Leading Lady: Theresa Carriere

Love to run and passionate about finding opportunities to impact our community.

I am married and proud mom to 4 great kids. Love to run and passionate about finding opportunities to impact our community. Together with an amazing team, developed a breast cancer fundraiser called ONERUN. With the hard work and commitment of wonderful people, I am proud to share that ONERUN has raised ¾ of a million dollars to help support cancer patients and their families.

How far will you go?


Why do you run?

I initially started running to improve my fitness level. Now i run because it is more about what it provides emotionally for me.

How did you get into running?

Joined the track team in highschool. Wasnt very good at it but trained hard and now it is part of who I am!

What’s currently on your running playlist?

Don’t usually run with music. Just enjoy the quiet, alone time

Which one are you?

Slow and Steady Kinda Gal

When do you like to get movin’?

Morning Maven

How many KM do you log per run?

15 KM

Let’s be real, do you fartlek?


What do you wear?

New Balance London clothes (shameless plug D )

How do you wear your hair on a run?


What do you eat/drink after a run?

Water and darryl’s homemade protein bars … yum! love the vanilla pumpkin best

Who do you run with?


Where do you run?

Around the block a few times

Describe your funniest running/fitness moment:

There have been a few … running with a 80km wind (not checking the weather before heading out). Could not understand why I was dodging road signs along the route. During ONERUN 2, as I was running along route, I passed a field of cows. As I can by, the entire group of them ran there beside me. We were separated by a fence but I was a little nervous as I wondered if how high they could jump. I had never seen that before. Pretty cool

You can only pick one…


What’s your motivational running mantra?

It will be over soon .. ;)

It does change but most often it is … so lucky I get to do this.