Shirtless Runner Goes Viral

Posted Date: 
Monday, February 8, 2016

A 24-year-old Colorado resident figured he was going on an ordinary run, except for his lack of clothing in mid-December, while visiting Chicago last week.


Caught in the middle of his run, Ethan Renoe was stopped by a local news anchor and interviewed live by local news network WGN 9. The video has since gone viral with more than 32,000 likes, and 4.5 million views on the initial Facebook post.


So this just happened. Enjoying the weather, are you, “Ethan”?

Posted by WGN TV on Sunday, December 13, 2015



“It’s a great day for a run,” said Renoe in the video interview, who was in town visiting friends, in the midst of a downpour. “It’s too wet to wear a shirt.”

“I love running in the rain,” added the aspiring professional photographer before declaring his relationship status as single.

After being featured on the live segment, Renoe has been inundated with messages through social media.

“I come home from the run, and I’m checking Twitter, and I have a bunch of marriage proposals from a bunch of random girls,” Renoe told Time. “It’s been crazy. I never in a million years expected that.”

According to Renoe, he has yet to get back to all the messages he’s been receiving on Twitter and Facebook.