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Top Winning Trainers for the Year
January 1 Through May 30, 2014
Victor C Puddy180373020203,82320.6.335
Richard Moreau103281614187,38527.2.403
Raymond M Farmer49193448,46638.8.449
Patrick Shepherd92171612104,34618.5.325
Richard A Carroll11015171779,11013.6.274
Scott P McNiven94151616101,85916.0.311
Douglas J Walters501251244,57424.0.376
Stephen E Bossence40116334,03827.5.383
Ross G Battin9810191689,25110.2.264
Larry A Johnson591011460,73016.9.296
Larry W Ainsworth38109255,95726.3.412
Ronald E Parsons36107452,54627.8.423
Gary J Payne25105537,02840.0.578
Andrew P McCabe33105453,36430.3.428
David L Holliday4198751,45522.0.385
Todd J Kennedy2796232,15233.3.481
Ronnie O Maclean4394441,94920.9.292
Ken W Hardy2791333,34433.3.391
Dean L Nixon4989740,78516.3.313
Wayne R Preszcator3686539,63322.2.361
Keith L Cullen4979438,14114.3.272
Gordon R McDonnell5575938,95912.7.232
Bud S Sinclair3375740,13321.2.367
Howard Dinning1674219,32043.8.618
James D Kerr2574124,70828.0.382
Corey Johnson1971137,33336.8.415
Bruce M Richardson45611440,16913.3.299
Robert A McIntosh2466267,54725.0.417
Daryl W Roberts3265738,20518.8.347
Michael J Rogers2164439,04828.6.455
Ronald C Oneill4064129,35615.0.214
Greg N Campbell4563629,39313.3.215
Dan J Morrissey2463319,09025.0.361
Ashley A Duford5462828,45811.1.181
Fred Jamieson1362227,07846.2.598
Mark Horner765111152,4416.6.194
Dennis E Morrissey4558338,57211.1.232
Peter B Core5957839,4958.5.196
Randy M Parish5257530,9399.6.203
Lindsey R Kerr4057319,96712.5.247
Larry N Fitzsimmons4156835,48212.2.268
Peter G Hamilton2054218,10925.0.394
James M Ainsworth2652120,76519.2.248
Tyler J Borth1651315,46731.2.410
Bill E Gloin1551313,99433.3.437
Brian G Dunbar2051224,63625.0.311
Paul J Walter804121043,6615.0.175
Fred L Maguire5646728,1907.1.173
Don D Beatson3646220,21411.1.222
George L Robinson2746123,51314.8.284
Last 20 Days 28/4/2014 thru 30/5/2014
Minimum of 1 start
Victor C Puddy5097518.0.291
Richard Moreau2672626.9.389
Patrick Shepherd2653619.2.333
Wayne R Preszcator1853227.8.407
Stephen E Bossence1152145.5.586
Dean L Nixon1350138.5.410
Robert A McIntosh945044.4.753
Gary J Payne943144.4.667
Corey Johnson1041140.0.489
David L Holliday840250.0.583
Last 15 Days 06/5/2014 thru 30/5/2014
Minimum of 1 start
Richard Moreau1761335.3.444
Patrick Shepherd1953326.3.404
Victor C Puddy3546511.4.257
Robert A McIntosh844050.0.778
Wayne R Preszcator1442128.6.389
David L Holliday740257.1.667
Scott P McNiven2235513.6.338
Stephen E Bossence832037.5.514
Raymond M Farmer1131227.3.384
Corey Johnson731142.9.556
Last 10 Days 14/5/2014 thru 30/5/2014
Minimum of 1 start
Patrick Shepherd1242233.3.481
Robert A McIntosh642066.7.852
Victor C Puddy2234413.6.298
Richard Moreau1131227.3.384
David L Holliday530260.0.733
Randy Marriage530160.0.667
Brent D Belore530060.0.600
Stephen E Bossence530060.0.600
Ashley A Duford1021120.0.289
Raymond M Farmer621133.3.481
Last 5 Days 23/5/2014 thru 30/5/2014
Minimum of 1 start
Richard Moreau831237.5.528
Victor C Puddy1524113.3.304
Patrick J Hunt421050.0.639
Corey Johnson521040.0.511
David L Holliday320166.7.778
Robert A McIntosh312033.3.704
Patrick Shepherd711214.3.317
Shannon R Henry311133.3.630
Larry W Ainsworth211050.0.778
Greg N Campbell311033.3.519
Top Winning Drivers for the Year
January 1 Through May 30, 2014
Trevor S Henry4401067353553,12524.1.373
Alfred G Carroll427895460414,69120.8.326
Nicholas Steward389595237295,15315.2.258
Bruce M Richardson358574738299,92215.9.268
Lorne S House404426051300,18410.4.229
Robert L Sparling Jr403394260226,9409.7.204
Scott Coulter264393038216,71714.8.259
Tyler J Borth195292225126,58414.9.254
Robert H Shepherd169252622147,61414.8.277
Ryan L Holliday161251916123,69115.5.254
Brad O Forward177231728130,05213.0.236
Scott A Wray275225135185,8798.0.225
Ross G Battin165223021150,71613.3.277
Douglas R McNair10617189122,43816.0.283
Phillip Hudon12516161891,33712.8.247
James A Macdonald84159577,02217.9.258
Jean Rene Plante891316768,76414.6.272
J Bradley Harris10412121974,88711.5.240
Jeffrey P Mayhew501011434,25120.0.349
Billy J Davis Jr778141154,46110.4.253
Michael A Horner1067131364,7626.6.175
Alex J Lilley122791248,2685.7.131
Jody C Jamieson30664120,03320.0.356
Jonathan L Drury1960232,87031.6.351
Christopher L Johnston52541538,3239.6.235
Jean Bernard Renaud3553427,64514.3.229
Dennis E Morrissey2252125,85722.7.293
David W Wall1104101443,6773.6.129
Dale W Fritz3145827,46512.9.305
Gorden McKnight2344517,47217.4.343
Sylvain R Filion1440358,33128.6.357
Shawn J Obrien57361131,3645.3.175
Danny B Johnson1633215,30818.8.333
Garrett L Rooney1933111,78415.8.263
Dennis J Spitzig3032713,89410.0.215
Stephen R Byron731030,35042.9.508
Dennis W Duford3130212,5469.7.118
Mark W Williams1132161855,6721.8.149
Phillip Belore3526626,6565.7.210
Scott R Young2124415,1689.5.265
Wayne S Mac Lean2424315,7328.3.218
Peter F Otten3823312,9765.3.123
Michael T Sumner1423215,52614.3.310
Andy C Moore3622214,1565.6.105
Jeffrey J Obrien1222112,77016.7.287
Daniel Potvin42207,55050.0.778
Bradley W Fritz1621411,74812.5.243
Paul G Mackenzie4021314,4635.0.089
Thomas Litt152126,00513.3.215
Chris Christoforou4210117,22350.0.639
Last 20 Days 28/4/2014 thru 30/5/2014
Minimum of 1 start
Trevor S Henry16841242424.4.371
Brad O Forward11917131914.3.257
Nicholas Steward10416111115.4.248
Ryan L Holliday69134618.8.250
Lorne S House9810151510.2.238
Scott Coulter661010915.2.281
Bruce M Richardson96107710.4.169
Robert L Sparling Jr80891110.0.208
Tyler J Borth53751013.2.247
Douglas R McNair3466617.6.333
Last 15 Days 06/5/2014 thru 30/5/2014
Minimum of 1 start
Trevor S Henry13228181721.2.331
Nicholas Steward70139718.6.290
Ryan L Holliday49123624.5.320
Brad O Forward8911121512.4.255
Bruce M Richardson6983711.6.174
Lorne S House71711119.9.236
Scott Coulter5269711.5.256
Jody C Jamieson3066420.0.356
Tyler J Borth44631013.6.250
Douglas R McNair2855617.9.349
Last 10 Days 14/5/2014 thru 30/5/2014
Minimum of 1 start
Trevor S Henry8415131117.9.308
Nicholas Steward40115427.5.378
Ryan L Holliday3882621.1.292
Brad O Forward59781311.9.267
Bruce M Richardson5261411.5.152
Lorne S House515989.8.248
James A Macdonald1052050.0.611
Tyler J Borth3443711.8.235
Robert L Sparling Jr3443411.8.206
Robert H Shepherd1842122.2.302
Last 5 Days 23/5/2014 thru 30/5/2014
Minimum of 1 start
Trevor S Henry43105823.3.359
Nicholas Steward1351038.5.427
Ryan L Holliday1541326.7.370
Robert H Shepherd1241033.3.380
Sylvain R Filion1440328.6.357
Bruce M Richardson2230213.6.167
Jody C Jamieson1924310.5.275
Robert L Sparling Jr1623112.5.250
Stephen R Byron521040.0.511
Chris Christoforou421050.0.639

