Sugar's Selections - Wednesday, January 30

Posted Date: 
Saturday, January 26, 2019
Race 1: 
3 EVAS BEST GIRL she is very sharp now
1 FRIENDS TO THE END gets class relief
2 SO LONG SUGAR 9-time winner in '18
Race 2: 
1 WINDSONG GRAYSON he's worth a look
2 GO RRRILLA toss out his latest; beware
3 AT THE HELM is fitting well with these
Race 3: 
6 LITTLE QUICK always a threat for $7K
3 DRAGON WAVE appears to have a shot
4 KEATON use him to complete the TRI
Race 4: 
7 BET ON ART getting an outside chance
1 HUSSYS BLU BOY rail advantage helps
6 EMPEROR just in need of his 'A' game
Race 5: 
5 MIDNIGHT MATT is always in the hunt
3 BAROSSA BLUE GENES Exactor player
1 PHONE IN he could grab a share here
Race 6: 
7 LITTLE POINT SABLE getting top call
1 STAR PHOTO traffic trouble in latest
8 COSTANTINO he's a top 3 possibility
Race 7: 
5 SANDYS CANDY meets a softer crew
1 ELUSIVE HOUR rail advantage helps
7 HARTTATTACK gets class relief now
Race 8: 
5 EINHORN this may be a better spot
7 LUMIERE getting an outside chance
Race 9: 
8 SEVEN STARS just needs to behave
5 DAISY RIVER throw away her latest
2 MASTER SWITCH shows good form
Race 10: 
8 WILLEY BITE is looking good to go
2 MR BIG W claimed in last; beware
1 PLAIN EASY he's a top 3 possibility
Race 11: 
1 SOCIAL HOUSE value play fits well
4 OCEANVIEW EUNOMIA top 2 threat
One Best: 
8 WILLEY BITE (Race 10)
Value Play: 
1 SOCIAL HOUSE (Race 11)
Groups audience: