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Race Results

Select a date from the calendar below to view Western Fair District race results.

Top Winning Trainers for the Year
January 1 Through December 16, 2014
Victor C Puddy215453427242,44320.9.339
Richard Moreau126381916226,19830.2.428
Raymond M Farmer54224455,11640.7.473
Richard A Carroll13921201899,16215.1.274
Scott P McNiven137202022135,23614.6.281
Patrick Shepherd96191612110,70219.8.332
Stephen E Bossence58189654,00531.0.431
Larry A Johnson981615791,44816.3.272
Larry W Ainsworth601413272,62923.3.365
Ross G Battin142132623119,0049.2.247
David L Holliday7313131684,60717.8.350
Douglas J Walters731381555,40717.8.307
Gordon R McDonnell811361562,66416.0.263
Ronnie O Maclean57135556,35422.8.306
Dennis E Morrissey811212465,01414.8.247
Dean L Nixon551210756,34721.8.362
Don D Beatson591210451,52820.3.320
Todd J Kennedy36128240,49633.3.475
Bud S Sinclair51118958,95621.6.362
Gary J Payne31115539,77235.5.498
Ken W Hardy33112343,31633.3.397
Robert A McIntosh421011591,90723.8.423
Ronald E Parsons42108555,70223.8.384
Andrew P McCabe36105555,35227.8.401
Tyler J Borth28103330,49535.7.452
Bruce M Richardson53913455,81317.0.331
Keith L Cullen64912850,15114.1.286
David Gage2691529,46834.6.432
Mark Horner1098131672,2797.3.189
Paul J Walter1098131359,8047.3.179
Larry N Fitzsimmons668101158,26212.1.261
Greg N Campbell67810944,39111.9.247
Wayne R Preszcator3986539,89820.5.333
Ashley A Duford8084838,42210.0.161
Corey Johnson2181139,63338.1.423
Daryl W Roberts51791150,35513.7.307
Lindsey R Kerr6179628,87611.5.230
Ervin Abdulov2577329,22828.0.476
Howard Dinning2975324,28124.1.372
Ronald C Oneill4575133,14415.6.225
James D Kerr2674225,30826.9.380
William R Hamm2173335,86233.3.460
Randy Marriage2372534,29430.4.425
Brian G Dunbar2471227,78629.2.343
Peter B Core74610845,5438.1.192
George L Robinson43610335,66714.0.292
Gorden McKnight4667732,45013.0.266
Kenneth D Oliver3067529,14520.0.385
Michael J Rogers3165644,59019.4.348
Neil Desborough3264533,29318.8.309
Last 20 Days 03/11/2014 thru 16/12/2014
Minimum of 1 start
Don D Beatson1362046.2.547
Larry A Johnson2753218.5.272
Dennis E Morrissey2453020.8.278
Stephen E Bossence1251341.7.546
James C Stewart5500100.01.000
Bud S Sinclair1643225.0.396
Robert A McIntosh1043040.0.567
Richard Moreau1142136.4.495
Gordon R McDonnell2241618.2.298
Richard A Carroll1941121.1.257
Last 15 Days 14/11/2014 thru 16/12/2014
Minimum of 1 start
Bud S Sinclair1543226.7.422
Larry A Johnson2142219.0.275
Don D Beatson942044.4.568
Richard A Carroll1841122.2.272
Dean L Nixon540080.0.800
James C Stewart4400100.01.000
Scott P McNiven2932510.3.199
Dennis E Morrissey1732017.6.242
Gordon R McDonnell1631418.8.306
Stephen E Bossence1031330.0.456
Last 10 Days 25/11/2014 thru 16/12/2014
Minimum of 1 start
Larry A Johnson1342130.8.419
Don D Beatson742057.1.730
Bud S Sinclair1042040.0.511
Richard A Carroll1340130.8.333
James C Stewart4400100.01.000
Scott P McNiven1931415.8.257
Paul J Walter1231225.0.352
Richard Moreau831137.5.486
Don W Meekison Jr3300100.01.000
Dean L Nixon430075.0.750
Last 5 Days 08/12/2014 thru 16/12/2014
Minimum of 1 start
Bud S Sinclair640066.7.667
Scott P McNiven1321415.4.299
Don D Beatson321066.7.852
Mark Horner721028.6.365
Richard A Carroll720028.6.286
Isabelle D Darveau2200100.01.000
William R Hamm320066.7.667
Ross W Hardy2200100.01.000
Brittany E Kennedy2200100.01.000
