Company Name Website Twitter Product Building
360 Yield Center @360yieldcenter 360 Y-Drop, 360 Undercover, 360 Yield saver, 360 Chainroll, 360 Bullet BMO Centre
A&A E-Z Brush & Oiler Inc.   Livestock handling equipment. E-Z wheelbarrows, deadstock cart, cattle oiler, calf puller, cow lift BMO Centre
A&L Canada Laboratories Inc   Analytical testing services BMO Centre
A.B.S Tracs Inc @abs_tracs Biosecurity app company promoting the newest technology for biosecurity Pavilion-Agriplex
Absolute Results / Penergetic www.penergetic.a     BMO Centre
Active Scale Manufacturing   Scale literature BMO Centre
ADM Agri Industries     BMO Centre
Advanced Grain Handling Systems Inc.   Grain bins, grain dryers, grain elevators and other grain handling equipment BMO Centre
Advantage Farm Equipment   JCB Equipment Outdoor
Ag Dealer @TheAgDealer Publishing/Advertising BMO Centre
AGCO     Pavilion-Agriplex
AGI @AgGrowthIntl Grain handling & storage solutions including augers, belt conveyors, bins, aeration and dryers Pavilion-Agriplex
Agri Brink @AgriBrink Automatic Air Inflation Deflation (AAID) Control System BMO Centre
Agricorp     BMO Centre
Agriculture Solutions Inc. @AgrSolutionsInc Organic and natural fertilizers, soil amendments, and inoculants. Agronomy services, soil testing, tissue testing, crop monitoring, field scouting, GPS perimeter mapping BMO Centre
Agri-King Inc- Silo King Forage Management   Silo king forage treatment BMO Centre   Agri-staffing + recruiting company BMO Centre
AGTIV - Premier Tech   Agricultural product line of biological ingredients (mycorrizae and rhizobium). With stronger growth, higher yields and superior crop quality, you can count on AGTIV for better profitability and long term sustainability. BMO Centre
Aim to Please Pest Management     BMO Centre
Allied Associates LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants   Accounting & tax preparation - farm business advisory services BMO Centre
Alpine @alpinepfl Liquid starter fertilizers, foliar fertilizers, micronutrients, application equipment, storage tanks BMO Centre
American Farm Products @BruceMcTavish Crop Preservatives BMO Centre
AMVT     AMVI Colour Sorter Pavilion-Agriplex
Anderson Lime Service     Samples of ag liming products BMO Centre
APV C/o Garage Wendel Mathis Inc.     APV air seeder Arena - Agriplex
Argis 2000 Ltd.   Supplier of after market parts for agricultural equipment: precision planting, MartinTill, Needham, May Wes, Nichols Tillage, Schumacher BMO Centre
Armtec   Drainage tubing and fittings BMO Centre
Arntjen North America   Arntjen sidewall curtain ventilation, lighting ridge ventilation, schuvv cow brush, fresh air fans, suevia water bowls, stall-ring flooring systems, Arntjen solar systems and LED lighting BMO Centre
ASB Inc. Farm Builder     BMO Centre
Atlantic Quality Parts     BMO Centre
Avonbank Ag Solutions Inc   Dairy/Grain/Hog Equipment BMO Centre
AWS Air Bar www.awsairbarcom Air bars for combine headers BMO Centre
Axter Agroscience Inc @axteragroscience Foliar+ liquid fertilizers and biostimulants BMO Centre
Ayrquip Ltd     Pig feed systems, feeders,weigh scales, feeders BMO Centre
B&L Farm Services Ltd.   By product samples & info, Johnson water bowl, peat mass bedding sample, Wallenstein feed info BMO Centre
Ballagh Liquid Technologies   Drag Line equipment, water treatment systems and products, manure handling equipment Arena - Agriplex
Barn Painting Plus Ltd.     BMO Centre
BASF Canada c/o ON Communication @BASFAgSolutions   BMO Centre
Bayer @Bayer4cropsCA   BMO Centre
BDO Canada LLP @BDOCanada_Ag Accounting, tax, advisory BMO Centre
Beck Hearing Aid Centre   Free hearing aid test BMO Centre
Better Building Products @hotrockpanels Hot rock panels- insulation specifically designed for radiant in floor heating BMO Centre
Bilyea & Associates Insurance Brokers Ltd.   Financial services BMO Centre
BK Machinery     Pavilion-Agriplex
Blue Metal Industries   Metal workbenches and cabinets designed for tool and parts storage BMO Centre
Bluewater Pipe Inc   Corrugted pipe for farm drainage Lobby-Agriplex
