 BELLA NOCHE the rail advantage helps
2 WATT A SASSY GIRL huge winner in last
One Best: 
Value Play: 
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