Leading Lady: Jennifer Weare

Mama, RHN Student, blogger and runner.

How far will you go?


Why do you run?

For therapy and fitness and the bling!

How did you get into running?

Runner friends over the years.

What’s currently on your running playlist?

Everything, dance, retro, classic rock and everything in between

Which one are you?

Slow and Steady Kinda Gal

When do you like to get movin’?

Anytime Annie

How many KM do you log per run?

7 KM

Let’s be real, do you fartlek?


What do you wear?

Some old tattered things

How do you wear your hair on a run?


What do you eat/drink after a run?

Varies, carbs and some protein

Who do you run with?

Changes all the time

Where do you run?

Don’t care - as long as I get my miles in I’m happy

You can only pick one…


What’s your motivational running mantra?

Finish lines not finish times.