BMO Bank of Montreal   Financial services BMO Centre
Bobcat of London   Bobcat compact equipment Pavilion-Agriplex
Britespan Building Systems Inc.   Fabric building supplier Pavilion-Agriplex
Broadgrain Commodities   Grain marketing BMO Centre
Brodie Ag & Industrial Inc. / Supreme International   Livestock feeding equipment. TMR Mixers Pavilion-Agriplex
Brussels Agri Services Ltd. @BrusselsAgriSrv Gallagher fencing, gallagher animal management, arrow chute/handling equipment Pavilion-Agriplex
BSC Animal Nutrition   Livestock premixes BMO Centre
Bulk Tech   Poly feed tank, steel welded tank, accessories BMO Centre
C&M Seeds   Seed guide BMO Centre
Can Am Precast Products Ltd.   Precast concrete (feed bunks, slats, bunker silo walls) Pavilion-Agriplex
Can Grow Crop Solutions     BMO Centre
Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show & Ag in Motion @OutdoorFarmShow Business to business agriculture trade show BMO Centre
Capello Headers c/o Agri-Distribution JP Inc   Capello corn headers, Delimbe air seeders Pavilion-Agriplex
Cargill   Grain marketing, agronomy, crop inputs & grain BMO Centre
Caris Welding Ltd.   Agri Products- (Sow) feeding systems/scales Pavilion-Agriplex
Carrier Truck Ctv     Grain trailers Pavilion-Agriplex
Carwal Door Systems   Agricultural/Commercial/Industrial Garage Doors and Operators BMO Centre
Case IH Dealers of Ontario   Case IH farm equipment Pavilion-Agriplex
Castaway Fence Ltd.     Fencing products, farm products BMO Centre
Cellulosic Sugar Producers Coop @brianc_cspcoop New farmer coop using crop residues to produce cellulose sugars Pavilion-Agriplex
Chase Concrete & Insulation   Insulation and concrete products BMO Centre
Chida Polaris   Drone spraying service, drone scouting service, drone & camera intergration, GNSS; Toal Station; Lidar; Digital Level Arena - Agriplex
Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario   Literature and promotional material BMO Centre
CIBC   Agriculture lending BMO Centre
Colvoy Enterprises 2012 Ltd   Tractor mounted boom mowers BMO Centre
Comptoir Agricole Ste Anne   Grain bins, grain elevators, conveyors, dryers, aeration systems, dryers BMO Centre
Cottrill Heavy Equipment   Grain trailer, service truck, sortimo utility van/sortimo products, grain/auger truck Pavilion-Agriplex
Country Farm Seeds Ltd.   Seed corn, seed soybeans BMO Centre
Country Guide/ Glacier Farm Media   Farm publications BMO Centre
Country Heat Ontario Inc.   Heatmaster outdoor and indoor wood furnaces BMO Centre
Country Road Distributing   Lawnmowers (lawn and garden) BMO Centre
County Line Equipment   Poultry equipment. Feeders, drinkers, heaters, fans, inlets, controls BMO Centre
Crary c/o Huron Tractor Power Zone   Crary: air reels, wind systems, big tops and culting sustems; Huron Tractor: power zone and Honda power equipment products Pavilion-Agriplex
Crop Quest Inc.   Nutrient management plans & NASM plans BMO Centre
Cub Cadet/ MTD Products     Lawn and garden products BMO Centre
Culligan Real Estate Ltd   Farm Real Estate Company BMO Centre
Dairy Lane Systems Ltd @dairylanesystem Jordain head locks and stabling, ACME ventilation,Kraiburg stall and floor mats, DCC waterbeds, labavette water troughs Pavilion-Agriplex
Davies Legacy Planning Group Inc   Sucession/buisness planning & Farm family facilitation/mediation BMO Centre
Davon Sales Inc.   Ritchie automatic watering systems, Hi Hog livestock handling equipment, Barn construction materials Pavilion-Agriplex
De Dell Seeds @dedellseeds Corn seed BMO Centre
Delaware Pump & Parts Ltd   Spray products, pressure wash products, lawn & garden products BMO Centre
Delta Power Equipment @DeltaEquip Precision farming items (monitors, RTK Radios, etc), strip till units, corn planter attachments, compact 4wd tractors/attachments Pavilion-Agriplex
Deutz Fahr c/o Machinerie R Gagnon Inc.     Arena - Agriplex
Devolder Farms Inc. @Devolderarms Retail seed, grain storage, drying & handling equipment, precision planting equipment, 360 yield equipment BMO Centre
