Beer, Wine & Spirits

London Beer & BBQ Drink List: Cold Craft Beers, Refreshing Coolers, Wine Beverages and Spirits.

Sample over 100 drinks, including over 50 beers from Ontario’s established culture of craft beers! All of Canada’s top breweries will be represented, plus wine and spirit fans can enjoy coolers, ciders, wine beverages and liquor brands. 

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Sample Coupons can be purchased at the show for $1 each. Typically each sample requires 2-4 coupons.



2017 London Beer & BBQ Show Drink Exhibitors

Beer   |   Cider   |   Wine   |   Spirits   |   Non-Alcholic


Anderson Craft Ales

Anderson Craft Ales Ltd 

You’ll Find: Several varieties of locally brewed craft ale

Social Lite Cocktails

Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co. 

You’ll Find: Craft Beer

Black Oak Brewing Co

Black Oak Brewing Co

You’ll Find: Beat the Heat- belgian wheat beer; pale ale; nut brown ale

Brew Microbrewery

Brew Microbrewery  

You’ll Find: Brew Proper Lager; Canadian Maple Brew

Broadhead Brewing Company

Broadhead Brewing Company 

You’ll Find: Backbone Standard, Blueberry Blonde, Grindstone Amber, Dark Horse Stout, Longshot White, Wildcard Ale, Underdog Pale Ale

Cowbell Brewing Co

Cowbell Brewing Co.  

You’ll Find: Craft Beer

Craft Head Brewing Company

Craft Heads Brewing Company

You’ll Find: ‘Blues’ Berry Blonde, Fla Mango, Turbulent Chocolate P.B, Motown Honey Brown

Forked River

Forked River Brewing Co.  

You’ll Find: Craft Beer

Frank Brewing Co

Frank Brewing Co. 

You’ll Find: Beer

Guinness Blonde

Guinness Blonde

You’ll Find: Guinness Blonde

Hometown Brew Co

Hometown Brew Co

You’ll Find: Beer & hats

Landshark Lager

Landshark Lager- Waterloo Brewing  

You’ll Find: Landshark lager; margaritaville classic margarita

London Brewing Co

London Brewing Co-Operative  

You’ll Find: Beer & Clothing

Lonsbery Farms Brewing Co.

Lonsbery Farms Brewing Co

You’ll Find: Beer

Midian Brewing

Midian Brewing  

You’ll Find: Beer, smoked BBQ with livestock raised on our spent grains


Molson Coors 

You’ll Find: Belgian Moon, Molson, Twisted Toque


Muskoka Brewery  

You’ll Find: Craft beer, Detour, Craft Lagar, Summerweiss, Moonlight Kettle

New Limburg

New Limburg Brewing Co.  

You’ll Find: Belgian blond, wit, table beer, dubbel, tripel, quad, IPA, Petit blond, black sheep beer. Selection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, glassware, soap

Old Tomorrow

Old Tomorrow  

You’ll Find: Craft beer

Railway City Brewing

Railway City Brewing  

You’ll Find: Craft beer

Refined Fool

Refined Fool Brewing Co.  

You’ll Find: Illiterate Libarians Grapefruit IPA, My Cousin Knows the Drummer Hefeweizen

Singha Lager

Singha Lager 

You’ll Find: Singha Lager


Toboggan Brewing Co.  

You’ll Find: Mr. Insurance Man Blonde, Climate Change & 2 Seasonal Brands

Upper Thames Brewery

Upper Thames Brewing Company  

You’ll Find: Ticket beer sampling, merchandise

Walkerville Brewery

Walkerville Brewery

You’ll Find: Craft beer- Honest Lager, Water front

Whitewater Brewing Company

Whitewater Brewing Company

You’ll Find: Farmer’s Daughter Blonde Ale, Whistling Paddler, Class V, Midnight Stout



Shiny Apple Cider

Shiny Apple Cider 

You’ll Find: Shiney Apple Cider - Ontario Craft Cider



Social Lite Cocktails

AWARE Beverages Inc/ Social Lite Craft Cocktails 

You’ll Find: Social lite craft cocktails - lime ginger and pineapple mango flavours


Bacardi Breezer

You’ll Find: Breezer orange smoothie, breezer strawberry daquiri, pina colada, juicy mango

Black Fly Beverages

Black Fly Beverages 

You’ll Find: Black fly- all flavours

Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniel’s  

You’ll Find: JDCC, JD Honey, JD Fire


Original Tiki Bar 

You’ll Find: El Jimador tequila, smirnoff vodka, malibu rum 



House Wine Co

House Wine Co  

You’ll Find: House Wine Co. Baco Noir/Cabernet, House Wine Co. Vidal/Moscato, Pink House Wine Co. Rose

Churchill Cellars

Churchill Cellars  

You’ll Find: Crazy uncle hard root beer, crazy uncle hard cream sada, NZ pure lager, Dos Locos



Cool Running Spices

Universal Impex Corporation 

You’ll Find: Sauces, marinades, sodas, juices, coconut water, energy drink


Culligan Water  

You’ll Find: Water treatment and drinking water sales and services

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