Stakes Races

Molson Pace

Molson Pace

Our signature event, held on the last Friday night in May ending the live race season with a bang! The total purse money for the night is more than $400,000, attracting an exceptional calibre of horses and drivers. But not all of the action is on the track! Patrons are always treated to a special night of giveaways, prizes and great entertainment.


City of London Series

Held in the spring for 4-year old and younger Ontario sired pacers and trotters who are non-winners of $10,000 lifetime.

[NEW] 2014 Nominees:

City of London Fillies and Mares Pace

City of London Horses and Geldings Pace

City of London Fillies and Mares Trot

City of London Horses and Geldings Trot

2014 Nomination Form:
City of London Nomination Form  


Promos & Events



Official Opening Night festivities
Friday, October 3rd 

  • Racing Under Saddle (RUS) Series Finale
  • Prize Giveaways all night
  • Ride behind a horse with the ‘Wanna Ride’ team
  • Survivor Handicapping Challenge
  • Opening Night Special at Top of the Fair
  • Plus our regular Friday promotions...The Fun Wheel, Deal or no Deal and Trivia




Make your reservations now for Top Of The Fair

To reserve a table, call 519-438-7203 (ext 252) or email topofthefair@westernfairdistrict.com.



Seniors Days Dates

A special deal for seniors (55 yrs+)!  
Get OLG & Raceway gaming vouchers, a free Raceway program and Top of the Fair buffet for $25.99. Call 519-438-7203 ext. 252 to reserve your spot. 

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