DeWetering Agri c/o 2233924 Ontario Inc @deweteringagri Feeding and ventilation equipment for poultry and swine BMO Centre
Diamond Doors Inc.   Diamond bi-fold door, pop-up banners, table & TV, brochure stand BMO Centre
DICKEY-john/Champion Industrial Equipment   DICKEY-John planter & sprayer controllers, moisture testers, hand held & table top models, scale kits for grains, soil compaction testers BMO Centre
Donkers Agri Ltd @donkersagri Bunker silo plastic, covers, farm supplies, water treatment, clean/foam supplies BMO Centre
DOW Seeds   Seeds BMO Centre
Dowler-Karn   Lubricant products, propane, fuel empty tank BMO Centre
Duffy’s Pop-Up Paddocks   Portable paddock panels designed to create temporary round pen or square stall for the safety and comfort of horses. Panels are created from PVC pipe and fittings, made in Canada Pavilion-Agriplex
Dupont Pioneer     Lobby-Agriplex
Dwyer Manufacturing Ltd   Swine equipment, grain milling, processing, handling equip, SST hardware, hinges, latches, augers Pavilion-Agriplex
E.I. DuPont Canada/ DuPont Crop Protection & DOW Agro Sciences Canada   Crop protection products BMO Centre
Earl Horst Systems Ltd   GSI grain storage and handling equipment BMO Centre
East-Can Equipment Sales     Samasz hay + forage equipment, Farmet tillage equipment, haybuster Arena - Agriplex
Easy Lift Doors Ltd.   Sectional overhead door samples, brochures, installation & repair service, TV with promotional video BMO Centre
Ecocert Canada   Organic certification Pavilion-Agriplex
Eco-Insulated Panel Mfg c/o London Eco-Metal Manufacturing Inc.   Metal panels BMO Centre
Edward Jones   Investments & life insurance BMO Centre
Egger Truck & Machine Ltd   Outback guidance GPS, Apache sprayers Pavilion-Agriplex
Ekotuning     Engine/computer programing for Ag equipment BMO Centre
Elgin County Farm Safety Council     Farm safety grain display BMO Centre
Elgin Pure Water Inc.   Water treatment systems, equipment, products, sales, service, instalation BMO Centre
Elite Seeds & La Coop Federee   Elite seeds line up, La Coop Federee/grain marketing sector BMO Centre
Elmer’s Flighting Supply Inc.     BMO Centre
Embro Farm Systems Inc.   Hay equipment, grain handling equipment, manure handling equipment Pavilion-Agriplex
Empire Barn Painting   Barn painting and spray foam insulation BMO Centre
Engage Agro Corporation @EngageAgro Market of crop protection products that include fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, nutrients, and plant growth regulators BMO Centre
Epps Products     High pressure washers Pavilion-Agriplex
Farm Credit Canada     Pavilion-Agriplex
Farm Fleet Inc.   Amazone tillage & fertilizer equipment, H&SMfg. hay equipment Pavilion-Agriplex
Farm For Profit/Greencrop Agri Products   Sustainable Agriculture, manure treatment, liquid fertilizer, soil amendment composting, crop consulting BMO Centre
Farm Ontario/ Remax Centre City Realty Inc @farm_ontario Farm Real estate specialists; represent buyers and sellers across SW Ontario BMO Centre
Farmers Edge   Precision agriculture and independent data management solutions Pavilion-Agriplex
Farmet Canada Inc   Farmet tillage equipment Outdoor @ONTAG Online news, video & markets; newsletters (crop, swine, machinery); commodity marketing recommendations; online classifieds, real estate and used farm equipment; precision agriculture conference; ag buyer’s guide; better farming magazine BMO Centre
FarmTRX   Connected yield monitor retrfit system and automatic yield map creation services which work on any combine and use your smartphone to wirelessly upload yield data to the cloud BMO Centre
Faromor Ltd. @MyFaromor Natural ventilation BMO Centre
Fawcett Tractor Supply Ltd. @fawcett_tractor New, used, aftermarket tractor parts BMO Centre
FBC @FBCFarmTaxes Tax preparation and planning services, financial and estate planning, bookkeeping and payroll BMO Centre
Fellowship of Christian Farmers Canada   Walking sticks, bracelets, necklaces, mini hockey sticks, literature BMO Centre
FIRMA Foreign Exchange   Commercial foreign exchange, risk management services BMO Centre
