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Top Winning Trainers for the Year
January 1 Through May 27, 2015
Patrick Shepherd118401514148,45033.9.449
Gordon R McDonnell9933249160,48433.3.498
Victor C Puddy11333207135,24629.2.411
David J Dowling47208494,08942.6.548
Richard Moreau56198897,75233.9.466
Richard A Carroll11118161689,65616.2.290
Larry A Johnson8915121082,87516.9.281
Robert A McIntosh591313674,97522.0.377
George L Robinson51134752,02225.5.344
Mark Horner9611152186,41811.5.274
Kevin P McMaster30103227,17033.3.411
Dennis E Morrissey65917650,63713.8.315
David L Holliday49971165,89818.4.338
Miroslaw Czupa2794024,46433.3.416
Dennis W Jewitt52810640,30415.4.299
Tyler J Borth3486539,03423.5.382
Isaac S Waxman1983330,51042.1.561
Scott P McNiven1127181387,1336.2.190
Eric Billings82713841,9288.5.206
Ross G Battin96711965,0907.3.168
Greg N Campbell5676729,29112.5.226
Gerald J Sloan2376253,32330.4.478
Keith L Cullen5375634,42313.2.222
Leonard A Lalonde Jr1775320,25441.2.634
Julie A Walker1774048,98841.2.542
Lindsey R Kerr34721223,71420.6.356
Dean L Nixon1271233,65258.3.685
Isabelle D Darveau32610549,56618.8.413
Tim R Myers3969644,82315.4.333
Andrew P McCabe2065230,19930.0.472
James C Stewart1664429,37037.5.597
Jamie D Wilson2564326,83424.0.369
Donald Lindsey1963225,22131.6.439
Don W Meekison Jr1862123,94433.3.414
David L Obrien2461228,27225.0.301
Adrian E Dimmers1461127,04842.9.492
Shannon R Henry1760224,66835.3.392
Larry N Fitzsimmons715101257,6287.0.205
Bud S Sinclair5758742,0038.8.207
Don D Beatson5557540,2929.1.192
Daryl W Roberts2255124,62922.7.369
Stephen E Bossence2854423,86017.9.306
Bradley W Fritz2954121,36517.2.261
William R Hamm1552325,56533.3.474
Corey M Giles1251011,41441.7.463
Donald C Rankin Jr574101237,8087.0.238
Lorne S House3649232,92511.1.269
Greg W Dustin6147838,1286.6.173
Catherine A Gaudreau4245522,9889.5.201
James K Ellis3843427,55010.5.184
Last 20 Days 24/4/2015 thru 27/5/2015
Minimum of 1 start
Victor C Puddy571212221.1.339
Patrick Shepherd2691134.6.380
David J Dowling1763335.3.510
Richard Moreau2255522.7.429
Dean L Nixon750171.4.762
Gordon R McDonnell2645215.4.286
David L Holliday1041240.0.522
Richard A Carroll2435412.5.296
Catherine A Gaudreau2034215.0.294
Eric Billings2533312.0.227
Last 15 Days 04/5/2015 thru 27/5/2015
Minimum of 1 start
Victor C Puddy3998223.1.362
Patrick Shepherd1750129.4.314
Gordon R McDonnell2244218.2.313
Dean L Nixon640166.7.722
Richard A Carroll2035115.0.306
Richard Moreau1734517.6.405
Eric Billings1832216.7.265
David J Dowling1032230.0.478
Craig G Gilmour1030230.0.367
Catherine A Gaudreau1424214.3.349
Last 10 Days 12/5/2015 thru 27/5/2015
Minimum of 1 start
Victor C Puddy3067220.0.352
Dean L Nixon640166.7.722
Richard A Carroll1231125.0.324
Catherine A Gaudreau1023220.0.433
Gordon R McDonnell1523213.3.289
Eric Billings921122.2.321
Lindsey R Kerr321066.7.852
Craig G Gilmour720228.6.381
Peter D Brickman320066.7.667
Keith L Cullen2200100.01.000
Last 5 Days 20/5/2015 thru 27/5/2015
Minimum of 1 start
Victor C Puddy1233125.0.417
Richard A Carroll830037.5.375
Peter D Brickman2200100.01.000
Donald Lindsey320066.7.667
Dean L Nixon2200100.01.000
Catherine A Gaudreau612016.7.352
Robert A McIntosh512020.0.422
Donald C Rankin Jr512020.0.422
Gordon R McDonnell911211.1.247
Eric Billings311033.3.519
