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Upper Thames River Conservation Authority: Using Cover Crops and Erosion Control Structures to manage runoff.

Examine the benefits of cover crops from an erosion control perspective, highlighting the results from the Upper Medway Subwatershed Project. We will also discuss other options available for erosion control on farms, including structures like WASCoBs and grassed waterways.


UTRCA | Conservation Services 

For over 50 years, staff at the UTRCA have been working with rural landowners to improve the natural environment. Members of the Conservation Services unit work towards improving soil and water quality, relying heavily on the relationships with farming landowners in the watershed.

Craig Merkley and Michael Funk will discuss local projects in the Upper Thames River Watershed that are contributing to soil and water quality. There is a current focus on promoting cover crops in the Upper Thames, and staff will share findings from a local project that’s on the leading edge of studying the impacts of cover crops at a larger scale. Staff will highlight projects that are both innovative and tried-and-true, with findings that are sure to intrigue!

Michael    Craig


Ken Martin | Veldale Farms

Veldale Farms Ltd was established in 1966 by the Veldhuizen family.  They began as a 100 acre dairy farm and are now cropping around 2000 acres of corn, soys, wheat, and edible beans.  We also have a dairy and finish pigs on contract.  We are a Dekalb seed dealership along with Quality seeds for forage.  We offer comprehensive soil sampling using the Trimble SIS equipment.  This along with a full line of equipment for doing custom work keeps us quite busy.  

5 years ago we switched from mouldboard plowing and full surface tillage to strip till.  We use the soil warrior strip tiller ahead of corn and more recently edible beans.  We no till soybeans and wheat.  We find this system integrates well with cover crops to improve soil structure, decrease erosion, and apply nutrients.  We try to apply manure in the summer after wheat into a cover crop since we are not incorporating it.  We are very happy with the way the system is working for us.   

We are focused on improving soil health by improving waterways and installing structures to help with surface water.  Upper Thames is a great resource for recommending what and where.  Our goal is to cover as much of the ground year round as possible, and limit soil movement which carries nutrients away with it.  We haven’t achieved this yet, but are working towards sustainability, not only for today, but for the future. 


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