FMC Canada   Crop protection products BMO Centre
Frontlink Inc. @frontlinkInc Zuidberg front hitches & PTO’s, Einbock tillage equipment, Homburg tile drain cleaner, Dal-bo land roller Pavilion-Agriplex
G3 Canada Limited       BMO Centre
GB Equipments Inc   Forestry mulcher, stone crusher, soil stabilization BMO Centre
GEA Dealers @dairylanesystem GEA milking equipment, robotic equipment, manure equipment, ventilation equipment, stabling equipment Pavilion-Agriplex
General Seed Company     Forage seed, cover crop seed, silage corn BMO Centre
Glass Pac Canada   Pig and chicken feeding, barn ventilation Pavilion-Agriplex
Goertz Farm Systems Ltd.   Grain drying & storage equipment Pavilion-Agriplex
GPS Ontario   Full line of precision ag/GPS equipment monitor steering, Options- product control + recording, implement connection and control, data management and product traceability for consumer awareness BMO Centre
Grain Farmers of Ontario @Grainfarmers Materials for farmer-members & material on commodity organization Pavilion-Agriplex
Grand Valley Fortifiers/ Farmers Farmacy   Animal health equipment, vitamin mineral premix, feed BMO Centre
Great Lakes Geoscience   Geological evaluations of natural gas deposits Pavilion-Agriplex
Great Lakes Perma Column     Pre-cast concrete systems for post frame contruction, laminated columns for post frame construction Pavilion-Agriplex
Green Lea Ag Center     BMO Centre
Green Valley Heating/ Heatmor Outdoor Furnaces   Green Valley Heating/Heatmor Outdoor Furnaces, Logstor Pre-Insulated pipe BMO Centre
GreenTec     Tractor with attachements, excavator Pavilion-Agriplex
Greenville Liquid Plant Foods Ltd.   Wholesale and retail liquid fertilizers BMO Centre
Gregoire Besson Canada Inc @Gbessonsas Compact disc, chisel plow Pavilion-Agriplex
Growers Mineral Solutions   Liquid plant food animal mineral supplement BMO Centre
Guttler Canada c/o Philippe Ruf   GreenMaster 300, GreenManager 120 BMO Centre
GW Clarke Drainage Ltd.   Drainage contracting BMO Centre
Hardi North America Inc.   Field sprayers Arena - Agriplex
Harkness Equipment Ltd.   Grain storage equipment, hog and chicken barn equipment, compact tractors, landscape equipment, outdoor furnace BMO Centre
Heartland Farm Mutual   Farm insurance BMO Centre
Hensall Co-Op @hdcagronomy Agronomic needs- originatoin, corn, dry beans, soybeans, precision ag; feed- dairy, poultry, etc; energy; grain marketing BMO Centre
HFL Fabricating   Laneway grader, tile trench grader, tool bar and accessories, crop dividers, ricksycle, banding tube, pathway grader, seed drill, interseeder, side dresser Pavilion-Agriplex
HG Inc. /Heartnut Grove Inc. @HeartnutGrove Silage wrap, net wrap, twine, ag bags, end caps, bunker cover, calf blankets, pink bale wrap, pea stone bags BMO Centre
Highland Fence & Supply Inc.   Fence products BMO Centre
HJV Equipment Ltd.       BMO Centre
Honeyland Ag Services @honeylandag Agricultural Lab Services BMO Centre
Horizons Seeds Canada Inc. @Horizon_Seeds Horizon Seeds hybrid corn display BMO Centre
Horst Welding/Tubeline Mfg/MK Martin   Loader attachments, wagons, manure spreaders, bale handling equipment, grain wagons, 3 pth equipment Pavilion-Agriplex
Hotsy Cleaning Systems   Pressure washer equipment, associated part and supplies, cleaning detergents BMO Centre
Huron Feeding Systems   Shivvers display trailer, literatire, banners, shivver fan + heater, Norstar U-trough display, mini display feed tanks Pavilion-Agriplex
Huronia Welding   Welding and cutting equipment BMO Centre
Hustler Turf Equipment   Zero turn lawnmowers, utility vehicles BMO Centre
Ideal Pipe   Plastic pipe drainage BMO Centre
iLgi Canada   High speed disc for tillage BMO Centre
Intelligent Ag @intelligentag Recon wireless bloackage and flow monitor is a mechanical sensor air seeder attachment that detects bloackages via an Ipad or VT display BMO Centre
Interlock Industries   Lifetime aluminum roofing systems BMO Centre
Investors Group     BMO Centre/Pavilion-Agriplex