Top Winning Drivers for the Year
January 1 Through May 27, 2015
Alfred G Carroll62416311174753,86126.1.400
Nicholas Steward453667157380,97214.6.275
Billy J Davis Jr310594542296,08219.0.316
Robert H Shepherd305503849262,88116.4.287
Lorne S House474495857318,94510.3.211
Bob McClure283494531264,13617.3.298
Ryan L Holliday302354236246,77311.6.233
Paul G Mackenzie205352624216,46117.1.280
Scott Coulter253344130200,46213.4.264
Tyler J Borth359282846169,8907.8.164
Trevor S Henry112271312174,87224.1.341
Scott A Wray330253942180,9967.6.184
Travis J Henry152252419157,91616.4.294
Bruce M Richardson208223029147,88710.6.232
Robert L Sparling Jr332202243129,1216.0.140
Michael A Horner127141628104,21811.0.254
Anthony A Macdonald9211141467,63312.0.255
Anthony P Haughan32103342,74831.2.396
Ross G Battin1028111173,5837.8.174
Garrett L Rooney5284641,68315.4.235
Per Henriksen2866434,21821.4.381
Shawn J Obrien82651140,4207.3.152
David M Boughton2664329,93323.1.355
Scott R Young4856938,48310.4.236
Jean Bernard Renaud2555328,31420.0.351
Donald C Rankin Jr804151648,2345.0.221
Greg W Dustin6747839,1996.0.158
Alex J Lilley69441326,1325.8.153
Jonathan L Drury2244429,31218.2.343
Jeffrey P Mayhew2742816,52814.8.288
Taylor B Burgess1141225,43836.4.475
James A Macdonald3035531,95810.0.248
Tyler Moore3035423,59310.0.237
Jeffrey J Obrien2731318,11211.1.169
Stuart J Sowerby530211,52860.0.733
Skip Jay De Mull830116,53037.5.417
Andy C Moore4227625,6014.8.188
Dale W Fritz3326729,1036.1.232
Gorden McKnight2726215,8967.4.222
Dean W Wall73241431,3912.7.122
Darryl D Laver1824315,22111.1.290
Michael W Whelan1624014,36912.5.264
Riina Rekila822112,24025.0.431
Mitchell C Sahely52126,94640.0.644
Glen Hardy112107,82118.2.232
Justin R Turcotte102106,77020.0.256
Paul K Walker32006,50466.7.667
Michael T Sumner1416116,5137.1.333
Dennis W Duford3713416,1772.7.108
Kelly R Sheppard813211,26112.5.417
Last 20 Days 24/4/2015 thru 27/5/2015
Minimum of 1 start
Alfred G Carroll15629301918.6.333
Bob McClure65205930.8.397
Nicholas Steward1091815816.5.266
Billy J Davis Jr71178823.9.340
Paul G Mackenzie781411817.9.292
Ryan L Holliday651111516.9.289
Lorne S House115118169.6.181
Robert H Shepherd801171213.8.236
Bruce M Richardson708111111.4.254
Scott Coulter60881113.3.269
Last 15 Days 04/5/2015 thru 27/5/2015
Minimum of 1 start
Alfred G Carroll11824231320.3.348
Bob McClure55163829.1.370
Nicholas Steward761310617.1.270
Robert H Shepherd6096715.0.244
Ryan L Holliday4796219.1.277
Billy J Davis Jr5495616.7.255
Lorne S House86941410.5.185
Paul G Mackenzie5989613.6.254
Scott Coulter3968715.4.328
Trevor S Henry3163219.4.269
Last 10 Days 12/5/2015 thru 27/5/2015
Minimum of 1 start
Alfred G Carroll7616131021.1.349
Bob McClure40122430.0.361
Nicholas Steward4996218.4.265
Robert H Shepherd4264414.3.228
Scott Coulter2757518.5.391
Paul G Mackenzie3656313.9.259
Trevor S Henry2353221.7.319
Bruce M Richardson3646711.1.269
Ryan L Holliday2645115.4.274
Lorne S House574377.0.140
Last 5 Days 20/5/2015 thru 27/5/2015
Minimum of 1 start
Alfred G Carroll3576520.0.343
Nicholas Steward2462125.0.310
Bob McClure1650231.2.354
Scott Coulter1543226.7.422
Paul G Mackenzie2234213.6.268
Trevor S Henry1132227.3.434
Robert H Shepherd2031215.0.211
Scott A Wray1523213.3.289
Ryan L Holliday821025.0.319
Robert L Sparling Jr111339.1.333

