Company Name Website Twitter Product
A.B.S Tracs Inc   A.B.S Tracs mobile app for bio-security
Actium Resources Ltd. @actiumcompost Composting equipment
Advance Construction Equipment Ltd.    
Agro-Design Construction Ltd.     Farm Buildings
AirFlow Vented Stretch Film-WP Innova   AirFlow Vented stretch film; PrecisionRap Handheld stretch film & dispenser system
Allied Associates LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants   Accounting and tax preparation services, Farm business advisory Services
Alltech Canada @AllTech On-farm support, gut health products
Animal Health Laboratory - Univ. of Guelph   AHL is a full service, quality assured and fully accredited diagnostic laboratory
Arbourdale @arbourdaleAG Natural water treatments, in-barn odour control, water purifiers
Archers Poultry Farm Ltd.   Chicks, started pullets, feed mill
ATP Pest Management   Pest management services
Automated Ag Solutions LLC   On Farm egg packing machine, on farm litter removal
Ayr Farmers Mutual @Ayrmutual Insurance services
Ballagh Liquid Technologies Inc   Water treatment systems and products
Bayer Inc   Empty containers of: Tempo, Debantic, QuikBayt
Be Seen Be Safe Ltd @be_seen_be_safe  
Beatty Petroleum Consulting Inc   Full range of propane and natural gas ventilation consulting for livestock barns that need to comply with the TSSA Advisory for engineering calculations in livestock barns.
Beck Hearing Aid Centre   Free hearing test
Big Dutchman   Colony & cage-free housing systems for layers and pullets, egg collection systems, feeding and ventilation equipment for poultry and egg production
Biomin   Probiotics/essential oils
BK Machinery    
Bluewave Energy/ Sparlings Propane   Home heating equipment (oil propane), lubricants
BMO Bank of Montreal   Financial services
Boehringer Ingelheim   Poultry vaccines & cleaners, disinfectant, samples, related gift & promotional items; Poultry vaccination
Braemar Building Systems   Contractor
Brian’s Poultry Services Ltd.     Catering/service crew display
Burnbrae Farms Ltd @BurnbraeFarms Promotional materials, free coffee, info on our egg grading and processing business
B-W Feed & Seed Ltd   Display materials, presentation on laptop, promotional items
Bylsma Imports Inc   Intra-Care products
C & A Distributing Inc.     Feed bins & related products- feed caddies
Canada Brokerlink   Farm and commercial insurance
Canadian Poultry Magazine/ Annex Business Media    
Canadian Select Genetics/ Aviagen Turkeys   Nicholas Turkey breeding stock and commercial poult
Canarm- Intelia    
Cargill Limited    
CBM Electronics Lighting   Agricultural lighting products
Ceresco Nutrition   Silicat, Calicat
CEVA Animal Health   Poultry vaccines & vaccination equipment
Chicken Cat     Automatic chicken catching machine
Chicken Farmers of Ontario @ontariochicken CFO represents more than 1,300 family run farms that collectively ensure Ontario consumers enjoy a reliable supply of safe, healthu, high quality, Ontario-grown chicken.
Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario @CFFOnt Federation material and information, promotional items
CIBC   Financial services/banking
Clark Ag Systems @ClarkAgSystems Controls + electrical components, lighting, aviary layer systems, cooling + ventilation, watering systems, enriched layer systems, feed bins, layer housing systems, pullet rearing systems, heating, feeders
Cornerstone Pressure Washing    
County Line Equipment   Equipment for poultry feeding, watering, ventilation, housing, lighing, nesting
CRS/Vamic Inc   Plastic modular conveyor belts, conveyor components, motorized drum motors
Cuddy Farms Limited 2008    
Cumberland Poultry   Poultry equipment and electronic controls
Curtainsider Inc   Transportation solutions for live poultry; farm to process
Dale Downie Nissan and Commercial Vehicles   Automotive Sales
DeWetering Agri   Feeding & ventilation equipment
Distribution AVI-Air   Heat-exchanger
Diversified Imports   Rotem computerized controls, Plasson, diversified agriculture- Poultry Products
Donkers Agri Ltd @donkersagri Poultry composter, water treatment
Dowler Karn Ltd. @dowlerkarn Propane, lubricants, fuels
Ecocert Canada   Organic certification
Ecodrum Composter   Ecodrum
Edpro Energy Group Inc.    