Invisible Fence Brand   GPS containment for large properites and farms, pet behaviour solution products BMO Centre
Jamesway Farm Equipment   Manure tank, manure pumps, alley scrapper Pavilion-Agriplex
John Deere Dealers of Ontario     John Deere Farm Equipment Pavilion-Agriplex
John Ernewein Limited   Caldwell fan, springland U-Trough, Neco SMART Stir, front desk BMO Centre
Joint Pipeline / Enbridge Pipelines       BMO Centre
Karcher Professional Wash Systems   Pressure washers, floorcare equipment BMO Centre
Kearney Planters @Kearneyplanters Ag Leader, Kinze, Drago, Yetter, Horsch, Harvest Internet, Ingersol, John Deere, Dawn, Precision planting, Scale tech, Aulari Pavilion-Agriplex
Kenpal Farm Products Inc.   Livestock feed and specialty feed products, dry start and silo guard II forage additive BMO Centre
Kienapple Painting     Barn Painting BMO Centre
Klippenstein Service   Dixie chopper, commercial lawn mowers/utility vehicles BMO Centre
Koolmees Equipment Inc   Dump trailers, spreaders, forklifts Pavilion-Agriplex
Krone c/o Stratford Farm Equipment   Krone Hay Equipment Pavilion-Agriplex
Krown Rust Control   Rust protection BMO Centre
KTD Performance     Diesal repair- performance Pavilion-Agriplex
Kubota Canada Ltd.   Tractors and ag implements Pavilion-Agriplex
La Salle Agri Inc       BMO Centre
LAC (London Agricultural Commodities)   Grain marketing BMO Centre
Lambton Conveyor Limited   Bucket elevator head, bucket elevator boot, grain cannon, grain bins, roung bottom drag Pavilion-Agriplex
Lamers Silos Ltd.   Manure handling equip, feed handling equip, concrete & construction products, outdoor power equip Arena - Agriplex
Landoll Corporation   Landoll and Brillion primary tillage, secondary tillage, seeding & planting equipment Pavilion-Agriplex
Leading Edge Equipment   Sovema, Bush Hog, Brouchard Pavilion-Agriplex
LeafFilter North of Canada Inc   Leaffilter gutter protection promotion- self contained running water display BMO Centre
Lemken Canada Inc   Tillage equipment, Heliodor, Rubin 9, Karat 9 Arena - Agriplex
Lewis Cattle Oiler Co   Cattle Oiler BMO Centre
Libro Credit Union @librocu   BMO Centre
Lifecycle (AIM Group) @LifecycleC Compost for agriculture and horticulture use. Compost is a blend of macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients, organic matter and microorganisms that boosts plant intake and nutrient availability in the soil. BMO Centre
Livestock Equipment Canada @CESDC Bale Beds and dumping flat beds, panels and gates, feeders Outdoor
Luck//Now Products   TMR mixers, tillers, mowers, snowblower, compost units Pavilion-Agriplex
Machinerie Agricole Saint-Cesaire Inc   Cornhead Geringhoff, Bale wrapper, Baler, Chised, Plough, Spreader, Front hitch Pavilion-Agriplex
MagGrow   MagGrow spraying system. A kit of rare earth magnets that are installed on any type of sprayer. Used for field crops, nursery, greenhouse. New technology- started selling in January 2017 worldwide BMO Centre
Mahindra North America   Tractors, UTV and implements Pavilion-Agriplex
Maizex Seeds Inc. @Maizex Hybrid corn and soybean seed BMO Centre
Manulift EMI     Arena - Agriplex
Mapleseed   Forage and cover crop seeds BMO Centre
Marcrest Manufacturing Inc.   Bale baron, bale handling equipment Arena - Agriplex
Market Farm Equipment Ltd.   Fertilizer & seed augers, lawn rollers, cultivators, plastic dump carts, gravity box, transport auger Pavilion-Agriplex
Marvara     Pavilion-Agriplex
McCormick North America     Arena - Agriplex
McIntosh Power & Leisure Inc   Can-Am utility vehicles and ATVs BMO Centre
McKillop Mutual Insurance   Insurance BMO Centre
McLeod Water Wells Ltd   Well drilling, pumps & pumping systems, water treatment, well accessories, mini excavating/waterline BMO Centre
Melbourne Farm Automation Ltd.       Pavilion-Agriplex
Meridian Manufacturing @meridianmfg On-farm storage & handling Pavilion-Agriplex
Middlesex Centre Fire Service   Farm Fire Prevention BMO Centre
Middlesex Concrete Forming Ltd.   Photo display of contruction products Pavilion-Agriplex