Stakes Races

Molson Pace

Molson Pace

Our signature event, held on the last Friday night in May ending the live race season with a bang! The total purse money for the night is more than $400,000, attracting an exceptional calibre of horses and drivers. But not all of the action is on the track! Patrons are always treated to a special night of giveaways, prizes and great entertainment.


City of London Series

Held in the spring for 4-year old and younger Ontario sired pacers and trotters who are non-winners of $10,000 lifetime.

{New} 2015 City of London Nominations

Full List


Promos & Events


Monday,Tuesdays & Wednesday @ 6:15pm | Fridays @ 7:15pm

Monday Night Pub Nights at Top of the Fair!

View A la Carte menu here

Walk-ins welcome!

Prize Giveaways! - get a ballot with every bet you make at Top of the Fair on Monday Night Pub Nights!

Call to book your table: 519-438-7203 (ext 252) or email topofthefair@westernfairdistrict.com.

Friday Night Buffet:


Make your reservations now for Top Of The Fair

To reserve a table, call 519-438-7203 (ext 252) or email topofthefair@westernfairdistrict.com.

Why not bet as a GROUP?

  • Print and complete this card and submit it with your choices, and payment, to any ticket seller on your night out at the races!

How to use it:

  • Play as a team to explore these 4 exotic wagers.
  • Pick your favourite horses to finish in the top 4 in any race!

Download the Group Bet card here

What does THAT mean?

  • Exactor: Your 2 horses must finish 1st and 2nd in exact order in the same race.
    Exactor Box: Your 2 horses can finish either 1st or 2nd
  • Triactors: Your 3 horses must finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the exact order, in the same race.
  • Triactor Box: Your 3 horses must finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd
  • Superfecta: Select the first 4 horses in exact order of finish.

Learn the basics of betting here: BETTING 101

View other terms to know here: Harness Racing Terms

How to READ a Program: Read More


Battle of the Fans!

Join us EVERY Friday night for an evening of fun, games and of course GREAT racing!
First Post at 7:15 pm 


1)       2 Contestants will be drawn after Race 3. Each contestant will receive a betting voucher for $ 30.00 (thirty dollars) to be used to purchase his or her wagers.

2)       The contestants can make any combination of wagers on races 5, 6 or 7.  The contestants can only make a maximum wager of $ 30.00 (thirty dollars) in total.

3)       The contestants can place their wagers on win, place, show, exactor, triactor or superfecta bets, if those forms of wagering are offered on races 5, 6 or 7 on the day the contest is being conducted.

4)       The contestant’s get to keep their winnings.  However, the contestant with the highest win total will be asked to return the following week to defend their title, as the defending champion.  In the event that the defending champion does not return, two new contestants will be selected.  When the defending champion returns, only one new contestant will be selected.

View FULL rules and regulations here  


Survivor Tuesdays!

survivor tuesdays 
Presented by : HPI

YOU COULD WIN a $100 HPI Deposit!!

How to Play:

1. Play online or on track (pick up an entry from Guest Services)

2. Choose a horse in each of the 12 races on the Tuesday race program (plus an alternate in the event of a scratch). 

3. Submit your entries BEFORE the start of Race 1 (Post Time: 6:15pm)

4. Your horse must finish in the top three to advance (Survive) to the next race. The last person (s) alive will be the winner.

You ccould win a deposit in your HPI account of up to $100! (see rules and regulations for full details)

Available to play On-Track or Online

Enter Online EVERY Tuesday here (new link each week)

View full Rules and Regulations here


Seniors Day Dates

A special deal for seniors (55 yrs+)!  
Get OLG & Raceway gaming vouchers, a free Raceway program and Top of the Fair buffet for $25.99. Call 519-438-7203 ext. 252 to reserve your spot.

Doors open at 5:00 pm

Dinner at 5:30 pm

First Post at 6:15pm

Upcoming Dates:

May 12 - Sport's Fan Theme - Dress as your favourite sports team/athlete - two legged or four legged - prize for best dressed!

Call 519-438-7203 ext. 252 to reserve your spot. 

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