Egg Farmers of Ontario @GetCracking Discussion regarding egg + pullet farming, answer consumer questions. Literature will be available and small gift giveaways
Elanco   Animal health pharmaceuticals: in-feed, vaccines, bio protection
Embro Farm Systems Inc.   Manure handling equipment, material handling equipment, feeding equipment, grain handling and storage equipment
Environize c/o Scientific Utilities Brand   Electrolyzed water generator, fogging devices, environize anoly
Exacon Inc.   Ventilation products
Excalibur Insurane Group @ExcaliburGroup Farm Insurance
Faresin - Techlift International   Faresin Telehandler
Farm Credit Canada    
Farm Weigh Systems, Inc   sales and service- Veit poultry scales for weighing live chickens and turkeys, live chick trucks
Faromor Ltd. @MyFaromor Natural ventilation, poultry equipment
FDI Cage Systems   Layer & pullet cages & equipment, manure handling, chain feeding, egg conveyance
Floradale Feed Mill Limited   Feed
Food Safety Alliance @FSACanada  
FX Coating Ltd.   floor coatings
G.C. Duke Equipment Ltd. @gc_duke Steiner tractors for poultry barn sweeping and blowing with Buffalo Turbine blower attachment
GHW-USA LLC   Animal feed nutrition ingredients
Glass-Pac Canada     Feeding, cages, ventilation equipment for barns
Gowans Feed Consulting   Poultry nutrition consulting services
Grand Valley Fortifiers/ Farmers Farmacy @grandvalley GVF- Advanced poultry nutrition- on farm feed manufacturing specialists; FF- aniaml health and equipment
Green Canpump   High pressure cleaning and misting system
Greenstone Structural Solutions Ontario   Structural panelize foundation, wall & roof system
Halchemix Canada Inc   Amino acids, enzymes, water acidification
Harkness Equipment Ltd.   Poultry barn equipment, watering and feeding, compact tractors and attachments, ventilation fans, feed bins and equipment
Heartland Farm Mutual @HeartlandMutual Farm insurance & risk management
Hellmann Poultry     Layer and Poulet cages
Hendrix Genetics   Multi-species breeding genetics
Hensall Co-Op @HDCFeed  
Huron Ventilation Systems   Heatex changer
Insta-Insulation   Floor insulation- attic insulation; chicken barn-poultry barns
Investment Planning Counsel   Estate and financial planners, business sucession planners, health benefits
J. Dean Williamson Limited   Egg graders, farm packers, housing systems, feeding & watering systems, ventilation equipment, packaging, controls
Jamesway Incubators Co Ltd.   Partner for a worry free hatchery- Incubators, hatchers
Jansen Poultry      
Jarvis Canada Ltd   Poultry stunners, tools
Jeni Mobile Wash Ltd   Barn washing & disinfecting service
K. Miller Realty     Real estate
Karcher Professional Wash Systems Div. of D&S Downham   Pressure washer, floorcare equipment
Kemin   Formyl, Mycocurb, Acid Lac, Endox, Rendox
Keyline Industrial   Safety supplies, personal respiratory safety, fall protection, clothing
KLS Engineering Ltd   Engineering consulting services
Kunafin- “The Insectary”   Biological fly control: fly parasites, brits, traps, residents
KVM Energy   LED Lighting products
L.H. Gray & Son Limited/Gray Ridge Eggs Inc.    
LeafFilter North of Canada Inc   LeafFilter gutter protection promotional booth
Libro Credit Union @LibroLondon Financial Institution Services
Mabre Canada Inc. @mabreairsystems Poultry heating systems
Magnum Trailer & Equipment Inc   Live haul poultry trailers
Manulift EMI    
Maple Leaf Foods    
Maple Lodge Farms   Various chicken products sampled on a toothpick
Masterfeeds @masterfeedsCDN Poultry feed for backyard and commercial opperations
McKinley Hatchery Ltd     Laying chickens
McRobert Fuels    
Meester Insurance Centre   Farm & poultry insurance
Meller Poultry Equipment Inc    
Middlesex Concrete Forming Ltd.   Building contractor
Milt Carr & Associates   Agricultural sucession planning
MNP LLP   Chartered professional accountants
MTS Environmental Inc.     Ammonia control 250 (manure treatment feed ingredient), Soil carbon mix (soil conditioner), LX7 Foliar Blend (crop foliar fertilizer)
Multiheat International     Farm heating equipment
Nafico Distribution   Poultry feed ingredients & additives
Nanophyll Inc @Nanophyll Agro coatings: easy clean, anti microbial, anti stick, hydrophobic
National Bank of Canada   Financial services
Neogen   AquaPrime water treatment, AquaPrime Activator, Synergize, Chlor-A-Foam
Nesbitt Farm Drainage      
New Life Mills @feedproduction Feed supplier
New Tech Fogging      
Newtech Ag Inc.   Poultry Equipment
Nieuwland Feed & Supply     Animal feed retailer
Nioex Systems   Deadstock composter (new)
NutriGroupe - Ontario Pride Eggs Inc.   Egg grader & egg processor
O & T Farms Ltd. @OandTFarms Lin PRO
Ogena Solutions   Provider of leading edge biosecurity products in the world of animal health. Complete line of disinfectants, cleaners and sanitizers and application equipment to keep your farm/facility safe and environmentally friendly.