Middlesex Soil & Crop Improvement Association     Promote economic management of soil, water, air & crops through pictures, poster, video Pavilion-Agriplex
Milestone Equipment Ltd/ McHale   McHale round balers, bale wrappers, grapples, bale slicers, bale chappers Arena - Agriplex
Mitas Tires North America Inc   Tires-Rack BMO Centre
Monsanto BioAg   Inoculants BMO Centre
Monsanto Canada Inc.   Dekalb brand corn and soybeans, climate field view, Monsanto crop management solutions BMO Centre
Morton Equipment Ltd.   Trailers Pavilion-Agriplex
MS Gregson Inc.   Agricultural sprayers, Commercial sprayers, Pressure washers Arena - Agriplex
MTZ Equipment LTD   MTZ tractors, made in Belarus, 84-428 hp, Belarus tractor parts Arena - Agriplex
Multi Shelter Solutions     BMO Centre
National Bank of Canada   Finanical Services BMO Centre
National Building Group   Sell and construct pre-engineered steel building and calhoun fabric buildings BMO Centre
National Leasing @NationalLeasing Financial services BMO Centre
National Recovers   Supply and/or install replacement cover for all brands of fabric buildings Pavilion-Agriplex
New Holland Dealers of Ontario     Farm & construction equipment Arena - Agriplex
New Tech Ag Inc.     Swine/poultry/cattle Pavilion-Agriplex
Norstar East ltd @NorstarMFG A-trough & tube unloads, bin sweeps, bucket elevators, paddle conveyors Arena - Agriplex
Nufarm Agriculture Inc @NufarmCA   BMO Centre
Nuhn Forage Inc. @NuhnForage Hay and forage preservatives, applicator systems BMO Centre
Nuhn Industries Ltd. @nuhnind Manure management equipment BMO Centre
Nutri-Pel c/o Veolia   Nutri-Pel fertilizer BMO Centre
OK Tire Stores Inc. @oktire Farm + agriculture tires and wheels; light truck tires; trailer tires BMO Centre
Ontario Farmer Publications   Newspapers/Magazines BMO Centre
Ontario Federation of Agriculture @OntarioFarms Swag/prize member draw, general information + lobbying efforts BMO Centre
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)   Government programs & services BMO Centre
Ontario Mutual Insurance Association @ontariomutuals   BMO Centre
Ontario Plowmen’s Association @ipmandre Promotion of the 2018+2019 International Plowing Match and Rural Expo. Souvenir and cookbook sales BMO Centre
Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association @may_margaret Educational workshops and cost share programs for farmers BMO Centre
OPI systems Inc. @OPIAgSolutions Grain storage management BMO Centre
Outback Guidance @handsfreefarm GPS guidance terminals & autosteer, 2 simulators BMO Centre
Parrish & Heimbecker Ltd.       BMO Centre
Penta TMR Inc @PentaFarmEquip Dump trailers, manure spreaders, tillage, feed mixers Pavilion-Agriplex
Petro-Canada c/o Davis & McCauley Fuels     BMO Centre
Pichon Industries     Dry manure spreader, manure agiator, compact articulated loader, dump trailer Pavilion-Agriplex
Pickseed   Forages, Corn, Inoculants BMO Centre
Poettinger Canada Inc   Haying equipment, rakes & mowers, Tillage-600IT terradisc, Air seeders- C6 fertilizer terrasem Arena - Agriplex
Portage and Main Boilers   Portage and main outdoor wood furnaces and accessories Pavilion-Agriplex
Power Pressure Systems Inc.   Pressure washer sales, service, parts & accessories BMO Centre
Powerlift Doors of Ontario     Arena - Agriplex
Precision Industries Ltd   Pull type field sprayer Arena - Agriplex
Premier Equipment Ltd.   Ag management solutions, tile drainage technology BMO Centre
Pressure Washer Shop   Pressure washers BMO Centre
Pride Seeds @Prideseeds   BMO Centre
Pro Fleet Care   Rust proofing products BMO Centre
Pronovost c/o Machineries Pronovost   Snow blowers, auto-load bale handlers,dump trailers, bale tuber Pavilion-Agriplex
Pro-Power Canada Inc.   Walker mowers - Billy Goat, Ecolawn, AcrEase BMO Centre
Pumps Plus Ltd   Outdoor wood boilers Pavilion-Agriplex
Purina c/o Cargill Ltd     Literature, pull-ups, feed samples BMO Centre
Quality Seeds     BMO Centre
R&J Agriservices Inc   @RJAgriservices R&J Agriservices chops straw on the farm to bed poultry, dairy or beef farms Pavilion-Agriplex
RAD Equipment   Grain handling equipment Pavilion-Agriplex