Patrick Shepherd320066.7.667
Top Winning Drivers for the Year
January 1 Through December 16, 2014
Trevor S Henry5321378362673,35925.8.383
Alfred G Carroll6611368692621,15020.6.324
Nicholas Steward6251009558492,32216.0.275
Bruce M Richardson484796655404,16516.3.277
Lorne S House615697986439,48711.2.230
Tyler J Borth405554946259,75513.6.241
Scott Coulter378514753292,89313.5.251
Robert H Shepherd296504439262,37916.9.295
Robert L Sparling Jr560466482304,7218.2.194
Ryan L Holliday313393739217,66012.5.232
Scott A Wray439347259271,9137.7.213
Ross G Battin214283728188,32113.1.271
Brad O Forward177231728130,05213.0.236
James A Macdonald941810786,94619.1.275
J Bradley Harris12217182095,96213.9.276
Douglas R McNair10617189122,43816.0.283
Phillip Hudon12516161891,33712.8.247
Travis J Henry591611970,70727.1.426
Jean Rene Plante1021520780,22314.7.279
Billy J Davis Jr12513191379,29810.4.223
Alex J Lilley18313171681,8107.1.152
Jeffrey P Mayhew871214848,52013.8.258
Michael A Horner15811172092,3817.0.172
Jean Bernard Renaud4695543,75119.6.292
Paul G Mackenzie1268151565,9276.3.169
Scott R Young4076737,04117.5.317
Dale W Fritz4067838,84915.0.314
Christopher L Johnston96661749,9046.2.156
Gorden McKnight4166629,56014.6.276
Jody C Jamieson30664120,03320.0.356
Anthony P Haughan2562223,85024.0.311
Dennis E Morrissey2662129,15723.1.286
Jonathan L Drury1960232,87031.6.351
David W Wall1475121755,6413.4.118
Daniel Potvin1154021,17645.5.657
Donald C Rankin Jr5553725,4949.1.164
Shawn J Obrien99491645,8244.0.145
Danny B Johnson2745523,65014.8.313
Jeffrey J Obrien3244629,56412.5.257
Garrett L Rooney5343217,8327.5.119
Bob McClure2042619,12220.0.356
Sylvain R Filion1440358,33128.6.357
Dennis W Duford4240215,0769.5.111
Greg W Dustin96382041,5863.1.147
Phillip Belore4338633,2067.0.220
Michael T Sumner1834319,82016.7.346
Dennis J Spitzig44331018,0106.8.182
Bradley W Fritz2432417,33212.5.227
Lyle G Macarthur1032317,90830.0.511
Nicholas R Boyd1332210,87923.1.368
Last 20 Days 03/11/2014 thru 16/12/2014
Minimum of 1 start
Alfred G Carroll14929192019.5.310
Nicholas Steward15825321315.8.298
Trevor S Henry56235541.1.490
Robert H Shepherd781891023.1.338
Lorne S House1281781813.3.214
Tyler J Borth14015151310.7.198
Bruce M Richardson711313818.3.322
Travis J Henry29134344.8.559
Scott Coulter651010915.4.285
Scott A Wray110913178.2.199
Last 15 Days 14/11/2014 thru 16/12/2014
Minimum of 1 start
Alfred G Carroll11024141621.8.337
Nicholas Steward12419211015.3.274
Trevor S Henry35154442.9.530
Robert H Shepherd60148823.3.352
Lorne S House961361313.5.215
Travis J Henry27133348.1.580
Tyler J Borth1071010109.3.177
Bruce M Richardson51109519.6.327
Ryan L Holliday69791210.1.232
Scott A Wray8869156.8.182
Last 10 Days 25/11/2014 thru 16/12/2014
Minimum of 1 start
Alfred G Carroll711671022.5.327
Trevor S Henry35154442.9.530
Nicholas Steward78128515.4.232
Lorne S House601131118.3.272
Travis J Henry1993247.4.596
Robert H Shepherd3786421.6.342
Tyler J Borth7385711.0.180
Bruce M Richardson2957217.2.330
Paul G Mackenzie2947313.8.307
Robert L Sparling Jr6639134.5.187
Last 5 Days 08/12/2014 thru 16/12/2014
Minimum of 1 start
Alfred G Carroll3782421.6.282
Nicholas Steward4075217.5.261
Trevor S Henry1873338.9.537
Robert H Shepherd2272131.8.384
Lorne S House3251715.6.247
Bruce M Richardson1843122.2.333
Robert L Sparling Jr2835410.7.254
Tyler J Borth373318.1.135
Michael A Horner1123018.2.333
Scott A Wray301643.3.189