OMAFRA   @aldampoultry  
ONCE Inc. @Onceincgroup Layer, pullet, broiler, breeder & turkey lighting systems and accessories
Ontario Broiler Hatching Egg & Chick Commission   Commission regulations
Ontario Farm Group- Realty Executives Platinum Limited @OFGPlatinum Real estate/property management
Ontario Federation of Agriculture @OntarioFarms General farm business info + legislation implications/updates. Member benefit + farmer/ag business assistance. Ag lobbying to government
Ontario Soil & Crop @May_Margaret Educational workshops and cost share opportunities for farm business
PharmBarn Animal Health   Animal health products
Phibro Animal Health/ Bio Agri Mix @askdrdorman Anti coccidials, neorotic enteritis control, nutritional products
Pols Ltd.   Poultry nests, ventilation, feeding equipment, controllers (maximus), poultry computer equipment
Poultry Industry Council @poultryIndCou Education materials for poultry finance and industry
Power Pressure Systems Inc.   Pressure washer sales, service, parts, accessories & supplies
Powerlift Doors of Ontario    
Pressure Washer Shop Ltd   Pressure washers sale and service
Pro Fleet Care   Mobile rust conrtol
Probiotech International   Feed additives
Protekta Inc. @protektainc Peckstone, Stalosan F.
R&J Agriservices Inc.   @RJAgriServices  
Rayne Effects   Rainbow home cleaning system, Rainbow mini air purifiers
RBC   Financial services
Robert J. Morris Insurance & Consulting Ltd   Insurance products - will display antique vehicle in booth
Robinson Bio Products Inc   Chr. Hansen- Poultry probiotics; Arm & Hammer- yeast cell wall; ORFFA- betaine HCL; NW- water nutrients for poultry; APC- Plasma for poultry
Rural Routes Pest Control Inc.   Pest control products and services
Salmet International Gmbh/ Ontario Equipment Sales Inc   Poultry housing equipment, ventilation, controls, bird sales, solar, egg collection
Sanovo Technology   Farmpacker (egg processing machine)
Sargent Farms    
Schippers Canada Ltd. @SchippersCanada Cleaning supplies, disinfection, water treatment & acids, chick paper, fiber coating, boots
SEC Repro Inc   soaps, disinfectants, euthanasia products
Shur-Gain- Trouw Nutrition Canada    
Smithway Inc   Environmentally controlled chick transporters
Solar Guard Energy   Solar systems for the farming industry
Sommers Generator   Winco/ Sommers, Winpower PTO, Briggs & Stratton generators
Stenner Pump Company   Peristalic pumps, parts and literature
Sturdy Chick Body   Chick bodies
Sun-North Systems Ltd. @SunNorthSystems Manufacturer & distribution of natural ventilation systems and building systems for agricultural use
Superior Barn Painting   Barn painting company
Surefoot Slat Systems Ltd   Wood poultry flooring
TD Canada Trust   Financial Services
Thames River Hatchery     Chick hatchery
Thies Electrical Distributing Company   LED Spectrum lighting, products, dimmers
Trillium Hatchery   Broiler chick marketing
Trillium Mutual Insurance @TrilliumMutual Insurance products with banner stands and a fold up table
Triple Green Energy   Bio Mass furnances & fuel feed systems, Bio Roter composters systems
Turkey Farmers of Ontario @ontarioturkey Turkey recipes, informational brochures, small promotional items, ticket sales for poultry luncheon
University of Guelph @PHRN  
Usborne & Hibbert Mutual Insurance Co. www.   Property/casualty insurance
Van Bruinessen Farm Building Ltd.   Agricultural building construction- will provide brochures, display of current & completed construction projects
Vanrooy Mills & Associates   Financial services - agricultural succession planning
VDL Agrotech-Microfan    
Vector Process Equipment Inc. @vectorprocess Water, wastewater & odour treatment equipment, tanks, pumps, TwinOxide chlorine dioxide disinfection powder & dosing systems
Vencomatic Equipment Canada Inc   Cage-free aviaries, nests, egg packing equipment, belts, LED lighting, ventilation, climate control
Ventrac by Venture Products Inc   Ventrac tractors and attachments
Vetoquinol N-A Inc   Cleaners and disinfectants, soluble powders
VRE Systems @vresystems Poultry transportation modules
Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd. @wallensteinfeed Poultry feed & supplement, nutritional needs
Water Concepts     Water testing product
Way-More   Patented new product to control the feeding fill systems in poultry operations. Product is a certified electrical device, legal in Canada and the US
Weeden Environments   Provides new tecnology for the poultry industry aimed at lowering stress levels to improve performance.
WRC Purifying Ltd.   Water treatment equipment and products
Zoetis Canada    

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