Randy Butt c/o Sun Life Financial   Financial Services BMO Centre
Raven Industries @ravenprecision Slingshot, Hawkeye, Nozzle Control System, Boom Controls, Application Controls, Guidance & steering, Field Computers, Planter-seeder/Harvest Controls, Ag Eagle Aerial Systems BMO Centre
Rayne Effects   Rainbow home cleaning system, rainmates (mini air purifiers) BMO Centre
Raytek Industries     Forage blower- corn processer BMO Centre
RBC Royal Bank   Financial services BMO Centre
Re/Max A-B Realty Ltd.   Agriculture Real Estate BMO Centre
Retrievall Inc     Soybean inoculants to apply to seeds BMO Centre
Richardson International Limited     BMO Centre
Rissler Products / ESM Farm Equipment Ltd.     Rissler TMR mixers, silage carts, converyors BMO Centre
Robert J. Morris Insurance & Consulting Ltd.   Insurance products - will feature antique vehicle in booth BMO Centre
Robert Robinson Willemse Drainage Inc.     Farm Drainage BMO Centre
Roth Drainage Ltd.     Promoting drainage installation services BMO Centre
Royal LePage Triland Realty     Farms for sale BMO Centre
Salford Group @salfordgroup Salford tillage + seeding; Valmar applicators; BBI spinner spreaders; Aerway aerators Pavilion-Agriplex
Schippers Canada Ltd. @schipperscanada MS Toffoam, MS T&T cleaner, Hoof care suppliesm floor coating, water treatment, disinfection BMO Centre
Scholten’s Machinery   Manure spreader, bale wrappers, bale grabbers, bale cutter, knife sharpener, lift bucket, front hitch, PTO’s, cornhead, draper, plough, chisel Pavilion-Agriplex
Schweiss Doors   Schweiss bi-fold doors, Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors BMO Centre
SeCan @Secanmartin Seed BMO Centre
Secure Container Solutions   Shipping containers Arena - Agriplex
Security Concepts   Security and fire protection solutions BMO Centre
Sevita International- Pro Seeds @Sevita_Proseeds Corn and soybean seed BMO Centre
SGS Canada   Agricultural laboratory testing (soil, feed, and greenhouse analysis) BMO Centre
SGS Pest Management   Pest management services and equipment BMO Centre
Shackelton Auctions     BMO Centre
Shea Ag @sheaag Precision planting, 360 field center, Yetter, Dekalb BMO Centre
Shoup Mfg Co.   Farm machinery replacement parts BMO Centre
Siga Farm Software @sigainc Software for agriculture, SigaFinance (accounting), SigaField( crop management), SigaPig ( her management), SigaRuminant (herd management), SigaRation (ration), Lac-T (Dairy herd management) BMO Centre
Siloking Canada @silokingcanada TMR mixers, feeding hardware and software Outdoor
Simon Innovations   Accu-volume system, Hub covers, Sprayer suspension kits, Sprayer lift kits, Fertilizer Brackers BMO Centre
Sky Deploy   Commercial drone operator offering plant health mapping and other data collection BMO Centre
Sommers Motor Generator   Winpower PTO, Sommers/Winco, Briggs & Stratton BMO Centre
Southwest Ag Partners Inc. @southwestaginc   BMO Centre
Southwest Grain Systems       BMO Centre
Southwestern Conservation Authorities C/o Kettle Creek CA @KettleCreekCA Tree planting promotion BMO Centre
Southwold Concrete Forming Ltd     Construction of any agriculture barns Pavilion-Agriplex
Speare Seeds     BMO Centre
Spectrum Wireless   Telus cellular products + services Pavilion-Agriplex
Stoller Enterprises Ltd   Liquid fertilizer BMO Centre
Stratford Agri Analysis @StratfordAgri Soil sampling,lboratory Analysis, Feed Testing BMO Centre
Stubbe’s Precast   Precast concrete Pavilion-Agriplex
Sul4r-Plus LLC   Calcium sulfate based granular fertilizers Pavilion-Agriplex
Sun-North Systems Ltd. @SunNorthSystems Natural ventilation products for agricultural markets BMO Centre
Sunrise Ag Services       BMO Centre
Superior Barn Painting     BMO Centre
Superior Steel Roofing Systems Inc   Steel roofing display & literature BMO Centre
Syngenta Canada @syngentacanada Crop protection and seed (products) BMO Centre
System Fencing   Fencing Pavilion-Agriplex
T&T Power Group   Possibly 20KW Home Generator BMO Centre
Tasco Dome C/o GGS Structures   Tasco dome fabric covered buildings BMO Centre