Stakes Races

Molson Pace

Molson Pace

Our signature event, held on the last Friday night in May ending the live race season with a bang! The total purse money for the night is more than $400,000, attracting an exceptional calibre of horses and drivers. But not all of the action is on the track! Patrons are always treated to a special night of giveaways, prizes and great entertainment.


City of London Series

Held in the spring for 4-year old and younger Ontario sired pacers and trotters who are non-winners of $10,000 lifetime.

[NEW] 2014 Nominees:

City of London Fillies and Mares Pace

City of London Horses and Geldings Pace

City of London Fillies and Mares Trot

City of London Horses and Geldings Trot

2014 Nomination Form:
City of London Nomination Form  


Promos & Events


Monday & Tuesdays @ 6:15pm | Fridays @ 7:15pm

Upcoming Dates:

Boxing Day:

Post Time 1:15pm

Brunch at Top of the Fair:


Eggs Benedict bar and your favourite traditional Brunch fare

Book your table at Top of the Fair TODAY - 519-438-7203 ext 252

Carousel Room: No reservation needed.


Chef's Carvery featuring tender beef on a bun, sausages and pulled pork

Cash Bar

+ Santa's 'Box'ing Day Prize Draws

+ Wanna Drive! - Kids of all ages can ride behind a REAL racehorse (Sign up at Customer Service)

+ Fun, Games and more!

New Years Eve:

Post Time: 8:00pm

Book your table at Top of the Fair TODAY - 519-438-7203 ext 252

+ Calendar Giveaway

+ New Years Countdown

+ Prizes, Games and more!


Monday Night Pub Nights at Top of the Fair!

View A la Carte menu here

Walk-ins welcome!

Prize Giveaways! - get a ballot with every bet you make at Top of the Fair on Monday Night Pub Nights!

Call to book your table: 519-438-7203 (ext 252) or email topofthefair@westernfairdistrict.com.

Friday Night Buffet:


Make your reservations now for Top Of The Fair

To reserve a table, call 519-438-7203 (ext 252) or email topofthefair@westernfairdistrict.com.



Toy Drive in support of the Salvation Army

Toy Drive

The Raceway is proud to support The Salvation Army by helping provide toys to boys and girls. We are seeking your assistance in bringing the Christmas spirit to the less fortunate! Your donated toys, clothing and books will be delivered to children.

Drop off a NEW unwrapped gift in the Raceway lobby from now until Dec 16th, 2014 to be donated to the Salvation Army Hamper Program.

Survivor Tuesdays!

survivor tuesdays  Presented by : HPI

YOU COULD WIN a $100 HPI Deposit!!

How to Play:

1. Play online or on track (pick up an entry from Guest Services)

2. Choose a horse in each of the 12 races on the Tuesday race program (plus an alternate in the event of a scratch). 

3. Submit your entries BEFORE the start of Race 1 (Post Time: 6:15pm)

4. Your horse must finish in the top three to advance (Survive) to the next race. The last person (s) alive will be the winner.

You ccould win a deposit in your HPI account of up to $100! (see rules and regulations for full details)

Available to play On-Track or Online

Enter Online EVERY Tuesday here (new link each week)

View full Rules and Regulations here


Seniors Days Dates

A special deal for seniors (55 yrs+)!  
Get OLG & Raceway gaming vouchers, a free Raceway program and Top of the Fair buffet for $25.99. Call 519-438-7203 ext. 252 to reserve your spot.

Doors open at 5:00 pm

Dinner at 5:30 pm

First Post at 6:15pm

Upcoming Dates:

December 9 - Holiday/Christmas Theme

January 13 - New Years/Resolutions Theme

February 10 -  Valentines Theme

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