Sugar's Selections - Wednesay, March 6

Posted Date: 
Saturday, March 2, 2019
Race 1: 
5 REVENUE AGENT tries for 4 in a row
6 WILLYORWONTHE is tough to ignore
4 ABSOLUT SEELSTER top 3 potential
Race 2: 
4 ST LADS SAILOR gets top call here
5 SILVERSMITH is one to think about
6 STONEY DURKIN a top 3 possibility
Race 3: 
1 SPICEY VICTOR drops down in class
5 TENOR DUHARAS can go with them
2 RIDDLE ME MISS to complete a TRI
Race 4: 
1 TEAM EDWARD on the barn change
3 BIG JOE DOBY he may factor here
6 NATES BUCKY may be best of rest
Race 5: 
3 AZUCAR dropping a notch in class
2 YOOOUKILIS he can go with these
8 SICARIO he is always in the hunt
Race 6: 
6 ZEN DA BALLYKEEL to top the HI5
4 GO RRRILLA is fitting well in here
7 EAST BOUND EDDIE a top 3 player
Race 7: 
6 LIAM NEEDSOME meets easier now
2 WHAT CAN I SAY sharper last time
1 THOR SEELSTER the rail may help
Race 8: 
7 DUNESIDE SPORT could double up
8 HUSSYS BLU BOY he's worth a look
2 JIMMY WINTIPS a top 3 possibility
Race 9: 
2 STONEBRIDGE STING top call here
5 REMUS BLUE CHIP Exactor factor
8 EVENING JOB grabs a small share
Race 10: 
6 DORABELLA she's very sharp now
1 KIMS DESIRE off a claim; beware
7 EVAS BEST GIRL always a threat
One Best: 
Value Play: 
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