TD Canada Trust Agriculture Services   Agriculture lending BMO Centre
Terratec Environmental c/o Revolution Environmental Solutions   Land application of biosolids, NASM plans, haulage dewatering, lagoon cleaning, vacuum services, land reclamation BMO Centre
The Agromart Group c/o Agronomy Company of Canada @Agromartgroup   Pavilion-Agriplex
The Farm Team c/o Royal LePage RCR Realty   Real estate services BMO Centre
The Hayter Group   Gecothermal units, solar systems BMO Centre
The Toro Company   Outdoor power equipment, riding lawn mowers BMO Centre
The Westland Corporation @thewestlandcopr Grain brokerage, market insight BMO Centre
Thompsons Limited   Crop inputs, DOW seeds, Grain purchasing BMO Centre
Tirecraft   Farm tires & rims BMO Centre
Toews Power Systems   Solar panels, generators, lighting, electrical supplies BMO Centre
Topcon Agriculture   Boom height control, auto steering, variable rate ecu, scales and weighing equipment, software and monitors BMO Centre
Topigs Norsvin Canada Inc.   Product information sheets and brochures - swine genetics BMO Centre
Total Rentals   Tractor, boomlift, excavator, mower Pavilion-Agriplex
Trakar Products Inc   Springs BMO Centre
Tri County Canvas     BMO Centre
Trillium Mutual Insurance @trilliummutual Insurance products with banner stands and fold up table BMO Centre
Triple Green Energy   BioMass furnaces/Boilers; BioRoter compost digestors; ORC Power Generation BMO Centre
UAP Canada   Crop production products - herbicide, fungicides, insecticides & adjuvents BMO Centre
Ukal Canada   2000+ products for animal care BMO Centre
Ultimate Aspahlt Paving     BMO Centre
University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus @RidgetownCampus Promotion of certificate & diploma programs (Agriculture, horticulture, emvironmental management, equine industry, veterinary industry) BMO Centre
Unverferth Mfg. Co. Inc.   Unverferth applicator system, grain and seed handling, tillage and wheel systems, brent grain handling, parker grain handling, killbros grain handling, top air sprayers Pavilion-Agriplex
Upper Thames River Conservation Authority @UTRCAMarketing Display about conservation services for farmers BMO Centre
Vaderstad Sales Inc @vaderstad Temp planter working row unit display; tillage display showing various points, tines and options; seeder depth control display Arena - Agriplex
Valmetal Inc.   Mixers, feedcart, silo unloader, feeder conveyor, feed pushers Pavilion-Agriplex
Van Agri   Custom Work BMO Centre
Van Gorp Drainage & Excavating Inc.       BMO Centre
Vande Goor Ag Service Ltd   Zetor, Kuhn Arena - Agriplex
Vanden Bussche Irrigation @VBIrrigation Irrigation parts and equipment BMO Centre
Vandenburg Equipment Service Ltd @VESOntario Schaffer loaders, Robert attachments, Bobman bedding machins Pavilion-Agriplex
Vanrooy Mills & Associates   Financial planning - succession & exit strategies BMO Centre
Ventec Canada Inc.     Ventilation products: chimneys, fans, flap duct, polymat, isopan/isoclear Arena - Agriplex
Walinga Inc.     Pavilion-Agriplex
Weberlane Mfg       Arena - Agriplex
WeCover Structures Inc.   Engineered structural steel buildings Pavilion-Agriplex
Weldesign Hardware     Hardware assortment kits/bins; bolts and nuts BMO Centre
Whiteside Irrigation   Farm irrigation equipment BMO Centre
Wilcocks Brothers of Watford Ltd   Grain handling equipment Pavilion-Agriplex
Willsie Equipment Sales Inc.   Drum washer, brush washer, Garford Robocrop weeder, Potato digger, Seeder, Planter/Hiller/Digger BMO Centre
Workplace Safety & Prevention Services @wsps_news Health and safety solutions for the agriculture/horticultyre sector BMO Centre
WRC Purifying Ltd.   Water treatment, pumps, pressure tank BMO Centre
Xite Bio Technologies Inc @xitebio_ag Xite Bio Soy Rhizo, Pulse Rhizo, Yield Pavilion-Agriplex
Zimmer Air Services Inc. @zimmerair Helicopter aerial applicator Arena - Agriplex
Zuidervaart Agri-Import Ltd. @zuidervaartagri Silage plastics, calf hutches, silage packers BMO Centre

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